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  1. Archived as per OP request. If you wish to bring this back, PM a Moderator or above. /archive
  2. Clown pfp because it's only fitting for me.



  3. Angel


    Archived as requested by OP. PM a Mod+ if you wish to bring this back. Good luck, boys. /Archived
  4. "My pizza black, my plants dead
    My planet X, I might bleed green
    I'm what's under the uncut chia seed
    I'm what, what, what, what from the guillotine
    A little flea and tick, a little fever dream
    A little plead the fifth
    Roadkill, I'm off leash"


  5. I guess we can agree to disagree. I don't think it's pandering and entitled to think people should have fun in video games, even if it's not fun for you specifically. Using KOS as an example is to show to you that you are picking and choosing where you'd like to see this logic being used. You choose where you want things to be harsh and cruel, and where you want things to be easier and more relaxed. I choose to apply this to everything because it results in the greatest overall enjoyment of the community. Regardless, this thread is obviously getting derailed and cluttered, I've said my piece. Also, to people who are trying to make comments surrounding the current event that will happen, your issue is not with the rule, it's with the event/group themselves. Keep that in mind before calling for a rule to stop existing. If you think it's being abused, don't throw away the cat with the bag.
  6. I'm sure many people have avoided being KOS'd in servers without rules against it, clearly it's possible to be done. And honestly, if you don't want to be KOS'd and you want your character's life to go the way you want it (not shot and killed, because life is unfair), you should just write a book and not play on a server with other people. This is why I said the logic is almost the exact same used for the KOS rule. At the end of the day my argument is that it's a way for people to have the sort of fun they want, rather than you dictating what the fun is supposed to be, or having fun at their expense. Some people think the fear of being KOS'd is fun, and part of the rush and adrenaline. Others disagree. I'd love to see other arguments that don't rely on "just deal with it", as it seems to apply to many other things we take for granted. If you want to play politics, I'm all for that. Easier said than done, though. Plus, it also protects people against random shit stirrers, not just official enemy factions.
  7. Let's break this down and put ourselves in the shoes of people running events. Let's say you are a group of Roleplayers who have ideas of how to advance your storylines in one way or another. Regardless of which way it is, you know for a fact doing it dynamically through coincidences in day-to-day RP is pretty much impossible. It's VERY hard to get the pieces to fall in the right places on the fly. You then set up an event for this story to play out the way you think is best, together with members of the community who would like to participate. Now let's say hostilities are allowed at all times, what does that mean? That means that anyone, whether that's a small group of bandits or a large enemy faction, can completely take over the event, by either killing everyone in a firefight, or taking them hostages, etc. This might be realistic, but it's not fun . The EXACT SAME logic is used when we determined that KOS was against the rules, because KOSing people you think might be a threat is realistic, but it's not fun for the person getting randomly killed. Therefore, if you want to advance a story and RP with a bunch of people, you'd have to either do it in "secret", only inviting those you trust, OR not do it at all, which is what would actually happen. For these reasons, having 3.10 is ESSENTIAL so people are motivated to do events at all. My only concern is to how it can be abused, but I think the Admin team can make this decision case by case.
  8. Hey, Dom Wolf! No, they have not been removed. They are, however, very valuable items. If you've been checking popular areas you might simply be running out of luck as others got there first. I would recommend checking industrial areas that are not so popular for the duct tape, while looking through police stations and police cars for the cleaning kit. Good luck!
  9. It's awesome to get people to vote! It's not so awesome to post who you voted for, or worse who OTHERS should vote for in your opinion. Keep that in mind, and go do your duty as an American!

    *wipes off sweat*

    1. Echo


      No politics.

    2. Angel


      200.gif What he said.

    3. Whitename


      I voted for Sugma

    4. Angel


      I voted for the Stigma party.

    5. Whitename


      sugma balls

  10. umnited staets

    1. sac


      bad post, u posted cringe... unfollowing

    2. Duplessis


      queen elizabeth GIF

      *laughs in commonwealth*

  11. Hey Support member, I can smell you from here. You`re stinky. Take a shower.
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