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  1. Gotta bring your aussie back soon mate

    1. MrPlasse


      You bet your ass I am!

    2. MrPlasse


      Making the lore for Dundee's Gang.

      If you wanna join it, that would be awesome.

      Ill let you know when I do.


    3. ZedLR


      Sounds like fun, we got group ideas on que rn tho but maybe at some point

      nontheless will be fun seeing you ingame once you bring it back

    4. MrPlasse


      Yeah man, just wanna get this down before I leave for basic in between now and February. That's awesome tho.

    5. ZedLR


      Oh shit, well good luck mate

  2. We catch the big fish my friend @Knight
  3. @DrMax and medical RP. I am shocked Have fun lads i know you'll do great
  4. Was alota fun indeed, tention was great. Aint gonna lie tho took a long while until it kicked off
  5. Cheers mate good medical RP as comes expected from you @DrMax and don't worry mate i'm a professional. Got to organize that fishing-trip with the lads soon it's always fun
  6. Nah mate, honestly the less accessible it is the better. Tired of attacking that place 5 times a week and every time there's someone different that lives there. Atleast if people have the dedication to swim out there to their base i feel like they've earned the fortress Ontop of that think Alcatraz an off the grid prison that was supposed to be impossible to escape from because of it being surrounded by water and strong currents, now if you add a bridge to that it completely eliminates that unique aspect that ultimately makes it interesting
  7. Looks interesting, i like it I can see some natural hostilities coming up with my norse character, looks like it could be fun lads good luck
  8. ZedLR

    Grekov Gang

    Good luck
  9. Good luck lads, pog graphics
  10. Gibson O'Connor ''In case of anyone's late arrival this Journal is to be left behind, My name is Gibson O'Connor and i suppose i wan't to make sure i left some sort of legacy in this terrible country, Anyways no need to be a debi downer this rebel have yet to fall. Instead i will share my life story with whom might find this Fighter ''Being born and bred in the flats of Northern Dublin i was always a rowdy bastard. Me and my brother Cole grew up with our alcoholic father so we quickly learnt to take care of ourselves, we were glued together. I would always start the fights with my big mouth and big brother would come finish it, we learnt our way of survival and fight for whats our since we were wee lads. Because of this i became a great fighter, in my teenage years i spent most of my times in the pits. It was dirty fighting but the money was good, and we sure as fuck needed every bit we could get. Even the fight pits were surrounded by rebels, well being Dublin you were either with the rebels or against them. They ruled the town, and honestly i admired them. Fighting for our land against the oppressing Imperialists i felt pride for our country and my heritage. Well i fought for some time, my brother served as my manager and i would do the dirty work, we earned a lot money down the pits and soon enough made a name for ourselves. I were to kill a man in the pits, it was an accident but yet i didn't feel any remorse, nor did i go blue. In reality i think it only made me strive to become better. Everybody knew the ''Bloody O'Connor's'' now. This had both it's pros and cons, i remember this one fight in particular, it was a brawl among the 10 best fighters and by the end there was only me and one more man, Larry O'Leary ''I had seen the man fight before, big and as mean as they get. Fought like a mother fucker as well, it seemed he was aware of the O'Connors as well and just smiled and declared us the winners. Ever since this fight we were sparing partners. A third each between me Larry and my brother. This went on for half a year or so and we won almost every fight. But this took a dark turn when i got a phone call from Cole.. What he said conflicted me to the point to where i didn't know whether to be furious, or sad. The British law enforcement had got tipped off thinking we had relations to the Irish Republican Army. They raider our flat and my father was present, being the mouthy drunken bastard he is, a few ill words to the English would get him beat to death, and all they found was a handgun and our fight money... We arrived at the hospital just a mere half hour later and spoke to our father one last time before he would drift off that cloudy night.'' Rebel ''it wouldn't take long before i joined the IRA and me and my brother went separate ways as he joined the army, in reality it was not much different from my life as a fighter, except now my anger was focused towards the imperialist scum trying to invade my country. And instead of knuckle dusters we were armed with M16's and explosives. it fueled my hunger. And i grew angrier. Why we fought no longer mattered to me, i was just fighting because i wanted to. Because i could. The rebels changed me, but yet it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was awake and alive, and the rebels is where i would meet Riley, my future wife.'' ''Yet another job, yet another IED but the abnormal was the lass we were releasing from the coppers grasp. They rolled down the Derry Turnpike street once we ambushed the prisoner transport, one breaching charge and poof, out she comes screaming at the top of her lungs ''quit glaring ye' pikey bastard and hand me that gun!'' Insulting yet intriguing we fought off the rest of the coppers and escaped down the Foyle to our safe house across the boarder. Riley as i learnt to be her name, fought hard and loved fiercely.'' ''We were to marry a couple years later and lived happy in central Dublin for quite some time. She was the best thing that happened to me, but i was the worse to happen to her. One night, we watched a new movie at the theater. Ate dinner at our favorite restaurant. On our way home late evening, early morning. I honestly can't remember, a man screamed ''Up the Bloody O'Connors!'' i turned around and was shot in the shoulder and stumbled to the ground... upon realizing it had passed through and hit my beautiful wife in the chest.. She died in my arms that night, i didn't go to the hospital. On the night of her funeral i was absent, instead i was paying the one responsible a visit. As this caused an uproar among the rebels we tracked down the killer. It turned out to be the brother of that poor fellar i murdered in the ring so many years ago. My eyes blackened and i beat his head in with a bat as he was pleading for mercy. I couldn't even recognize who it was afterwards, neither did i care. Even my brothers called me a monster, if i was i still don't know. Neither does it matter to me, i left the Rebels to gather myself, even tho i really just wanted to rott away in piece'' Champion ''I had a hard time returning to a civilized life, i sank into a cocaine addiction and deeper into the pits. It was the only place i could feel home, and the drugs helped me forget. The pits became my home and eventually i was declared the reigning champion of the pits. Soon after i received a phone call from a man. He proposed fighting for bigger money in the UFC with him as my manager. I jumped at the opportunity to fight professionally and accepted his proposition. My first fight was scheduled for Miroslavl in Chernarus, a country i've barely even heard of. And neither was the money very good, but it was a stepping stone to greater opponents. A month later i flew to Chernarus to prepare for the fight, but things turned out quite differently then expected. We continued sparring, but we knew there wasn't going to be a fight with this Flue tainting the country. A couple weeks after flying there the country went into quarantine and soon thereafter martial law. I was stuck in our gym when i decided to attempt my escape out of the country, i made it to a town called Chernogorsk. What i saw on the way was unsettling, people just wandering aimlessly, not speaking. But running at my car as i passed. Reaching Chernogorsk i was met with a horde of people and swerved off the road, now looking at them close up. As terrifying as it is it's also fascinating, they barely look human anymore, when i look into their eyes i see nothing. And all they do is grunt at me like rabid dogs. I suppose we'll see if i make it out of here'' ''Good luck lad, see you soon''

  11. Finna gasss? 👀


  12. Probably Duke. He's been following me around kinda creeps me out
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