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Lore Event - "The Scientists"
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"28/01/20 - 05/07/21"

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  1. @DukeAngry dane #1 @Maybelele Angry [email protected] Angry polishman @FredLR Angry dane #2 @MarcLR Angry dane #3 @Bumblebee Angry Ruski Slava
  2. o7
    It's a sad day boys

    1. Marik


      It was a good run. Homies still close to me. 

    2. Bumblebee


  3. Good to see your face again buddy
  4. Torbjörn comes on the frequency with a loud slurp then speaks with his mouth full of spaghetti This is very interesting. So where do you wish to meet, i can pay off their dept like a good paying customer just to meet you. Seem like quite the character Transmission End
  5. I think the rule is fine as it is. If defenders didn't have to make themselves known what would make it any different from KOS Alot of attackers will scurry off if they know you're there, and them stopping is what we want rather then killing them Lets not flood the report section i like it how it is
  6. Ehm, i do recommend researching further as my boy @GrimLR here is saying instead. B4 any problems occur out of misinformation
  7. Hmm interesting lore Good luck i cant wait to see you ingame and speak of the gods
  8. 2012202589_1497709386_giphy(1).gif.e3d6493120144b3ccbaee295ebbc8196.gif

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  9. Ah one for each personality how considerate of you. Enyoyed our encounter may we meet again
  10. EINN Growing up in the Northern mountains of Sweden Torbjörn's life was calm and quiet. The world had since long fallen to shambles But in the north there was only silence and solitude, The infected were few and people non existent. Because of this Tor took interest in abandoned vehicles around the town and electronics from the old world. The only evidence of a past people and society. A memory of what life used to be. Abisko was a barren town. Only residents being him and his father. His father saw Torbjörn's interest in cars and old electronics grow stronger. So he taught hi
  11. Zeleno fishing club is back. Cute, good to see it. Good luck with this see you ingame
  12. Looking amazing. Can't wait to get on and explore
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