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  1. Playing DayZ since day-one, definitely impressed with how this update feels. Even simple things, like how the shadows blur out from distance rather than the snappy and ugly transition of quality it currently has. Almost unnoticeable.
  2. *W.I.P.* It is the night of the 20th of July, 1997. Winters in Southeastern Brazil are never the coldest in the world, but that night in particular was colder than usual. Ana Clara strongly gripped Joseph's hands as she pushed, screaming in pain, trying to bring the baby that she had been waiting 9 months for to the world. Once the deed was done, and the child was taken care of, her eyes were finally opened, revealing Joseph's characteristic hazy blue eyes. Madison was just born. Not many months later, the parents decided to move closer to Joseph's family in America, who lived in Southern Florida. That was where Madison would spend most, if not all of her life. Not being raised in Brazil, she lacked the usual and natural understanding of the culture and language, which drove her parents to teach her everything she needed to know. By the time she was 10, she could speak not only English, but also Brazilian Portuguese, albeit with an American accent. Madison's childhood is a blur even to herself. Not special in any way, she spent it like any other kid, going to school, making friends, growing up. Into her early High-school years, she developed a deep interest in Philosophy and Social Studies, and dove deep into books and lectures on the matter. She wanted to be a philosopher herself, though grew a passion for Oriental schools of thought, unlike most Ocidental-driven studies. After graduating High-school, Madison began working at a local library, taking advantage of the place to advance her individual studies before heading for higher education. There was only one thing she wanted more than anything, however: to visit Asia. First stop, Japan. After years of planning, she was finally able to book the flight. Fort Lauderdale to Tokyo Haneda International Airport. During the flight, due to a problem with the fuel, the plane was forced to land at one of the International Airports of a small, turbulent Eastern-European country. Unlucky, considering it was only a week before her birthday.
  3. 23rd of May, 2012. This was when I first bought ARMA 2, give or take a month after the first trailer was even released by Dean Hall. I was a kid and I remember bugging my parents so they could spend 30 dollars (which was around 60 BRL back then); it wasn't easy, I had to ask my sister for help as she already had her own income. It was a very, very scary situation because I had no idea what I was really getting into and I was already spending more on a game than I ever had... But this "DayZ Mod" wouldn't leave my mind. I had first seen it on Youtube and it blew me away, it impacted me so much I just had to get my hands on it. Unfortunately I don't have registered the amount of time I've played Arma 2/DayZ because I mostly used DayZ Commander, which as far as I know didn't register playtime on Steam. Currently, Steam tells me I have around 503 hours registered on ARMA 2 OA (from when I stopped using DayZ Commander), but considering I used DC and played it every single day for hours for around 3 years, I wouldn't be surprised if I have in total around 2,000. Plus another 347 hours in the Standalone. Fair to say I was addicted. To this day I believe DayZ shaped the way I interact with games and entertainment. It grew with me, it allowed me to take part in a community unlike any other. Now, seeing young adulthood around the corner, I look back with nostalgia... And a bit of sadness. At least once a week I look at my Steam library and I see DayZ and ARMA 2 OA there. Uninstalled for months. I think about the hours I spent in the frozen and mysterious wasteland of Namalsk, driving over the huge bridges of Taviana, blasting through the jungles of Panthera and hiking up the hills of Chernarus. I think about the very first time I went up to the NWAF, with only a Lee Enfield to my name. I heard a sniper on the hills of Cherno, went up there out of boredom to see if I could score a sneaky kill, but all I found was a motorcycle - my first vehicle. I slowly approached it, my heart raced and my hands grew colder and sweatier by the second. Finally, I was close enough to jump on and drive away as fast as I could. I instantly knew that was my ticket to the far off magical lands of the "Northwest Airfield". Once I knew I was safe, I brought up my map and drove that bike all the way up through Zeleno, Green Mountain, then to Stary, Kabanino, and eventually to the field near the south wall, where fuel ran out. After that, I just ran as fast as I could into the Western woods and there I sat for several minutes, just taking in the view of the hangars and the firestation. Now I see that those are feelings I will never experience again, and that actually breaks my heart a little. It was around a year later, in 2013, that I joined this community, and I watched it grow with me too, even though I've never been too active. I saw pretty much all of DayZRP's eras, from the DayZ Mod to Epoch, Desolation, Life is Feudal, Miscreated, etc., and now to Standalone. The concept of RP in DayZ also blew my mind, and it sparked my love for roleplaying which is alive to this day. However, even if these memories break my heart, they keep my love for the game alive, too. So, I wanted to make this thread to tell my story with DayZ and how much it affected me as a person, and I'm very curious to hear your stories, too. How and when you found out about the game, how much you played and how it affected you personally. Maybe share with us some specific stories from the early days, even before RP. Let's call this a "DayZ appreciation thread" of some sorts, so the future of DayZ is, if not as bright, close to what it once was.
  4. I understand, but when talking to a moderator I was told that because I raised my gun and made a "demand" (telling the other player to stay there he is), it was then an initiation, so the other player was allowed to attack me. From my understanding, that's the loophole within the rules. If it's not allowed, then I guess it's something the Moderator should've said instead of saying that nothing wrong was done. In fact, I was told I could've been killed legitimately at that point.
  5. TheLonelyOne


    No one even wants you here, Limpan. Welcome back, my dude.
  6. With the recent Lore Wipe, it definitely seems that the focus on Role-Playing has somewhat increased now that, in theory, no one is a grumpy hardened post-apocalyptic survivor who doesn't mind the mere sight of massacres and death. Which means that there will be a lot of scared and paranoid characters walking around, myself included. However, such behavior is very dangerous, and I'll explain why. From what I've gathered in the rules and according to Staff members I've spoken to, this situation is valid: And I know this is valid because very similar things have happened to me and I have heard the same from other players, and nothing could be done about it. I do believe this is a very simple case of BadRP/Rule-Play because the "gun-raising" thing is considered an initiation. This behavior only helps perpetuate a constant PVP mindset, where every hostile action should always be avenged and should never contribute to RP. Maybe after this exchange, Player 2 could very well act in a hostile way but keep the RP alive instead of ending the whole interaction with a cheap robbery just because he could. So, that's my idea. Disallow this sort of behavior that breaks RP for the sake of gear and PVP. A counterargument is that this is somewhat realistic, and you'd expect to see this in post-apocalyptic movies or scenarios. But keep this in mind: This is a Role-Playing server where every player needs to have fun. The reason why they kill anyone they want in The Walking Dead is because these secondary characters are not the point of view of the show. It wouldn't be as fun if Rick was just killed by some random dude 2 episodes into the show. And if your fun (PVP) ends the fun for another player (unless warranted, like in a firefight), it shouldn't be allowed. TL;DR Breaking an RP interaction for the sake of PVP shouldn't be allowed and should be punished as BadRP. In this case, maybe making initiation rules a bit stricter.
  7. I believe this is a loop hole in the rules as people are technically in their own right to do this, but I do think this should fall under Rule-Playing or even BadRP. But, then again, when is it ever about the Role-Play to some people?
  8. Yeah, let's hope we hit beta by the end of the decade. Anyway, thanks. I'm just a bit salty right now. You can close it.
  9. This has happened twice now, and I wanted to know a few things. The first time I got it on video, I was next to the Kabanino water well, I had crouch walked the whole way around the town and checked multiple times to know if I wasn't getting chased by any zombies. I tab out to check something on Teamspeak and, literally 10 seconds later I tab back in to a zombie appearing next to me, hitting me once and killing me instantly. The second time happened a few minutes ago where I now tabbed out for 2 seconds (again, while hiding in a corner without attracting any attention) to close a poke someone had sent me (and keep in mind, I play on windowed mode so tabbing in takes no time), now I did not hear or see any zombies, just the black "you are dead" screen. I am clueless but I'm assuming the same thing happened again. But I am confused because in that time NO ZOMBIE could've ran to me and hit me enough times to kill me, and I have been hit before multiple times before even passing out. Both times I had full blood, well fed and hydrated, with no shock damage apart from a couple of zombie hits several minutes prior. My question is: Is this a known glitch and what can I do about it? Because I just lost hours of progress.
  10. Unfortunately it seems that people even after the lore wipe are roleplaying as if this were the most normal thing in the world, which upsets me. My character is a 17 year old boy who just lost his parents and it's quite awkward when I roleplay being scared and paranoid while everyone is speaking normally. Not only that, but I've done the whole "gun pointing until sure that I'm safe" thing and it only got me knocked unconscious and my shit taken after lowering my guard because that kind of counts as an initiation. I will roleplay with these things in mind, I just wish people will start doing the same.
  11. Lmao @ people not even using images that show a face for their characters, only edgy post apocalyptic gear.

    1. Para



    2. LawRP


  12. Son of Russian parents, Michael never fully connected to his family's culture or traditions. He doesn't speak the language, knowing only what little he remembers from his early childhood. Always a smooth talker and a charmer, Michael got everything he ever wanted or needed, though kept a humble mindset and was often considered the kindest of the family, which consisted of, according to Michael himself, "old, bitter sacks of regret." Apart from his parents, the only family member he enjoyed talking to and interacting with was his grandmother. A citizen of Chernarus, she died on the 29th of April. Michael had turned 17 just a few days prior. Due to this, him and his family flew to Chernarus for her funeral. This was unusual behavior from Michael as he always expressed his desire to never leave the US. What he didn't know is that he probably would never return. After the placement of Martial Law by the Chernarussian State, Michael and his family were unable to leave the country, ultimately getting stuck bureaucratic limbo for two months due to the fears of terror attacks and violence. That all changed, however, after the outbreak. If asked, Michael will not remember what happened. He tells a different story every time. All that is certain is that he is alone now, and his dreams are deafening with the screams of those he failed to protect.
  13. TheLonelyOne

    Ban Amnesty

    That is not far from paying to play on this server, which if not against some terms of service or some Bohemia rule, is at the very least scummy. As I've seen, a lot of people agree that there should be an amnesty with many restrictions until the user can prove themselves worthy of being free of warning points or last warnings. And I agree with that. Many people should be given second chances as I have already been given one as well. And let them get permed again if they're reported for bad behavior/rule breaks. Easy. Just because people are given a second chance, doesn't mean they're all going to abuse it.
  14. TheLonelyOne

    What We Can Do

    I've been on both sides of this same story in multiple communities. This sort of "Community Revolution" will only force the website to go downhill from here. Even more than it already has. This will die unless the staff change their ways. This is a blow you can't recover fully from, because those 30-ish people are going to drag a lot of people with them. I'm not an active member in this community, but I've been lurking since 2013. And in the mean time I was part of other communities, some as Staff and some as a Member. I've already gone out with a bang, and I've already saw people going out with a bang, having to delete their posts because they were full of porn gifs. Again, this a blow you can not recover fully from, but it can still work out. I don't know what you guys are going to do, but I'm probably not going to be here to see it as I'm done with RolePlaying, specially in DayZ. Best of luck, I guess.