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  1. A Narc that was overtaking the biggest Cartel in Mexico when he lost it all to the Outbreak. His Nickname was "Gallo Blanco" but his close friends call him "CJ". Life is difficult, when you use to be the most wanted, people seem to push you away and trust is hard to find. Ceasar is set to survive, no matter what. He is in search of joining a group of men that has the same mentality, survive and thrive. He strongly believes in structure but only the smart and the strong lead. No matter where someone ranks, family is family for Ceasar. Family comes first and should never be betrayed. While conducting business over-sea with the Russian Mob, Ceasar got on his personal plane. Little did they know that the plane was about to have an "infected" member who passed away during the flight from a heart attack, the infected happened to be the co-pilot of the plane. When the infected turned to a zombie, he took out the captain causing the plane to crash. Ceasar managed to survive the crash... but now finds himself lost in a Country he knows nothing about with no family or friends to help him return home, Ceasar must now adapt to this new world, he has done it all by himself for many years, but Chernarus/Livonia has a whole different kind of breed of people that he will soon cross paths with.
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