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  1. This is the best thing i've ever seen. If someone were to hunt me, thank god it's Rakeesh
  2. Nice to see a Mercenary group again, always loved contractors. Really enyoyed the 503 witch hunt at Soup the other day, great hostileRP from these boys. cant wait to see more of you ingame lads
  3. The steyr AUG is by far the superior 5.56 platform i have used in DayZ over the years, i'd love to see this come back just for the pure nostalgia. Even without zeroing it was a pleasure to use. It was my main rifle for the entirety of 2015-2016 being able to lay more smoke with it would be a joy indeed
  4. Also for those whom say this is out of the blue IC, i'd like to redirect you to a radio thread provided by the lovely members of our community @Basko and @CJ Like CJ states in the interview, we can always come back. And we will if need arises, maybe when you least expect it. and considering a lot of 503's past enemies have moved to Chernaurus, ofcourse we'd come back
  5. Must say, sick music taste lad 

    1. Guigsy


      cheers mate, ly

  6. Groups being limited to one map to me is ridiculous, although i do agree with 1 active character on a groups roster at a time to an extent. If we should take my group as an example, because in reality 503 is the reason for this thread. 503 used to reign in Chernaurus and spread terror around the map this combined with some of our past enemies escaping down to Chernaurus makes perfect sense for 503 to show they still have a presence down there like they used to, after all hostileRP is part of DayZRP as well. And in turn John smiths people or nameless being bandit hunters also makes perfect sense to follow us and hunt us down for plundering and raiding innocents. I see no problem with this at all, more then some characters warping through time and space between Livonia and Chernaurus. And the fact that you no longer can horde your guns in piece
  7. W.I.P Kodiak Kodiak Domitrov. One of the three infamous Domitrov brothers and son of Vlad Domitrov, the godfather of the russian maffia, his father having Moskow in his pocket he had a calm life as a child. With all the riches one could ever ask for, he seemed to live the ''perfect'' life of a Mob bosses son. From the surface, he was his oldest child but also his most hated. In Kodiak's teenage years he had no interest in becoming like his father. He would spend his days sleeping, and nights partying, getting drunk, high and throwing his money at cheap hookers. This angered his father, and was shown as a lack of respect towards his heritage. Once Kodiak came home he returned to an angry father, whom enjoyed getting his goons to beat him into submission, as punishment. But it didn't stop Kodiak from his rebellious behavior and his hatred towards his father grew stronger. Kodiak stole almost anything from his father he could get his hands on, and sabotaged him every chance he could get. He was shunned from the family, and had to take care of himself. But his brothers Boris and Vladimir refused to leave his side, Kodiak started his own casino which grew into a gambling empire. Come his early 20's he was now one of the puppeteers of Moskow, pulling strings with the police as well as the criminal underground. The Domitrov Casino was now Moskow's hub for Mob bosses as well as the President. Kodiak reaching Mob Boss status ruling his own gambling empire in the Dimitrov name made his father furious, and he murdered Kodiak's beloved Mia Ivanov, the daughter of the competing mafia's mob boss Nico Ivanov. Vlad Dimitrov had burnt down Kodiak's casino and left Moskow's underground in a gang war. Kodiak fueled with anger and grief of his engaged had started coordinating the end of his father, alongside Nico and his brothers he sunk many of the council advisers for their relations to Vlad Dimitrov, leaving him in the spotlight of media, the police and the criminal empire that surrounded Moskow. Kodiak's father and his maffia was now hunted. Most of them put behind bars or murdered. Leaving Vlad exposed to Kodiak's mercy. Leaving Kodiak with a nasty scar across his face, and Vlad lifeless 20 floors bellow. After this Kodiak Vladimir and Boris had now veered off from the life of Mob bosses and instead did their bidding, becoming covert mercenaries unofficially known as ''The Domitrov Brothers'' with little downtime after the word spread of their father. Sometimes a quick threat, other times kidnappings or interrogations but they specialized in well coordinated murders of high value targets, politicians, mob bosses or entire organizations were left only in tales. Being covert only lasted for so long and soon enough the entire underground of Moscow knew who they were, and whom they've killed. After a successful hit on an old friend Nico Ivanov they were stuck between the gangsters whom tried to kill them. And politicians seeing it fit to leave them to their fate after breaching their cover. Kodiak and his brothers were forced to leave their homeland and escaped where no russian would step their feet, Chernaurus.
  8. ZedLR

    The boys in red.JPG

    The queens guard
  9. ZedLR

    5.0.3 Media Thread

    Watch the community waking up, we initiated don't worry
  10. ZedLR

    5.0.3 Media Thread

    @Squillium I recruited a couple more goons @Earl
  11. @Alkis Slava 503


  12. *Gibson laying in his bed, reading the red riding hood trying to calm his headache. He's disturbed by familiar Irish voices over the radio. The proposition our dear friend Donovan has made makes him chuckle before pressing down the PTT* *Radio broadcast start* "Is minic a bhris béal duine a shrón. Cúl Tóna" ''What makes ye bais think we'd trust your word once more, all you boys do is lie, sneak and thief. I have said my piece'' ''We'll meet soon enough paddy'' *Radio broadcast end* *Short but he feels it was effective enough and continues reading spending little thought on the gypsy boys*
  13. "I agree to surrender KOS rights to members within the 5.0.3 & I agree to surrender PK rights to the 5.0.3 if I decide to betray the 5.0.3" Get ready for group thread spam
  14. @CJ Shhhh we don't do internal role play, stop exposing us brother
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