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  2. Disclaimer: This is not a spiteful thread in any way. It's not meant to start drama, which is one of the reasons I'm making it as a post in Ask the Staff as opposed to other open places so I can get an answer directly from staff and avoid cluttering from other people. It has come to my attention that the Terms of Service either are not properly worded, or omit important information. On the DayZRP Staff Agreement page, Roland says the following: The two highlighted parts are what I'm coming to question, because of these two direct quotes from Roland and JimRP, respectively: This exception is not mentioned anywhere in the ToS, one that JimRP signed himself and Roland would intuitively follow as well as he is, after all, part of the Staff team. And focusing on the first quote, I myself had personal flame directed at me through PMs which I could not handle myself, having to wait for other staff to deal with to avoid seeming biased - one of the ToS clauses. My question is not in regards to the validity of their actions, or whether they were wrong or not for doing so. I'm just confused as to the how two members of Staff, one of which openly signed the Terms of Service publicly available on the forums, exempted themselves from said Terms without any mention of said exemption on the document, other than their responses to criticism, which can be easily overlooked. Is this openly stated in any Terms of Service clauses? If not, how is this enforced? As a member of the community, not knowing what the Staff can or can not do feels shady, specially as someone who has had trouble with the Staff ToS in the past. Would seem like a matter of respect with the Community.
  3. *** Childhood. Hannah was always brilliant - top of her class. She was interested in almost everything, it seemed. Sports, the sciences, humanities. She scored an A in Maths and Literature in the same breath. That resulted in a lot of targeting from her classmates. It didn't help that she was pretty, too. Whether it was jealousy or hollow hate, it hardened Hannah from a young age. Being alone was her best pass-time. Her love of sports is what got her interested in going to Sochi, host of the 2014 Winter Olympics. She fell in love with the city from the coverage, and decided she wanted to explore the world at an early age. Early Adulthood. On her 18th birthday, she had gathered enough money - and trust from her parents - to gain a trip to Russia. It wasn't in the winter like she had hoped, but it was good enough. To Sochi it was, not knowing she would probably never return. After just a few days in her favorite city, news of a disease outbreak in the nearby country of Chernarus put everyone on edge, considering the closeness to the peninsula. Though diseases spread all the time, this was different. Reports of psychotic attacks started to emerge and soon enough, Hannah found herself stuck in Sochi, as highways were absolutely jammed, and all flights cancelled. Surviving Sochi. Hannah spent the first year and a half in the city of her dreams. It had gone to shit quickly. She saw it go from mild public distress to absolute chaos in a matter of weeks, or was it months? She managed to get by with the little money she had, but it quickly lost its importance. Communication with the exterior lasted briefly, and Hannah had only began to make sense of the Russian language. Months after the initial outbreak, Sochi had been overrun. The streets which were once crowded with rioters and a panicking population were now empty, if not infested with infected. Hannah barricaded herself with many other survivors inside a supermarket, which provided safety and supplies for a long while, though it was not permanent. On a cold night, a careless scout allowed for the infected to enter and cause havoc. Hannah does not know if others survived that horrible night. Chernarus. Chernarus came much later. Almost two years after the initial outbreak, Hannah started to head East of Sochi, hoping to reach Western European countries, or anything better than the city she was just in. Her journey eventually lead her to Chernarus after a wrong turn. She only found out when it was too late.
  4. XieAngel

    DayZRP Battle Royale

    The fact that it's OOC disappoints me a bit, would be nice to have a battle-royale in-character.
  5. XieAngel

    My wife - Tucker Brookes

    Thank you Tucker, very cool!
  6. It was funny at first, how in our group we kept betting on who would get it next. But the frequency of the sneezes and coughs makes it an annoyance, feels like a bug rather than a feature. I would be fine with it if the symptoms were much more spread out. Like every couple of minutes a fit of sneezing and coughing, that then goes away for a while. And a lot of sniffling in between. But I think outright removing it would be for the best.
  7. @Cipher The one for you.
  8. XieAngel

    Boys Only Thread

    Hey what's this- oh fuck
  9. XieAngel

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    Not really mentioning anyone specific, this isn't a recent thing. As I said, nothing wrong with adding newcomers, just seems like it has been done on a whim and it has hurt the group.
  10. XieAngel

    Community driven mentor program

    Would love to be a part of this if it ever came back.
  11. XieAngel

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    Not trying to be rude, but I'm a bit worried regarding this group's roster. You guys seem to recruit a lot of newcomers, and with a roster of 29 people, it's impossible to keep track of everyone. A lot of these newcomers haven't proven themselves or put the hours in-game to gain experience. This has already resulted in multiple reports accusing random members of this group of kill rights violations and/or BadRP. Accepting newcomers into your group isn't necessarily a bad thing, but when you do it without much concern for the quality of their RP or their experience here, you're putting your image at risk. Unfortunately, whenever I hear of the Saviors, it's for a bad reason. I would suggest cleaning out your roster and maybe being more strict on recruitment.
  12. XieAngel

    let amnesty players apply for staff

    Staff doesn't like judging case by case, for some reason. Has been shown multiple times. They'd either let all Amnesty members apply or none. But +1 on the idea. They need more Staff members anyway.
  13. I would like to request this to be archived. Everyone agrees that it's a good idea, just not the right time.
  14. XieAngel

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    Just aesthetically pleasing overall, good signature art too. 8/10