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  1. Joel Clifton was born and raised in a small farm town in 1989. His Farther Patrick Clifton was self employed. Joel never knew his mother due to her having a maternal death. At the time of Joel's birth, his mother and farther were living in a farm house just north of London. Joel basically grew up in the middle of nowhere and did not have the greatest social skills. Once in a blue moon Joel's family would get visitors or a few people trying to sell a newspaper or two. Fast forward about 19 years and the small farm boy Joel was trying out to join the army. He was trying to get into the front line position because he felt as if he could handle him self on the front line pretty well. Joel went through years of training and eventually became one of the best soldiers on the front line for the British army! Fast forward to the 15th of march 2003 where Joel was working on his farther's farm when a military truck pulled up outside the farm house and a Sargent began to shout for Joel. Joel dashed over towards the Sargent and was hand a letter. The British army had caught wind of a war that was going to start soon in Iraq. From then on Joel survived through the Iraq war and returned back home to his family farm in 2011. Fast forward 19 or so years to the year 2020. Joel was visiting an old war friend in a far lands of Chernarus. Charlies friend (David) lived in a small town just north if the coast called MSTA. It was a cold night out and a large amount of gun shots and screaming could be heard from the distance. The news channels were flooded of an infectious disease that was spreading around the world. A lock down/quarantine was put in place so that doctors and nurses could try and keep this virus under control. Joel and David were boarding up the house one night when a strange noise was coming from the living room. Joel went to investigate only to find a oldish man coughing and trying to claw his way around the house. Joel asked the old man to leave however the old man bounded towards Joel almost as if he was going to try and bite Joel, but David leaped in front of Joel and began to attack the old man. As David was fighting the old man he managed to get him into a head lock and asked Joel to get his shotgun from the bed of his truck. Joel ran out to Davids Truck and began to look for Davids shotgun. Once Joel had found Davids shotgun he darted back into the house aiming the gun towards David and the old man. It was clear to Joel that David was in trouble but he didn't know what to do. David yelled at Joel to shoot the old man even if David was in the way. Joel pulled the trigger and it was on that night that Joel's life would change for ever. Everything Joel had been through during the war couldn't prepare him for the death of his closest friend. Joel had killed David and the clearly infected old man. Joel could see that MSTA wasn't safe and that he needed to get the hell out of there! He rushed to Davids truck and began to drive towards the city of Electro hoping to find some form of answer as to whats was going on...
  2. Uh well i was having trouble with my microphone and i couldnt get it to work, i dont have a great computer so my loading times are slow, Millie and Ivan were trying to speak to me and i did not know what to say back to them. They asked me to use the in game chat and answer there questions. I did so. We then moved to behind the bar to speak, i was asked to put my hands in the air. i did so. then i realised my mistakes and couldnt live with them but wanted to keep my character alive. So i asked them to shoot me on my terms(i was shot by millie) that way i could come up with a RP reason why charlie could still be alive.
  3. Well hello, i dont actually have alot to say on this other than that i am sincerely sorry for any disturbance i have or may have caused by my actions that night. If anyone would like to contact me via Discord here is my username YoloMan420#1987. Again i would like to clearly say there is no reason for what i did that night i was trying to RP something that was not happening i quess. Sorry for any issues cause by the action i made.
  4. Charlie Hamilton is a marine from the British Army. He has served the queen for almost 15 years. He was on an extraction mission in Chernarus when the out break happened. Charlie was separated from his squad not knowing where they had gone. Charlie has had many years of training for a moment like this. He thinks he has what it takes to survive. During the many years of Charlies training, survival was one of the main topics that they would go over during training in case of any emergency such as a plane or helicopter going down over a uninhibited island or such. Over the years Charlie has been through an extreme amount of difficult times such as, when his best friend died because of a mistake he made and he has never told anyone this because he is afraid that he will get out of the military. When Charlie was on his extraction mission in Chernarus he had no idea what was going to happen. He was in a unit of 8 when the outbreak happened, he heard the screams and saw the thousands of people either run or die. Charlie and his unit did not know what to do because they were never trained for the Apocalypse. Charlies unit was held down in a bunker when they caught wind of what was outbreak was doing to people. It was turning them into these brain dead monsters. Zombies as his unit were calling them. These brain dead monsters where holding charlie and his unit in the bunker they did now have the ammo to take them out and escape. Some members of Charlies squad had family's that they were not ready to say goodbye too yet so some of the unit used them self's as sacrifices so others could escape the bunker. Charlie was the only one that made it out alive.
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