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  3. For anyone that has played before the current lore knows that zombies used to be a lot stronger. They weren't really a danger just a lot more fucking annoying. If anything increase spawns otherwise just keep it how it is, they'll never really be a danger anyhow cause their AI is potato brain
  4. Boom is fun RPG good boom Keep boom -1
  5. AKM with 75 rounds of war crimes and a pocket AK-74u to boot Kalashnikovs are superior. Bond uses AK's. Be more like bond
  6. I like Livona, pog memories and it's a relatively cramped map with maybe 4 big cities people used as RP hubs. This is what probably makes it bland for some people but instead makes it real easy to find RP even when the pop is low, instead of walking around for 2 hours trying to find people in Bere cherno or pusta when the player pop is hiding fuck knows where in one of the million small towns in the forests away from everything. Chernarus has always made it feel like the server can be popping at 50 player pop but effectively the player pop is 15 because I can't find anyone outside of the
  7. I felt like namalsk was kind of a let down like most other maps we've tried on this server. Only exception being Livonia which did really well for a long time. Chernarus has been stale for a long time tho i guess the community just doesnt like change
  8. If i am not mistaken you are referring to the S-GRU days as it's the only group you've been a part of i ever remember fighting. Often running 10 deep into fights just like we did. Nevertheless in cold winter you inevitably killed our leader which sparked friends of Magnus to try to undermine and overthrow you as well as the remnants of the group we were playing in including the Chechens which i later joined fighting S-GRU as well, going around forcing people to give you their automatics and claiming the largest military establishment will inevitably cause a lot of people to dislike you and eve
  9. I don't think the amount of people in a group classifies it as a zerg but rather the mentality of strictly looking to PVP is what makes big ''zerg'' groups a problem for some. Personally i've never had an issue with zergs, if a big hostile group pops up there's always another one to counter them. Surely leading to alot of PVP causing a war sure, but that doesn't mean you can't have both peaceful and hostile RP around it, taking hostages throwing ultimatums making alliances and so on. I can see why some people get annoyed when they get clapped simply because they were heavily outnumb
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  11. It's finally happened time to close my petition. Gratz on VIP boss


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