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  1. Time was lowered and within the first day there were 5 new holes in the walls. HMMMMMMM. It's almost like half of the community was against this for a solid reason...
  2. Good job, Ducky. One of my favorite things you did was you had answers that referred to a rule # and nothing more. This requires the applicant to at least skim the rule to get valuable info which is a great trick. A couple of those types of questions can go a long way in force-educating reluctant readers. As far as information to add I would definitely mention props, emotes, and head movement as simple tools that can be used to improve RP. I've had people message me after a counter-initiation who commended my performance and I didn't say a word—only walked around with a nailed bat making slow and deliberate eye contact while occasionally swinging at a wall or post while the interrogator spoke.
  3. The intent of this post seems very focused on offline looting—despite OP claiming otherwise. In a hostile encounter, you would not be able to quickly breach a wall without being noticed unless you used some form of explosive or circumvent defenses to enable a point of rapid entry, so the current implementation is fine. As many have said, wiretricking is a temporary stand-in solution to a mechanical problem that will be fixed in the future. It is using game mechanics to fill the purpose of another, inoperable game mechanic and is fine. IMO, there should need to be some provable, nonmetagame confirmation that a group is online before you can raid their base. You should see someone enter or leave or see someone inside a tower or something. Perhaps a 30 minute timer after you last had confirmation as well. If you are "assuming" everyone just "left" then you are either metagaming or are avoiding RP. Both of those possibilities have associated rules.
  4. Bit of Devil's Advocate here... I am often playing with limited time and being locked into a commitment for 30 minutes during which I could encounter another situation that takes an hour to resolve and has another 30-minute requirement in place... it can get out of hand and I could see myself having to just OOC inform someone that I simply can't stay on any longer and risk the report so that I can show up to work in the morning in a state where I wouldn't get fired. THAT SAID... I feel like the criteria for a safe logout should be beyond clear. Break line of sight is a vague term since standing behind a thick tree fulfills this requirement. Maybe not 30 minutes, but 5 minutes is a lot more manageable. Out of LoS should be concisely clarified. Distance traveled from the place of the incident is another possible consideration. From experience, the aggressive party will sometimes leave a hostage with instructions like "don't move from here for 1 minute" etc.; such a statement or a more specific variation thereof could be treated as the aggressors giving permission for an early logoff. Completely removing the time limit and having a flimsy rule requiring simply breaking LoS could be abused to a degree similar to combat logging if the captive has reinforcements inbound and they were to log off before the they arrived and attacked the original aggressors. This is essentially removing the captive from any chance of harm or recapture in the ensuing battle and could be abused as a type of baiting. It should be easy to log off, but it shouldn't be free IMO.
  5. Florida born and raised, J.B. did a 6-year stint in the Army Reserves where he was part of an aviation maintenance unit while simultaneously holding a day job working as a general handyman at a park. Maintenance didn't satisfy his lust for flight though so, following a medical discharge from a training-related shoulder injury, he decided to put his military benefits to a slightly unorthodox use via private flight school. When his father—an accomplished cardiologist in Tampa—passed away from an ironic heart attack, J.B. took his inheritance and did what any grieving adult nearing 30 would do: he bought a small plane and decided to fly around the world. He had never left the U.S. so this was to be his life's work. In a terrible situation of wrong-place-wrong-time (coupled with a lack of awareness of the current situation), J.B. decided to make a layover in Chernarus to refuel. That was when he encountered the storm. Unable to find a heading or discern his location and too suddenly caught up in the storm to turn around, J.B. ended up going down somewhere off the coast of Skalisty. He made it to shore and sheltered as best he could and that is where he found out about what was happening first-hand as the first person he met, an old fisherman named Maxim who was unable or unwilling to leave told him the basics. J.B. stayed with Max for a few days before some of the infected found them and Max was attacked while he was out. Max made it back to J.B. who was laying low at Max's house but he ended up bringing the two infected with him. He demanded that J.B. find a way to make it to the mainland and to try to find other survivors before taking his pistol and facing the infected. Three gunshots later and J.B. was alone again and so he took Maxim's advice, fixed up a boat, and paddled ashore. | That's where the real story begins.
  6. Darrion Daily. He killed Amy and Leeway Mercer, my first family in DayZ. That is a sin that cannot be forgotten. Sorry for not returning the sentiment, Clay. As far as A.J. is concerned, the SCORE is even. At least it was until he found out that you're one of the ones who beat up Nyleea.
  7. The final resting place of Leeway Mercer, Amy Mercer, and Alen Rike... (Unedited)
  8. Had a great time RPing with everyone down in Kamyshovo and then back up at at the grave. I won't say it was fun, but it was certainly great RP.
  9. A.J. keys the mic, but hesitates for a moment. "...It's okay. We... we don't need a doctor anymore." He lets the radio fall into his lap and mutters to himself. "Too soon..."
  10. A.J. listens in horror at the sounds coming over the radio. He tries to push them out of his mind, but the cries of pain are not allowing him to focus. He plays through the directions rapidly in his head. Left at Msta, Right at Rog, Mista Left, Rog Right, Msta, left, Rog, right. Nyleea's voice cuts out and he presses his radio painfully against his ear to hear every detail over the incoherent radio. A cabin and waves. He keys the radio and speaks frantically into the mic. "Nyleea, hold on. I'm on my way. Just hold on, okay?" He starts sprinting to the South as fast as he can. He keyed the radio as he sprints, the fresh gunshot wound in his leg throbbing with each step. "If anyone is listening, I need a medical expert to the Southeast edge of Chernarus. Please, hu--" Too intent on the radio, A.J. hooks his foot on a root masked by the leaves and skids, dropping the radio. He quickly recovers and frantically brushes the leaves aside, trying to find what could be Nyleea's lifeline. After what felt like an eternity, but was only no more than a few seconds, he finds it and keys it again. "Please, hurry. When you are there, give me a call and look for the flare. Please, hurry!"
  11. Enjoyed the RP with Olive and Eliane. A.J. is still oblivious and still rocking the pink hat! Shame the cowboy hat went missing That was some of the best hostile RP with the Masquerade I've ever had. Wasn't gear RP like other instances I've had with other people and was pretty enjoyable going deep into character (even if it meant taking a couple hits to the face ). Big thanks to Lucky, Ender, Rising Hope Militia, and Eternus and everyone else who came to our aid. 10/10 rescue operation. And Clay Diamond, loved getting the revenge RP The slate is clean. You brought out a low point in A.J. and it was his/my first time doing torture RP, so sorry if it was a bit repetitive... A.J. still hasn't killed anyone, though! The Trust. Always good to play with y'all. Glad I could get back in it just in time to play with Chief and Nyleea. Looking forward to getting back into the groove and getting on more often.
  12. A.J. listens to the broadcast on his newly acquired radio. "Glad you remember who you are, Clay. These amnesia games get so boring. You're going to stay away. I could have killed you, but I let you live. Actually... I should have killed you. Stay away from me and my friends or I'll finish what you started." A.J. lets go of the button for a moment. He takes a deep breath and steadies himself, not wanting to go any further with that line of thought. "And Nyleea, it's A.J. I'm okay, we made it out. We had some angels out there." He goes to replace the radio on his vest, but hesitates and keys it one more time." "Clay... I mean it. And next time... if there is a next time... fight your own fights."
  13. Chief, I feel yah. I haven't been on too much lately, but I have felt the drag and the downward spiral. I expect to see you in.59. Chief squad must have their Chiefmobile and spread hope, Trust, sporadic gunfire, and an endless stream of flares throughout Chernarus!!
  14. I'm leaving within the next 24 hours to come home. I have to admit, with a newborn son, halo 5, and fallout other things will have a lot of my attention, but I really want to get back in as A.J. Mike just doesn't have the depth of A.J., even if his expertise and toolbox will be crucial in .59 stable.
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