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    X [IG Recruitment]

    App away!
  2. Haven923

    Who would you kill?

    Darrion Daily. He killed Amy and Leeway Mercer, my first family in DayZ. That is a sin that cannot be forgotten. Sorry for not returning the sentiment, Clay. As far as A.J. is concerned, the SCORE is even. At least it was until he found out that you're one of the ones who beat up Nyleea.
  3. Haven923


    The final resting place of Leeway Mercer, Amy Mercer, and Alen Rike... (Unedited)
  4. Had a great time RPing with everyone down in Kamyshovo and then back up at at the grave. I won't say it was fun, but it was certainly great RP.
  5. A.J. keys the mic, but hesitates for a moment. "...It's okay. We... we don't need a doctor anymore." He lets the radio fall into his lap and mutters to himself. "Too soon..."
  6. A.J. listens in horror at the sounds coming over the radio. He tries to push them out of his mind, but the cries of pain are not allowing him to focus. He plays through the directions rapidly in his head. Left at Msta, Right at Rog, Mista Left, Rog Right, Msta, left, Rog, right. Nyleea's voice cuts out and he presses his radio painfully against his ear to hear every detail over the incoherent radio. A cabin and waves. He keys the radio and speaks frantically into the mic. "Nyleea, hold on. I'm on my way. Just hold on, okay?" He starts sprinting to the South as fast as he can. He keyed the radio as he sprints, the fresh gunshot wound in his leg throbbing with each step. "If anyone is listening, I need a medical expert to the Southeast edge of Chernarus. Please, hu--" Too intent on the radio, A.J. hooks his foot on a root masked by the leaves and skids, dropping the radio. He quickly recovers and frantically brushes the leaves aside, trying to find what could be Nyleea's lifeline. After what felt like an eternity, but was only no more than a few seconds, he finds it and keys it again. "Please, hurry. When you are there, give me a call and look for the flare. Please, hurry!"
  7. Enjoyed the RP with Olive and Eliane. A.J. is still oblivious and still rocking the pink hat! Shame the cowboy hat went missing That was some of the best hostile RP with the Masquerade I've ever had. Wasn't gear RP like other instances I've had with other people and was pretty enjoyable going deep into character (even if it meant taking a couple hits to the face ). Big thanks to Lucky, Ender, Rising Hope Militia, and Eternus and everyone else who came to our aid. 10/10 rescue operation. And Clay Diamond, loved getting the revenge RP The slate is clean. You brought out a low point in A.J. and it was his/my first time doing torture RP, so sorry if it was a bit repetitive... A.J. still hasn't killed anyone, though! The Trust. Always good to play with y'all. Glad I could get back in it just in time to play with Chief and Nyleea. Looking forward to getting back into the groove and getting on more often.
  8. A.J. listens to the broadcast on his newly acquired radio. "Glad you remember who you are, Clay. These amnesia games get so boring. You're going to stay away. I could have killed you, but I let you live. Actually... I should have killed you. Stay away from me and my friends or I'll finish what you started." A.J. lets go of the button for a moment. He takes a deep breath and steadies himself, not wanting to go any further with that line of thought. "And Nyleea, it's A.J. I'm okay, we made it out. We had some angels out there." He goes to replace the radio on his vest, but hesitates and keys it one more time." "Clay... I mean it. And next time... if there is a next time... fight your own fights."
  9. Haven923

    taking a break

    Chief, I feel yah. I haven't been on too much lately, but I have felt the drag and the downward spiral. I expect to see you in.59. Chief squad must have their Chiefmobile and spread hope, Trust, sporadic gunfire, and an endless stream of flares throughout Chernarus!!
  10. Haven923

    The Trust (IC recruitment)[Open]

    I'm leaving within the next 24 hours to come home. I have to admit, with a newborn son, halo 5, and fallout other things will have a lot of my attention, but I really want to get back in as A.J. Mike just doesn't have the depth of A.J., even if his expertise and toolbox will be crucial in .59 stable.
  11. Haven923

    108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    A couple moments of silence pass after the unknown woman talks on the radio. A.J. stares at his radio in his hand, his hand trembling. His breathing is ragged and uneven. It's not from the medication coursing like fire through his veins. No, he doesn't even feel the familiar gehenna over the burning rage seizing his body. He takes a deep breath and keys the radio. When he speaks, there isn't an ounce of emotion. His voice is cold and even, almost detached. "...Mickey. Leeway was like a kid brother to me. Him and Amy are family. Heck, I was with them long before the 'Trust' was even a thought. He was always the most careful of the group... Always making sure to keep an eye on the safety of his sister and brothers. You snuffed one heckuva bright light, Mickey. I also don't appreciate your malicious comments about her family. I know their fates and I know that hey loved her. I knew I should have killed you the moment I found that page from your journal in Dolina. You had so many people defending your 'Experiments,' too. Well I'll tell you what. I got all the blood you could ever want. Want to perform an 'experiment'? Come have a sip. Cee-Dubya Five A.J. Aves, U.S. Army. You're going to have to fight for it, though. If you do get a taste, I hope it taints you. Try not to choke. I hope you suffer a slow, painful death. Trust me: It would be a mercy..." He pauses and takes another deep breath, the radio still keyed. "...As for your 'goons'... you don't have to try to protect them with loose insults and dismissals. They're going to meet the same fate. You know, I'm not typically a man for violence. Often I'm the one breaking up fights and mediating arguments. You know how many survivors I've killed my entire stay in Chernarus? Go ahead, take a guess. Two? Five? Twenty? How about none. I've killed before, albeit from the cockpit thousands of feet above the action. I always appreciated the separation, as if it somehow made it easier. Well... this time I don't want any separation. This is personal. My only hope is that none of the rest of Leeway's 'extended family' get to you before me." What could be rain tinted pink with what could also be blood patters onto the radio clenched in his white-knuckled hand. The other hand tightly clenches a fresh bandage treated with antibiotic. "You ever hear that one saying? The one about how when it is darkest... that that's when even the tiniest light burns the brightest? Well, Mickey... the shadows prove the sunshine." He releases the button on the side of the radio and fumbles it to the ground. He begins to reach for it, but decides to ignore it for now and finishes bandaging his arm. Content with the treatment, he scoops up the radio as he stands and steps outside of the small house in Msta. The warm light from the cloudless day beats on him and glares off the window panes. He catches a reflection of himself and wipes his face before anyone could chance a glance at him. "The shadows prove the sunshine...Leeway..."
  12. Haven923

    The Trust (IC recruitment)[Open]

    Let the party begin!
  13. My thing is this you reported us for metagaming but there is no metagaming,Powergaming i can't say much on except all i seen was that they frisked you asked you if you had a radio you said yes and they took it and ended up breaking it,like i said before i am not sure how staff feels about the breaking the peoples radios but i see it all the time.We didn't manipulate you and were you teliing people about this in teamspeak while we had you in our control and restrained maybe someone that could help you? Where did you receive this information about thoroughly searching? The only thing you must search for using text is a radio. A captor can search for your radio stating *Searches for radio breaks it*. There is nothing wrong with this and is not powergaming. People do this because the radio is actually representing TS. In addition, captors can use text to search for other items. However, it is not required because there are game mechanics to search someone. It is acceptable to use the general phrase *Searches you* //Do I find any weapons? This is to stop the annoying strip naked robberies. A captor does not have to go into detail like *Searches underwear* though. @Whiskey Tango: I have linked all my sources previously in this thread. I come from forum-based RPs and have zero tolerance for powergaming, or as we call it "God-moding." Everything I do, or other people do, requires feedback and consent. When I first started, I got in a report that showed that what I was told and what I understood of the rules wasn't as clear as I thought it was, so I then followed the reports and questions threads very carefully. It was then that I discovered threads about asking how to frisk radios and what I linked are only some examples. There was one notable example I was looking for, but couldn't find. I remember that somebody used a quote of Terra to back this up, but any combination of search criteria I did couldn't find it. @Batok: I have said it a few times now that I didn't mean metagaming. I meant powergaming. And no, I was not telling people in TS after you took my radio. I honored the action at the time. Roleplay over ruleplay, right? And you did not have me restrained. You talked about restraining me, but none of the several of you that were there seemed to have any handcuffs so y'all were just like "Well, put your hands up and walk back to camp." Also, you never asked if I had a radio. Ever. I would appreciate it if you didn't insinuate that I metagamed, thanks.
  14. For the record, the same applies to anything in a person't inventory. You have to RP out through text that you search through the bag for weapons and whatnot and I would have had to respond with what you find. That way it would be theoretically possible to hide a knife or a derringer in your boot or waistband that would escape notice. The rules are the way they are so that 1.) there is mutual interaction and 2.) the prisoner has options available based on how thoroughly they were searched as to what they can do afterwards.
  15. The radio was my TS radio. I was confused by the powerplaying of my radio and, like I'm pretty sure I mentioned, I was going to drop it but got distracted by being told I had three more seconds to put my hands up. Three seconds isn't a whole lot of time so I instantly went into "oh crap" mode and began focusing on the now. I like the attempt to flip this all around on me though. Pretty quick on that. You searched me, found a radio that could have been stuffed in the bottom of my backpack or stuffed down my underwear for all you know, AND broke in 0.001 seconds. I couldn't react. I couldn't roleplay it out like I had been looking forward to when I read over the rules, and then quickly had no time to do anything else then try to figure out how to live. I have enough integrity to not use it, don't worry. If I were to actually have gotten away I would have dropped it, but that obviously didn't happen, haha. As for the highlighted part... "You didn't search for it. You didn't ask permission to take it. I didn't give you permission to take it. I most certainly didn't give you permission to smash it. That is the powerplaying part. " "What you did was powerplaying. You can not manipulate another player's character without their permission" " You, in one action without any time for me to respond, put up resistance, or anything took my radio and smashed it. I was not handcuffed or anything. I don't even think I had my hands up at that point, to be honest. The radio was powergamed immediately after I was told "THIS IS A ROBBERY!"" "Frisking is not powergaming. Controlling my character and his "inventory" without consent IS. That is the very definition of powergaming." "What you did was frisk me, take my radio, and break it. Frisking is simply looking for a radio. The rest of it was powergaming." "You can frisk me for a radio, then It becomes my responsibility to keep integrity and give it to you and not "hide" it"