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  1. Born in 2050 Hector has never lived in a world with no frenzied flu. He grew up with his dad in a mobile trailer home where he had lived ever since his mother was taken by the flu some 10+ years ago. Even though times were tough and the future was uncertain Hector grew up in a relatively stable environment as his dad was an experienced wildlife photographer and therefore a seasoned outdoorsman, enabling him to keep his son away from the remains of civilization as much as possible. This meant Hector got plenty of experience camping out in the woods and living off the land by foraging for berries and mushrooms, fishing and occasionally hunting. By the time Hector reached his teenage years he was already experienced in various survival strategies and provided the right equipment he could earn his upkeep by fishing or hunting for small game. One time while stopping in a nearby Finnish settlement of Manamansalon Porti to trade with the locals tragedy struck - Hector's dad was bitten by a local who had suddenly succum to the flu. As the symptoms of CAE-VIR-2 started setting in, Hector's dad told him that he was proud of the man his son had grown to be and instructed him to take the trailer and travel along the north coast in search of a town called Nyheim as he had heard rumours whilst trading that there was still some form of a civilized town left there. As his final act he committed suicide by jamming a hunting knife straight into his neck, as he did not wish to become one of the frenzied infected. Now alone in the vast world, Hector felt empty inside as he had no one to guide him through he hardship and horrors of life. In search of purpose and meaning Hector decided to set off towards Nyheim, not knowing what awaits ahead.
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