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  1. Livonia is a good map, but if you want to play it you got to pay up what? 15 GBP? if it was not behind a paywall I think this would be a cool map to keep, I am all for changing to a new map and whatnot but if its behind a paywall that is unfair to the people who can't cough up that money cause of the pandemic going on and other issues.
  2. I think a mod like this does not belong in a server like this same with traders. It looks good, but this is not the right server.
  3. Yes it is very, very dead cause change = bad.
  4. I have no issues with big groups, granted I have not played in a month but before I stopped I liked seeing big groups it felt intimidating at times and I only skimmed over this so I might sound dumb as shit a way you can combat the "zerg groups" is by rallying other players ICLY to have that nice none PKable fight every day I never saw them as an unhealthy thing unless they are full of OOC hate and ruining RP then yes, yes it is unhealthy but if they RP properly and keep it fair then I don't see the issue.
  5. No, you can make jokes in game keep the rule as it is.
  6. Since I have not played in awhile, take it with a grain of salt but +1 to the 3rd option.
  7. I want to know how this came to be
  8. i'd like darker nights but some people have shit monitors or have issues with seeing.
  9. Glad to hear they got the ban hammer, now I hope @Aron73 can stream in peace once again.
  10. Fuck it, perm anyone who raids a base.
  11. What a shame that you are forced to quit streaming cause of sad people who care to ruin others fun I enjoyed some of your streams NGL and I don't normally watch streams of anything I hope one day you will come back to streaming with less sad people meta-gaming I hope you will have fun even more and a better time here, good luck mate!
  12. Another offline raiding post? bruh. You can't protect your gear behind rules cause that is just adding LESS RP "Oh we can't raid him cause he is not home oh well lets go home" Go and find them or whatever and not bring it on here for the 100th time in a month this is not a full blown PVE server its PVE and PVP, gear means nothing in this server you will know that soon enough. Also listen to man himself @AndreyQ and you will understand.
  13. Blakeh08


    Welcome back my guy!
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