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  1. Angel


    Available for full time sex edits
  2. Angel

    Found Footage

  3. Angel

    Micaela Iglesia

    Working on Micaela's story again. This time with a jump forward in time! I don't expect to write more stuff in chronological order, this is just a coincidence. New entry: Clear.
  4. Angel

    Child RP

    I'd just report it as possible BadRP. Feels trolly and ruins any attempts at serious roleplaying. When it comes to being harassed IC or OOC for playing female characters, I've had many people try their moves, but it's always been in good sport. I even think it adds a layer of realism, how women _would_ be targeted in an apocalyptic scenario. But that's neither here nor there. I've played a 16 year old before, I was just really angsty and scared, but just acted like how I acted 2 years ago when I was actually 16. It's the best choice, rather than RPing an actual pre-teen child.
  5. Angel

    The War between Campfire makers vs Military LARPers

    Experience bad roleplaying while a victim of hostilities? Report it. Don't try to create umbrella solutions as you may affect those who are doing it right. If you want no hostilities at all then I guess go play Farming Simulator.
  6. Angel

    31st NBC Protection Troops

    Not the whole time, just around the end. It was so real I thought your character was legit amputated lmao
  7. Angel

    31st NBC Protection Troops

    Hey guys, absolutely in love with the RP you provided while on a very (otherwise) boring road-trip. A lot of walking, waiting around, but you guys managed to keep RP interesting. Love the chemistry and the relationships of the characters. Though I'm afraid one of your men was in need of some urgent medical assistance! 1 beanz = 1 prayer
  8. Angel

    The Loud Minority/2.3

    I think the most reasonable approach is to make 2.3 less of a weapon. Regardless of that, it's a necessary measure against people who use the rules as a KOS shield and start firefights whenever they like while keeping the advantage. Though, I do have an issue with people complaining about RP quality and focusing on hostileRP that almost never ends in proper RP. I try my best to provide good RP to my kidnappers, robbers and friends, is everyone else in these groups trying too? You can't just require your hostages or victim to give YOU the best acting in the world when you're the one putting them on the spot in a forced and hostile manner. Edit: good RP encourages good RP. Edit²: I can also refer to a situation I had with the Muslims. It was hostile, but no initiations were thrown around. No one died, no one robbed anyone, but it was hostile. It was very good until I was forced to leave the town, which ended the RP for me in a forced manner and left me kind of upset, but those are the limitations of hostile RP. You can't go far enough to be realistic and keep it fair on both sides.
  9. Angel

    The Loud Minority/2.3

    I don't like the "just comply" argument. It's like saying "just allow us to do whatever we want to you and comply otherwise we'll just kill you!". Where's the RP in that? Sure, robbery RP can be very good, and it is, but is that the only RP you're able to provide? Just robbery and PVP if the person doesn't comply? From the sound of it, roleplaying with people who say that is just a lose-lose. You either comply and risk losing everything with *possibly* good RP or no RP and straight to shooting. You don't need to initiate to provide RP, maybe try some other form of role-play? Edit: Just so people don't get me wrong, robbery RP is extremely valid when done right. My argument is: is that the only experience you're able to provide? If you have to say "just comply" to justify your play style, maybe there's a reason people don't.
  10. Angel

    The Wolf Pack [Strict IC Recruitment]

    Had fun meeting you guys, though I was a bit shocked. Felt like everyone was sort of OOC, jumping and running around, throwing smoke grenades, jumping off buildings sometimes. It's fine to have as much fun as you want, just maybe try to take things a bit more seriously in case someone new is walking around, otherwise it seems like you guys don't care much. Other than that, hope to have more good interactions with you all!
  11. Angel

    Metagaming changes 3 week poll

    This rule should've been added and stuck with the server long ago. It's trying to change a habit people have had since 2012. I agree with it, just think it's being enforced as if it's something you don't even have to think about doing. Handing out 3 day bans for anyone who says a few words to their buddies over radio without speaking in-game seems awfully harsh and does not take into consideration that people need time to get used to this. Give them points and a warning, if anything. A rule only hurts the community if dozens of people begin to be unable to play on the server. EDIT: Specially if it doesn't directly hurt other people's RP experience, which this doesn't, even less so if you're by yourself talking to your mates.
  12. Angel


  13. Angel

    Special Characters in Character Pages

    Yeah I genuinely had no idea where to put it. Put it in Troubleshooting as it seems to be an actual issue with the website. If it's not, then I guess a suggestion to change it lmao
  14. Angel

    Special Characters in Character Pages

    After trying to create a new character who goes by the name of Berta Kučera, I was told the "value" for that name was not accepted. Which leads me to believe Character Pages do not accept special characters like the "č" in her name. After removing it and calling her "Kucera", the issue was worked around. Is that an issue that could be fixed? Really unintuitive considering the variety of characters we have when it comes to nationalities and names.
  15. The end of a worn bat dives towards the soft skull of yet another infected - the wet crunch is familiar, almost comforting. The dribbler falls to the ground, head flattened. Congealed blood splatters out and meets Berta's cheeks and hands. It had been a long time since her parents had dragged her back to Chernarus - Miroslavl specifically. Coming from a long line of Chernarussians, Berta was the first of her family to be born in America, not common for post-soviet Eastern Europeans. This fact had given her a wide cultural background of both the Capitalist West and Socialist East, as well as knowledge in both languages. Born in Texas, Berta Kučera soon found herself a misfit. What she had in smarts, she had in her hyperactive personality. This would translate well to the end of the world, as her seeming lack of empathy would turn the wasteland her stage. Smashing infected skulls would become her favorite pass time, as well as diving deep into their physiology, both figurative and literally. Soon after the outbreak, the young girl was cut off from her family by failed evacuation efforts. All she knows is that they were moved Eastwards, towards South Zagoria - her new destination. She never did find her parents, or what could be left of them. She also found it hard to feel extremely sad about it. Regardless of what happened, it's all in the past. Berta would grow into this new, dangerous world like she was born for it.
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