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  1. MR ZED JR

    '' Catching C-J ''

    Generic goon jumps to his death
  2. *Gibson laughs hearing the imperialist speak up on an pobals behalf* ''Well laddy, as you bais have greatly proven yer' selfs. Ye' bais only settle diplomacy wit' gunfire'' *Seing no further point of the conversation Gibson releases his PTT and switches frequency*
  3. *Gibson amused realizing his messenger finally made it to Sitnik glares at the radio with a smile before pressing down his PTT* ''We didn't have t'much to say lass, i hope it wasn't to much trouble for the messenger to limp his way to Shitnik. I smell you irish possies from a mile away paddy'' *He let's out a slight chuckle before releasing his PTT, and continues to clean the blood off his 12 gauge*
  4. A man comes onto your radio humming to what sounds like Celtic folk music before breaking into laughter and saying ''You motherfuckers thought i was dead didn't you?, This is the Mailman, or as i'm sure you slimy bastards are aware Gibson O'Connor, Back from the ashes'' ''Well it has been some time after all, so i suppose for those who needs a reminder i can give you a quick recap, Gibson. Well i always had the spirit of a fighter and heart if a rebel so after smacking the shite out of some bastards in the ring, i decided to serve in the Royal Army alongside my Brothers, and my actual brother Cole O'Connor. Either way this is not what anyone remembers me for, i am the mailman. The man who sent this poor fellas family who owed me a couple guns back to him, Sort of.. Well lets say the package didn't quite fit the box so the merchandise had to be disassembled into parts before shipping. Was just more effective that way you know? Hahaha'' Alright enough with the jokes, i faked my death. Always had a knack for explosives, so i blew my apartment complex to pieces alongside with the rest of the rebels. Oh no i was there alright, i fell 15 floors. Lets just say the ''controlled explosion'' was not quite so controlled. Well it worked, i got rid of the amateurs that would surely send me down the gutter, as well as the aggressors. Whoever the fuck they were they're dead now.. Well i guess i missed the feeling of bloody knuckles, the Irish songs and the smell of gun-smoke thus i emerged once more... Is not at all the reason, but a nice bonus of course. No i do have a purpose, i am looking for my lost Unit before this ''infection'' hit Chernarus, we were dispatched in July 2017 and crashed upon arrival to these lands, i am looking for 2 men in particular. My blood brother Cole O'Connor, and my brother from across the channel Arthur Murphy, who also crashed the damn helicopter. I am putting down a bounty on both of them, you see or hear anything. Contact me directly, if you have not i will find you you daft fucker and get the information out of you before stripping you down and make you walk the isle'' ''Also Larry if you're still out there, i'm still alive brother'' ''Either way have a great day and know that O'Connor is back to shiver your spine and flutter your heart once more'' "Is minic a bhris béal duine a shrón." (Many a time, a mans mouth broke his nose) "Farewell survivor, and don't let me kill you on your travels"
  5. Hello friends, old role player looking to get srsly back into it. Hope to meet ya'll ingame
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