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  1. Thank you so much @Roland for freeing up this for me!

    1. Palatheio


      Finally shedding your capitalist visage. I’m proud of you. 

  2. Looks like an interesting group. I look forward to meeting you guys in character!
  3. Congrats on approval boys! About time!
  4. So ready for the boys to be back together.
  5. Nick Laurenzo was born and raised in Syracuse, New York from the parents Anna and Martin Laurenzo. At a young age Nick started to get fascinated by science and different types of chemicals and mixers. He would watch a bunch of shows and videos online about chemistry. As Nick went through school, he started to breeze through it and ended up graduating High School when he was only fourteen years old at the year of 2013. Nick received a full paid scholarship to Cambridge University to study his lifetime dream of Chemical Engineering. During those years of school Nick Laurenzo, fastly started to grow his network of liked minded individuals. Alexander Loxley, a close friend of Nick was introduced to him his freshman year of college. Alexander Loxley, was going for biology as Nick was going for Chemistry, however they always discussed important science matters to political issues of the world. Even though Nick is a Capitalist him and Alexander got along just fine. Nick, Alexander and a team were travelling from Cambria Minor to exchange research with colleagues in the Moscow Safe Zone, having kept up a nearby two year long exchange with them via satellite transmission. This was to be the third bi-annual meeting, and we were attempting to exchange some of our domestic seeds to promote genetic diversity, when one of our three helicopters abruptly began losing altitude, resulting in the helicopter to crash in Livonia.
  6. Imagine sitting at work all day answering a phone that does not ring and still get paid.

  7. Welcome back, hope to meet you IC!
  8. Congrats man! Hope to get my character up to those hours.
  9. Absolutely not. Safe zones kills the immersion in DayZ.
  10. Nick


    Welcome back to the community, hope to meet you IC.
  11. Bro, these are awesome. You're very talented.
  12. I agree with this fully. I personally would PK if I got executed enough times or if I agreed to a PK, but it should always be left to player decision if they haven't broken the NVFL rule.
  13. Vito Moltisanti's POV: Well, Vito was going to Soup Kitchen to meet his friend Caboose since they have always shared pasta together whenever any of them found it. When Vito arrives someone asks him "Do you want to donate to the cause?" (I don't remember the exact words but I think that's what was said) Vito replies with "Nah, I'm good." after that Vito was initiated on immediately. So, he was taking hostage then brought inside the house the owners of the soup kitchen lives in. So, Vito explains how they are going to piss off the soup kitchen people since it's against their rules to do this to him on their grounds. So, they rob Vito and started talking shit so Vito talked shit back, then he was stabbed and told to shut up. At that point Vito was more quiet now. Vito was explaining how he was here for Caboose and stuff and then Vito heard Caboose speak so Vito started talking to him. He was explaining to them that they are bringing heat to the kitchen if they keep doing hostilities on their grounds and they have to only do this stuff off grounds of the soup kitchen. After they talk to Caboose for a few then they open the door. So, Vito start walking out one guy says to Vito "Where the fuck are you going" then says "Never mind, just get the fuck out of my sight." So, John and Vito start walking away to his house so he can uncuff Vito then more people start calling Vito names and beating Vito while walking away with Caboose, so Vito calls them doggy humpers, then Vito gets shot in the leg once, then another guy shoots Caboose in the head, then shoots Vito.
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