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  1. Debt collecting was far from clear -- hell, what is nowadays? That name, though... It didn't sound right. A debt collector should wear a suit, hold a briefcase. He should go around knocking on doors and politely asking if he can come in and sit by the telly, have something to drink and talk to his poor victim about how much their contribution helps the community. Heather's different. She's always been. From a young age she's had to fight for her dignity, for her little brothers. A kick in the gut, a fist to the face. Many stitches later, Heather had become a "fist for hire". She liked that, it was honest. A few years into her line of work, just another job turned into a nightmare. She curb-stomped the wrong kid's ankle, some rich prick, son of an even richer prick. Her name was known, so was her appearance. She was hunted down until a kind offer came her way: a one way ticket to butt-fuck-nowhere. Some eastern soviet country, they said. Chernuski, or something. She would land in Novigrad, and make her way east towards the region of South Zagoria, where she would meet a mutual contact. Unsurprisingly, the meeting never took place. Shit went sideways long before that. Thankfully, Heather's skill would come to be of great use in this new world.
  2. Nevermind. Snip. @Poster will join me.
  3. Nah, people have been shot in the head a few times without dying. Pistols are super unreliable.
  4. Team Name: Premium B-Words Player 1: @Angel Player 2: @Poster Backup: @Havikar
  5. There's a question from a month ago asking about the weather in Chernarus, and Rolle commented on how Bohemia has changed code to make it rain more often, as well as get colder faster. This has been noticed by almost everyone by this point. I thought the Weather in Livonia was just rainier because of actual geographic reasons, which made some sense due to how green the vegetation is. Chernarus, however, has never been known for its constant heavy rains. Is this planned to change in a future update? After playing in the server for an entire day in 3 different times of day, it rained almost constantly, it gets old and annoying really quickly.
  6. I'd even go as far as making these lower calibers better and reducing spawn rate of higher calibers. Right now, as it seems, unless you have assault rifles, you really don't stand much of a chance. SMGs and Pistols feel no different from each other, and the jump to Assault Rifles is extremely dramatic. Would also make carrying a smaller but powerful weapon a good approach, as well as useful. +1, and I'd even go further.
  7. New Journal entry and new Chapter!
  8. After talking to the two boys over Discord, I personally wish to drop this case. I was not aware of how new they were. We talked for a little while and after explaining exactly what they did wrong in this situation, they sounded honestly willing to make changes and be better in the future. It would be upsetting to ban two new players straight away for a rookie's mistake, specially after they seemed so open for suggestions and to accept that they were in the wrong. I also suggested them to look at videos and guides on how to give proper hostile RP, as well as some tips and advises. They also seemed interested in doing both. @Eddie
  9. Server and location: Server 1, Vybor Military Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Starting 2020-04-26, ~23:35 to 23:40 Your in game name: Alice Navratilova Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Unknown, used fake names. Logs should show. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: After logging-in near Vybor Military, I decided to do a quick run to loot the place and make my way up to the Airfield. As I got near the containers on the north end of the compound, I was told to put my hands up. I did as I was told, and was given multiple conflicting demands. First I had to put a hand up, then two, then put them down, then run, then put them up again, then finally enter a building. I did so, followed by the two men. It was at this point that I began recording. I was eventually tied up and told to kneel. From this point, one of the two robbers began going through my gear. During this whole situation I barely heard his voice. He remained the entire time nose-deep in my inventory looting and not taking his time to talk. The only one talking was his friend. His friend gave me a pretty half-assed excuse as to why I was being robbed: A "vendetta against people in green berets". I understood this as being a group conflict, and decided to pry some more information. His explanation left some to be desired. He told me he was walking out with this dog "as you do in the apocalypse", when he was held up by two men and a woman. That was it. At that point, that was his reason to hold me up. After this, I am promptly stripped of everything, clothes, headgear, everything, and they continue going through my gear without saying much. From my point of view, the one in the ghillie was making SOME effort, but it was, in my opinion, not enough. He was making absurd claims, as well as laughing through it all, making comments about "just how much gear I had!". The one looting me for most of the time was just silent. Zero RP given, as well as zero fucks, apparently. So, naked, I tried to keep SOME RP going but it was very difficult. After a while, they both got everything they could, saying "We don't care much, we just want the gear", or something along those lines. They also complimented me a lot on my loot, many times. And, that was it. They then ran off, leaving me with a couple of items of food and a small knife for protection. So that was that. Left a horribly bad taste in my mouth, clearly not much effort was put. They just stripped me naked, got as much loot as they could and ran off, after a robbery that lasted less than 10 minutes.
  10. PART I - "Always at night." PART II - "Black, Green and Red." * * * Journal Entries: Entry #1 - Friends? Entry #2 - FUCK
  11. --- ALICE NAVRÁTILOVÁ --- Born on the 14th of January, 1998, Alice always followed her father’s steps. A nationalist from birth, Leoš Navrátil was the founder and leader of the small but vocal activist group in the heart of Novigrad known by many as Vždy černá, or Always Black. Alice would grow up in an extremist environment of xenophobia and racism, only made worse by the country's rocky relations with its neighboring nations: Takistan and Russia. 2009: Life following the September Crisis was complicated. People with mindsets like Alice’s were unhappy with almost everything that transpired. The pro-Russian ChDKZ and U.S. forces were similar enemies in their minds. Followers of Vždy černá saw Alice’s father, Leoš, as a revolutionary thinker. His plan? Drive off all foreign occupations. “Chernarus for Chernarussians” was the most common slogan, often painted on the sides of government buildings and residential areas in black and green paint. 2017: During the summer, Alice and her family were pushed around from place to place by authorities due to the mysterious outbreak. Information gathered by Leoš and his followers of foreign intervention provoked an even fouler taste in the family’s mouth. By the time summer ended, Leoš had been infected, forcing Alice to take his life and take leadership of the people they had gathered -- mostly members of Vždy černá. For the next couple of months, a camp was built West of Miroslavl’, following the Vždy černá ideology of politics: Only Chernarussians. No foreigners were allowed within the camp walls. Nationalism, however, couldn’t have prevented mutiny among the ranks. Soon enough, two groups emerged: Those who supported Alice in the name of her father, and those who found her to be unfit for the role of leader. What ensued was a massacre that attracted the infected from all directions. Alice, with the help of a few loyal friends, escaped before the camp was overrun, fleeing east towards South Zagoria. 2020: Three years later, Alice finds herself alone for the first time. One by one her friends got infected, killed by bandits, or captured, never to be seen again. Slowly, her morals were twisted, probably due to a declining mental health. She has killed, she has taken by force, and she will do it again if necessary. Her old life, however, is dead… Maybe a new path will open itself -- if she’s found willing.
  12. Realized I've been using my Webcam mic as my system default for a week I'M SO SORRY

    1. Chewy



      Rookie mistake XD

  13. Definitely like the idea of having backpacks that carry shit outside. I love the canvas backpack for that reason. Adding realistic extra slots for guns, melee, and other essential items is IMO amazing for characters who travel light. I've been having to do god's work in terms of inventory management for a really long time now, and carrying a pistol inside your T-shirt doesn't make much sense lmao +1
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