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  1. What does ERP really stand for?

    Wrong answers only.

    1. ImAtrix


      Emotional Role Play

    2. Millie


      Eviscerate Rude Pigdogs

    3. Roland


      Educational Role Play 😏

    4. Taffinator


      Emergency Resuscitation Procedure 

    5. Banshee


      Enterprise Resource Planning I believe. I have been ERPing in-character for a while now.

    6. Ducky


      Emotional Response Prevention.

    7. Duplessis


      Epic Role Play

  2. Yeah, but that's not much fun, is it? I mean, I imagine it's great fun for the CLF, I would love to be undercover like that. But if that's the only thing you do, CLF's image in people's minds becomes one of inactivity. My personal experience with the CLF is to hear of them from other sources, or the eventual firefight somewhere far away from me. Very boring, and I don't feel that their presence is even remotely ominous or "always there", in the shadows. It just feels like they're nowhere to be found and that's that. The RAC are present, a strong force. You better be on their good side or else. Because they will roll up in numbers and they will want explanations for any ruckus. My idea for Faction Zones would allow an entire region to be under CLF's thumb, so they could be this ominous presence. Right now, the CLF are nowhere near as imposing or as impactful as the RAC from a character perspective.
  3. I believe the community's stance on this has been made very clear. The lore team has worked very hard on our current lore to shape the RP we want to see. We have more natives than ever, which shows people are more than willing to give it a go. I understand the desire to Roleplay as something you're comfortable with, but if you can't leave your comfort zone, you're the one trapping yourself. Give the accent a try, you won't regret it.
  4. @Poster @Havikar The gang, the OGs @Miamomoh Fellow Scotsman, must play more often @Banshee Where banana? @Para GameMaster when @Whitename Update when @Watchman Still owe ya a drink tbh @Jade HENLO??!?!!?!!!? @Drbeans Best support team Some peeps that come to mind.
  5. Continuing on the Tradition

  6. As is tradition, here is your reward.


  7. Art updated. Signature next.

  8. 1. Yes, that's something to be taken into consideration. 2. This would be a nice way to go about it, yeah. "Battle for Gorka", or something like that, would be a nice name for an event. My biggest concern is, for an example, an accepted group decides their base is the Kamenka military installation. This means they get to just spawn in every once in a while, take the guns, stash them and log off. Over and over again. No motivation to scavenge, or to take risks. This would be necessary for Faction Groups (like the RF or RAC) because they are literally the military. They should have access to a good supply of weapons, probably shipped in from the north.
  9. I could see it working for normal accepted groups. The focus would be on progressing the lore, however. Moreover, the group should work extremely close to staff to guarantee balancing and fairness. No letting groups take over military installations, for an example.
  10. As a fan of the STALKER game series, I believe we could draw from some of their ideas. I would like to know what the Community thinks of it. -- Faction Zones -- As a fan of strategy games, I see the concept of warring factions fighting for strategic control of certain areas to be very exciting. This is interesting to look at from an outside perspective, but also from the inside. You could feel as if your decisions and actions impact the world in a meaningful way -- a way hundreds of unique players could experience -- or that, as an outsider, the world around you is alive and ever-changing. These Zones would be controlled by Lore Factions, excluding other generally accepted groups. I make this distinction for practical reasons, but also to avoid the abuse of the mechanics I will propose below. I mocked up a map for what the Zones could look like. I used only a few simple pointers (that I also pulled from my ass) to come up with these regions: Each group would decide their policies and what they accept or don't accept within their own borders. A few examples: Aside from these Group-Controlled regions, we also have the Conflict Regions. To avoid civilians from looting these important military installations without major concerns for their safety, the Staff may decide to give these locations certain, special rules. Again, KOS zones are discouraged, but an increase in Zombies, Toxic Gas or any other deterrent may be implemented. These may also be used for specific lore-events such as armed encounters, or hostage negotiations. Whatever happens OUTSIDE of these Zones may only follow DayZRP Rules, as we've always done, and nothing else. RP is still the priority. These zones would allow for new roleplay scenarios, some that are already put in practice today but don't carry much weight. For an example: Considering the focus on realism of our New Lore, I believe this would be only a positive addition, even if it is more work. This is not my idea of a FINALIZED SYSTEM, only what is possible, if people feel like it is viable or if there is interest. I would love to know of any feedback, specially negative on WHY or HOW this could go wrong, as I'm sure I missed something.
  11. Been playing a couple of days.



    1. Miamomoh


      Vroom < Oog

  12. I'm sorry, as much as I agree with holding out on reports that can be easily debated peacefully between the two parties... Reporting BadRP is being toxic? This will never change in DayZRP. If it's your own personal policy to not report people who provide to you shitty roleplay, that's absolutely fine. But the types of communities that don't report BadRP are Arma 3 Life servers where the "RP" is just not killing people on sight, everything else goes. If that's the type of server you prefer, I don't think DayZRP works for you. Unless this was an unfortunate example, not reporting BadRP is what allows people to not put in the effort and do whatever they want, regardless of whether or not it's enjoyable. It's definitely not "nice" to report people, but it's definitely not toxic.
  13. Round 2 of criticisms. Round 1 was positive, this time, not as much. Today was very heated in Olsha. A couple of crazies first claimed they wanted to rape and pillage the town, we dealt with them and had a member of Olsha seriously wounded. Around the evening, the Tsepovs came around and things got heated once again. I was unfortunately disappointed with the motivations. From my personal, bystander and biased point-of-view, the members of the Tsepov group who came to Olsha this night were very bored and wanted to stir up some shit. Which is what drives most RP, in the first place. So, they did the easiest, low hanging fruit: wait and provoke someone to say something that COULD be interpreted as ALMOST rude, and extrapolate it to dumb proportions. To the point of going around and pretty childishly questioning the group's rights to the town, when you're outnumbered and surrounded by people with guns. This is extremely easy and extremely boring, and a growing trend: getting someone to say "X" and then asking "DID YOU JUST SAY Y AND Z?" and getting hostile over it. You could explain it away as just something your characters would do anyway because they're not nice people, but it is one of the foundations of this community that RP must be fun for both sides. If only one side is laughing, then it's just shitty. You may very reasonably not see this as an actual issue, just giving my own opinion as an individual person. In my first post I congratulated you for being business-focused businessmen who made smart decisions based on what you guys wanted and what was best for your family. The Tsepovs we saw in Olsha were run-of-the-mill thugs, no different from random dynamics who roll around thinking they own the place. Made me miss the ones I saw before.
  14. Two requests: 1. Before reporting a character page for having issues, check if they're Whitelisted.


    Love u ❤️

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    4. Miamomoh


      Can we get 50 reports on this character page guys?!?!? SMASH IT

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    8. Angel


      Bean farm confirmed?

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