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  1. Server and location: S1 Just outside of Kabanino in an open field Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 17-05-2016 approx. 2:09ish Your in game name: Viktor Bolton Names of allies involved: Alan Vector, John (no last name was given), Issac (also no last name given) And one other that I honestly can not remember. Name of suspect/s: N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Unfortunately I had stopped recording right before the incident Detailed description of the events: It was right after a server restart. The group that I was with had just logged back on the server and we had picked up from where we left off, investigating a possible murder that had happened in a home in Kabanino. Less than 3 minutes into our conversation, a storm of bullets rained on our group scattering us apart and leaving one dead (Alan Vector) and myself injured. I managed to escape with one of the group members, but I am unsure of what happened to the last man we were with. This happened right outside Kabanino in an open farm like field across from what seemed to be a barn if I remember clearly.
  2. Friend wants to apply

    He actually uses his cousin's steam account. his cousin no longer uses his steam so he gave it to my friend so him and his brother both have sperate accounts and both accounts own their own copy of dayz Good! He is clear to make an account on the separate Steam as long as he is 16 of course and talks to staff like Voodoo described. Do you feel as if your question has been answered or is there anything else you need clarification on? My question has been answered. Thank you very much :] and to clarify yes they are both over 16 lol.
  3. Friend wants to apply

    He actually uses his cousin's steam account. his cousin no longer uses his steam so he gave it to my friend so him and his brother both have sperate accounts and both accounts own their own copy of dayz
  4. Friend wants to apply

    Ahh okay thank you very much! :]
  5. Friend wants to apply

    I have a friend who has an account on here and has been accepted into the dayzrp. He has a brother (also my friend) who would like to create an account and apply as well, only issue is, they share the same computer. Is there any way my friend can create an account and apply without being flagged for using the same IP address as his brother who already has an account?
  6. Not whitlisted?

    So I've been idle for a while. My computer crapped the bed and needed to fix it, i got it fixed and tried to go on the servers. its telling me im not whitlisted but i was, ive played on the server many times anyone know why this is? i really would like it if i didnt have to re apply giving the fact i spent so much time trying to get into the rp when i first applied.
  7. Survivors: Looking For Group

    IGN: Viktor Bolton Age: IRL-20, IG-22 Country: USA English skills: Great DayZ Mod Experience: 442 hours DayZ Standalone Experience: 283 hours Roleplaying Experience: Roleplaying on and off since I was 12. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Hunter/Scavanger Have you been in any clan/group previously: Nope Additional notes: This whole Rp through voice chat thing is new to me. So, I'm trying to clock in more Rping to get better, to eventually progess in differnt characters and personalities. Best way to contact you: Pm me on here or through my Skype- Corpesexplode2 (I appear invisible on Skype due to annoying calls so pm me anyways I'll see it) Backstory: (This story was very quickly thrown together) Viktor Bolton was born and raised in the United States. His mother, Tracey, moved from Russia to the state of Maine to start her life fresh after a family tragedy. While in Maine, Tracey had met a man named Jason, or Viktor's father. The two got married and had two children, Viktor of course being one of them, and James, Viktor's older brother by one year. The family seemed to be perfect. They always did family activities together, whether it was going out to eat or taking vacations to other countries, often visiting family back in Russia. Well around Viktor's 19th birthday the seemingly perfect family came across some complications. Viktor's parents had split up. His mother moved back to Russia to live with her family in Anapa, and James went along with her. Viktor and his dad stayed in Maine. He still kept in touch with his mother and brother after they moved. Viktor occasionally visited them when he could, but it wasn't to often due to lack of money. When Viktor turned 22 His father had become very ill, suffering from a heart attack and passing away. With no where else to go, and unable to make it on his own, Viktor took what ever cash he had and left for Russia to go live with his mother, brother, and other relatives. They all lived pretty happily... Well that is until the outbreak happened. During all the chaos Viktor and James watched their family get murdered by panicking civilians, and then torn apart by the infected. James and Viktor stuck it out on their own for a little while after the outbreak started. Fast forward a couple of weeks after the outbreak, on a foggy morning after traveling for days and making shelter in an old house, Viktor woke up to find out his brother had basically left him. James had left a note for Viktor saying he was heading west to a small country called Chernarus in hopes that he could find some sort of safe haven for his and Viktor's survival. James had addressed Viktor to stay put and wait for his return for at least 4 days before moving on and assuming James had died. Well come the 4 day mark, and Viktor was almost convinced his brother was dead, but he couldn't help but feel some sort of hope that his brother was alive and wandering. Viktor head off towards Chernarus to hopefully find his brother... Or at least a fresh safe start.
  8. KoS GM S2

    Shot the door. Not your teammate. [video=youtube] Ya see for me on my screen it looked like you shot at my group mate. I'm sorry man /: Shot the door. Not your teammate. [video=youtube] Ya see for me on my screen it looked like you shot at my group mate. I'm sorry man /: I also want to add that the guy farthest to the right wasn't me. I was the one all the way to the left I shot you twice and the guy to the right finished you off. I do admit I shot you first becuase I was mistaken by the trajectory of ur shots.
  9. KoS GM S2

    My POV I was with the group that held up at GM. they had assigned me the position of Loot runner. While waiting to go on a loot run a bunch of people showed up at GM and they went about their business talking and things of that nature. A little bit later into the night at the GM the man who was appointed tower guard had alerted us that a man was running toward us. the man ran straight to the radio tower and was very very distraught (great Rping might I add). Anyways he was complaining why the tower was locked and demanded to get in as three of us including myself were trying to calm him down. he then proceeded to freak out said something along the lines of "forget this" pulled out his gun and from what I saw shot directly at my team mate. so in reaction I shot him in the leg twice. and as soon as he fell prone I dropped dead from gunfire from the woods. I did not mean for the shots to be lethal and if i did break the rules I apologize. I felt as if myself and my group were being threatened.
  10. [S2] Possible KoS

    I guess my character just bugged out then. Fair enough, I can't really complain to much. Starting over is typically part of the game I'll just deal with what happened and start fresh. Thanks for the help.
  11. [S2] Possible KoS

    Server and location: S2 US Just south of Green Mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Between 10:50 and 11:00 server time 30-07-2015 Daytime or Night-time: Night-time Your in game name: Viktor Bolton Names of allies involved: None Name/Skin of suspect/s: A name was never given to me nor could I see his name Suspects weapon/s: couldn't tell. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): V3S Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: I was running up the road going toward Green Mountain when I heard a truck speeding down the road. I quickly took cover and while waiting for the truck to pass he instead flipped over and crashed. I quickly rushed to tend to the man. a little bit passes and in the ooc chat he said "if you're talking over voice I can't hear you" (or something along those lines) so in ooc I typed back that my mic was messed up and that I needed to relog to get it to work again, and I proceeded to apologize for the inconvenience. He seemed to be okay with it so I moved under a tree off of the road and logged out. I was only gone for about 4 minutes before I logged back in and when I got back on I noticed that my character was reset as if I had died. Was I killed or is this just a bug?
  12. I'm Back! :]

    Thanks! I actually did that before writing this post. :]
  13. I'm Back! :]

    So I haven't really made an impact on other players since I joined the community, considering I was only able to play once or twice after being accepted but I'm glad to say that I'm back and will probably be playing DayzRp allot more now. I had some horrific issues with my computer but they seem to have been resolved. I still need to fix my computer but for the most part games are very much playable now. can't wait to make friends and foes :]
  14. Is there any punishment for being inactive?

    Alright thank you everyone! haha well I hope to see some of you when I make my return to Chernarus
  15. Hay everyone. I have been inactive for a couple of weeks for personal reasons and I was just wondering if there is any sort of punishment (or something along those lines) for being inactive for a certain amount of time. I kind of went inactive without notice and it could possibly happen again. I just want to make sure I'm not labeled an inactive account and basically loose my whitlist privileges to the servers