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    Kinda edgy bro

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      Time to stop playing

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      Can i be edgy now? @edgy Phoenix

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      The forbidden numbers

  2. Cant really tell someone how to make their designs Honestly just jump in photoshop and play around with it, look at some vids for pointers.
  3. ZedLR


    I'd like to see some more fleshed out graphics, makes the page look alot cleaner. I also think it's a little to early for a survivalist hero group. Considering this goal in particular Personally i feel it's way to early for cannibal groups as well, and therefore no place for 'cannibal hunters'. We are just a few months into the outbreak and there's still working government and martial law. I wouldn't expect to see groups like these until atleast a few months after the government collapses. I don't want to step on anyone's toes but i do think the group goals and motive should be reconsidered slightly
  4. Nah mate this aint TRZ. If people wanna go KOS there's always pub servers, it has no place on an RP server
  5. ''I don't wanna know what they were looking for'' ''They were looking for something about CLF supporters'' Quality memes
  6. Joined after the lads escaped back here for some quality rp First time i heard about the community was back in 2012-2013 watching frankie on arma 2, but i was a pub nerd back then Stop
  7. My boys is my favorite thing about dayzrp Reading verdicts is pretty cool to (What is this disgusting beanz farming i see in this thread)
  8. Welcome
     welcome classic film GIF

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      Thank you fwen

  9. @CormacLR
    Welcome to the family

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      Thanks man 

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      st patricks day party GIF by Guinness US

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      car motion GIFwe'll be seeing alot more of this.

    4. Marik


      Oh shit! We're getting the band back together! 

    5. Maybelele


      what is going on.......

  10. Hope to see that fence pop up soon. Good luck lads
  11. You make some fair points. But i do feel that the problem isn't realism. In that case people would wall off entire towns. The issue for me is as you are saying. It's a game and it should be altered to furthrr the RP experience for everyone. And when half of the server hide behind 5 gates all day on their piles of loot ready to kill anyone that could threaten it. It makes it hard for us that like to play nomadic and go out and meet new groups and people
  12. I dont know bud, when all my boys are carrying loot that would take a week to get looting without stepping into a military base there seems to be a problem to me. If that is "by design" maybe it shouldn't be so hard to raid bases so the loot atleast can be cycled around players
  13. Just let me arm my boys with another gear set each. Then ban em
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