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  1. Thanks guys I will be recording it tonight and tomorrow, let me know if you see me!
  2. Thanks man! It's coming soon, just need a full day to sit down and record!
  3. Hey guys! I'm working on a DayZ video and figured I would post the trailer here! I will be filming it all on the server! It stutters randomly twice in the video from the footage that was recorded -___- but it's DayZ so you can't complain! Let me know what you guys think! Video: http://youtu.be/0AM9YhnPIe0 -Tanner [MysticalMoonMan aka. Doug Culler]
  4. Yes and no lol. I just am looking for a few people that are on the server to tag along during a few recording sessions. All the encounters with other players will be random, it just helps to have an additional player by my side for commentary/story reasons !
  5. Thanks! Yeah I wanna make all the encounters random, but have someone that wouldn't mind tagging along. It just helps with the footage/story on my end! Thanks man
  6. Hey guys I have been running my YouTube channel for almost 2 years now, and I finally decided to make my theme around survival games such as H1Z1, DayZ, Arma etc. So I wanted to make my first video on the server, but make it really really epic. So I didn't know if anyone would like to tag along while I record on the server? I'm switching to Standalone from DayZ mod. If you are interested let me know, and we can get the ball rolling. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/MysticalMoonMan Send me a message on here if anyone would like to be apart of some crazy RP! Thanks, Tanner [MysticalMoonMan aka. Pluto Plutonian]
  7. I nearly pooped my pants watching this.
  8. I figured out the launcher and got that to work, I needed to add in the patch, and I think that fixed the GUID issue as well. Is there any reason why my character looks like a hippy 0.o? lol..
  9. Hey I was able to get on the server fine yesterday, and now the server says it is rejecting my GUID? Is there anyone that can fix this ? I am also getting this error with my launcher when trying to join a server.
  10. Haha I'm not sure! If anyone is interested in playing the daughter she is like between ages 15-18 and I stumble upon her later on in the series. Yup I like to only put out quality videos! Quality over quantity. Thanks man! <3 Me. Haha PM me if you wanna RP as the daughter, but that will be later on in the series. Awesome! Thanks for the info
  11. Ah! Awesome thanks man, I am not going to be using cinematics too much during the series. The great RP and people I meet along the way will make it interesting, as well with the bad ass sound effects I have Freaking thanks man! <3
  12. Thanks! I hope to meet you I made the cinematic using an old school Arma camera mod. I can't fine it anymore unfortunately
  13. Thanks man! I hope to see you there soon, ill be around Chernarus tomorrow.
  14. Hey guys I just got whitlisted! WOOOHHOOOO haha. Anyways I started a RP video series on the server, and I released the trailer today! DayZRP community representing. Hope you guys enjoy and hope to meet you in the server and learn your story . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_lRp_3sRJg&list=UUn2U6m7SCatSUGICHEWqYIw&feature=share -MysticalMoonMan IGN: Doug Culler