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  1. Angel

    So PK for NVFL?

    I think it falls under whether the staff are willing to look at each case individually rather than coming up with far reaching solutions which often cause these issues, where people think it's unfair and whatnot. Obviously a case-by-case analysis would be the best way to go about it. If it's aggravated (i.e. followed by trolling, RDM, Fail/BadRP, etc.), then clearly the person doesn't care enough about RP. If it's a new guy who just got around to RPing or someone who just didn't quite catch it, a permanent punishment isn't warranted IMO. EDIT: A (grim but somewhat relevant) comparison could be to the IRL death punishment. Having it "to scare people from breaking rules" doesn't statistically work, and rather gives more trouble for the government to deal with. Really grim, now that I think of it, but you get what I mean.
  2. Angel

    "Famous" DayZRP Last Words

    "Oh yeah? Or what?"
  3. I don't believe any of the big organized Religions, I feel as if they got it all wrong. I'd consider myself some sort of spiritualist, but I'm really lax about it. I just feel as if there's _something_, I just doubt anyone can actually say for sure what it is.
  • Angel

    The Current Loot Spawn Rate is to High and should be Lowered

    I still see super soldiers wandering about. Seems like people are very comfortable at the moment. Also, keep in mind people still wait around military areas over restarts, and so loot is never an issue. If you make it even rarer, you'll just make the game frustrating for the rest of us. -1, though I am for replacing certain high tier items with lesser ones.
  • Angel

    Poor connection to specifically this server

    As someone who has had extensive and strangely specific connection problems in the past, I can confirm that it's almost 100% your end, and it's something you might not even realize at first. I fixed my issues with my ISP. They often hold monopolies over your area so try your hardest to get them to do something about it.
  • Angel

    Nerf Zombies Please

    I honestly feel like the zombies currently punish all sorts of gameplay styles, instead of rewarding sneaking. Tried to sneak around a town, pretty successful. A zombie was in the way to get inside a house, I sneaked up behind it with my axe, pointed at the head, took 7 hits and alerted every zombie in the city. That makes absolutely no sense. I thought they were just tougher, turns out they're invincible. I feel as if I got mugged off because I chose to sneak instead of killing everything I see. Lol
  • Angel

    Using The Potius Cras name in game ICly

    Honestly, after this, I'd go as far as reporting people who do that, or at the very least trying to find out who they are and talk to them, to let them know it's not ok. I remember once waaaay back in the DayZ Mod days, when you had Group tags next to your name, I've had people be like "Oh you're with ____!" after they saw the tags in text chat. This isn't as bad, but it's still pretty bad.
  • Angel

    Hannah Johnson

    Thanks, currently working on some more entries.
  • Angel


    "I wish I'd met you on Legends of the Hidden Temple
    I wish Hegel wasn't so incomprehensible
    I wish I was more like the Übermensch
    I wish my fears didn't have such a putrid stench
    I think my muscles should be bigger
    I don't know much about Being and Nothingness
    But I might just be a being of nothingness"

  • Angel

    Hannah Johnson

    ------------------------------- I - "Liliya." The tapping was all she could hear. That and, of course, her own breathing. He tapped against the table with that fucking spoon every night. Every dinner, if you could call that dinner. Hannah’s desperation and fear turned into apathy. If at first the stench made her stomach twirl, it now fueled a new feeling, stronger than anger. Stronger than hate, definitely. Tears no longer rolled down her cheeks, a ghostly trail instead permanently rested against the skin of her face. “Eat,” the man grunted, “daddy gets angry if children don’t eat.” The man’s russian accent was thick, but manageable. Though not much was thicker than the so-called soup the girl had been forced to eat for the last couple of weeks. Was it the soup that radiated the stench that haunted his cabin, or was it the others? “Liliya, deti ne yedyat,” he grunted, without raising his gaze from his plate. Liliya was probably his wife, Hannah thought. He grunted her name constantly, always grunting, always speaking through his gross, swollen lips. Regardless of who she was, her remains sat to the left of Hannah, destined to dine for eternity. To her right sat a smaller corpse, all dried up, of a child. It was hard to tell when they had died. The kid seemed to be dead for much longer and was probably buried at some point - his only remarkable features were a bite mark on his left leg and a hole in his forehead. The woman, Liliya, was much fresher, relatively speaking. A bullet wound marked her right temple, probably self-inflicted. Across the table, of course, sat the man. He was Russian, that’s for sure. Not much else could be gathered. His diaries, the scribbles on the walls, the table, they were all in Russian. Their only form of communication was his broken, grunted English, which consisted mostly of orders and calls. He couldn’t be any younger than 50, though his overgrown beard and hair hid most of his features. Scars were visible all over his hands and arms, going all the way up to his shoulders, where many more were probably covered by a dirty old vest. Something was missing, however; there was a fourth chair at the table, and a half empty bunk-bed. Photos of the family often depicted four people: a mother, a father, a son and… A daughter. There were no signs of this daughter anywhere. Before Hannah could think any further, the man slammed his hand on the table, disturbing the remains of his family and turning most of the silverware airborne for a very brief moment. “You will fucking eat,” he growled at the only other living guest. Her gaze remained fixed, even though her hands were shaking. Her soup had flown off the plate, but that was far from her focus. For the past twenty minutes or so, all her eyes could seem to be drawn to was the man’s knife, sitting tidily next to his plate. She could see it already, her mind played it all time and time again, her plan to finally end this torment: a swift movement up from her seat and towards the weapon, then towards his throat. Regardless, it was unfortunately too far from reality. It would take her took long to reach for it. “EAT,” he roared. If it were not for the rain that quickly followed, one would think his shout aloned summoned thunder. “You had to fucking leave. Run away. You will never run away again, no.” “Is that what she did?” Hannah asked, finally moving her gaze up to the man’s furious eyes. “Did she run away from you? Was that before or after your wife blew her brains out?” “ENOUGH.” The Russian slammed the table again, now with both of his fists, almost breaking it in half. This burst of anger disturbed the entire cabin. The corpses fell to their sides, the plates were thrown towards the ground and that precious knife fell to the floor, ever closer to Hannah. This was her chance. She swiftly got up from her chair and stood aside, taunting the man. “Or… Did your wife help her escape, and when she was left alone with you, her only hope was to take that revolver to her head?” He could not handle any more. The man stood up, seemingly doubling in size in a second. His sudden steps towards the small girl were wide and swift, each with a thud that rumbled her chest within - it was now or never. Once she was within arm’s reach, he swung for her head in an attempt to grab the girl by the hair. Her agility and size, however, allowed for a successful dodge, followed by a run for the hunting knife that had dropped to the floor. It was big, heavy and old, but sharp. “I will leave. Tonight,” she demanded, standing with her new weapon pointed to the brute in front of her. For the next few, long seconds, they remained in a stalemate, circling the room around the table. Each step closer to the door was a step closer to freedom for Hannah. Rain began to pour stronger than ever before, making its way through the roof in the form of tiny drops falling in between the adversaries. It was another lightning strike nearby that broke the stalemate once again: the flash convinced Hannah to run for the door, dodging her captor’s grasp once again. The wife’s corpse blocked the man’s step, tripping him onto the floor, almost as a last attempt to save another girl from the monster. Hannah’s freedom, however, was short lived: her escape was only a small head start. Being quickly chased by the brute, she found herself sprinting deep into the unknown forest, attempting to follow what was left of the trail once used to find the cabin. Regardless of how agile and small she was, her strides were still no match for the man following her steps. Hannah was no match for his speed or determination. Becoming aware of this, she stopped and turned towards the approaching threat, preparing for a harsh impact with her knife. Moments before the collision, she swung low, aiming towards his fat stomach. The man hit her like a truck, her body did nothing to stop his inertia. Their bodies, entangled, flew back another five feet before finally resting on a mount of mud. No movement could be seen on the aftermath, except for Hannah beneath a mount of flesh struggling to free herself, covered in mud and blood - his blood. Her blade had pierced deep into his belly, slicing many organs on its way and swiftly bleeding him out. It was as if nothing, not even nature, conspired for her escape. The heavy rain turned the forest ground into a stream of mud and rocks. Each time she felt stable footing, it was swiped away by mud and debris. After much struggle, Hannah escaped and walked South through the forest, finding herself by the coast. Her safest bet was to follow it, unknowingly heading towards the Green Sea peninsula and, eventually, Chernarus.
  • Angel

    Combat Logging Rule

    So far it seems the only argument to keep the rule is because it would take effort to "interpret it". It's not rocket science, plus we punish people who don't read the rules thoroughly. If you engage in hostile activity, the attacker must remain in the server for 30 minutes, while the defenders are allowed to leave. Realistically speaking, this would be like running away and hiding. Even if the person stays in the server, you can run the entire map in 30 minutes. Effectively ending your roleplay. Hell, I would rather the attackers have a permanent aggression pact with my character than be punished in a report for something so victimless. +1, no reason not to remove it. EDIT: Plus, no one's talking about logging out mid-roleplay. If you have someone hostage, you let them go and they disconnect right next to you, that's fucked. But we're talking about 30 minutes here. As I said, you can cross the map in that time. Your RP has ended, therefore you shouldn't be forced to stay.
  • Angel

    Regarding marketing

    Some people get iffy about new players because that means, at times, more reports or a lower quality of RP. Though I think most of us would agree that it's better to have many decent/okay RPers than a couple of great ones. Definitely would love to see a thriving, expansive community, rather than a niche one. This should also mean contacting mainstream content creators, at least mainstream when it comes to DayZ.
  • Angel

    Be Grateful For What You Have

  • Angel

    I am very sorry

  • Angel

    RP regarding base raiding/takeover

    I'm pretty sure the reason why there are no rules regarding base raids is because there are no logs at the moment. Like, how would the Staff ever enforce "25% of the content" from each base? How do you even quantify that? I'm also pretty sure raiding for the sake of trolling or griefing is already against the rules, but all reports just end up inconclusive because its hard to get evidence and there are no logs. The Staff here have taken a new approach when it comes to rules because of how difficult some are to enforce, due to how vague they are, or due to the lack of logs. They're mostly umbrella terms or guidelines. Like trolling doesn't have to include every single way a person could troll another. If trolling is against the rules, anything done in a trollish way is punishable. If you make everything too specific, you end up limiting yourself.
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