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  1. Having our own town of Killeshandra? Yes. Stashing guns? What? Just because it's a place where we settle down to RP and bring people in for events, it doesn't make it a gun hoarding station. We barely had any good guns at any point. It was just the place to be if you wanted to find the McCoomers. The RP provided by the Fishermen is exactly what I mentioned is part of the problem. You said it yourself: "Being part of Fishermen we never had goals." Maybe that's not a good thing? Maybe there should be more to your RP than a group of young badasses shooting guns and acting, quite frankly, very childishly? At least, that was my most recent experience around you guys. A lot of whispering and girly giggling about my ass and the asses of every other female you came across. At the time you guys were unique, yes. But now I can't honestly distinguish between any of the hostile groups, except for their thread aesthetics, and the Fishermen are no different.
  2. I feel as if DayZRP suffers from The Walking Dead Syndrome. After almost a decade, people start running out of ideas. Almost every group, aside from aesthetics, is the same: "Group of [fishermen, gangbangers, political activists, etc.] who have as their goals the ownership of a specific area, where they hoard guns and very frequently engage in PVP." It feels as if it's a pub server with KOS rules and light roleplay. One group I would point people to are the McCoomers. An absolute gem of a group I had the utmost honor of being a part of. It was a big family of people, and our primary goal was roleplay. Sometimes hostile, but always enjoyable to ALL parties. We had scheduled fights, we took people's shit without them noticing for scraps, we had our own endless sources of internal and external RP, extremely charming characters and personalities... And we just ripped shit off from the "Snatch" movie. I don't think Cas' point, although it may seem like it, is that groups should be 100% original in their essence, only that they should be more than what they are. The Walking Dead is a great example of this. Every big faction so far has been a mix of bandits or cultists who own a town, seem nice at first but then have some evil twist which leads to bad situations where all characters come out alive... Except for maybe one or two. I can't help but draw parallels between the two, specially with how scared people are of PKing their characters. +1000 from me.
  3. At the end of the day, the same people who complain will go around when the server is empty and do the same loot cycle over and over again to hoard whatever guns they can find. If the guns are incredibly rare, and there seems to be a stupid amount of them, there's obviously a reason for it. I'm ok with a wipe, and maybe even wiping the server every couple of weeks or so.
  4. still seething i see

  5. they never saw it coming


  6. im starting to think people just don't like dayzrp

    1. Para


      A lot of people don't, for multiple valid reasons. It can be quite irritating at times. 

    2. Angel


      why they here then


    3. Woodzie


      Because this community is still around after all this time and various shit that happened while others crumble at the first problem or just rebrand continously. 

    4. Para


      @Angel because people have invested time, money, sweat and tears into this community and it's difficult to let go.

    5. Whitename


      dayzrp is cringe

    6. Itsmez


      @AngelIve been asking myself the same over the past couple of years 🤔

    7. Angel


      seems so simple to just log out and not play right @cas

  7. Interesting iconography, intriguing to look at, I'll look forward to more. And great screenshots, love getting group photos in DayZ, makes shit look alive.
  8. I'm confused, what is the issue? I've seen many complaints about this "issue", and I haven't seen an actual example of it. Is it causing other loot-related issues? Is this just an issue of people getting overpowered because of their amount of guns, making fights unfair? I haven't personally found that many high caliber guns like the FAL after doing large scavenging runs across military bases. I might even agree with them being removed from traders, I'm just curious as to what sparked this. Beyond that, I think it would also be nice to have a simple "no" option in the poll.
  9. This is very difficult to do, but hey, you could always give it a shot. I would recommend looking at the previous attempts in previous lores to get some idea of how to structure these things. Usually alliances between groups works best. I'm pretty sure Vybor had once a police department, if I'm not mistaken. Please don't derail the thread into discussions that could be taken to DMs. No need to virtue signal by doing it publicly and completely ignoring the point of the thread. People have already been punished for pushing their political ideas onto this community and this discussion should be left to Staff.
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