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  1. *Dallas would take his radio from his pocket and respond to the man* "I prefer to keep my secrets, I-I will tell you wh-where I am at, IF you give m-me something worth the hassle of carrying it." *Dallas would release the PTT*
  2. *Dallas would press the PTT and talk in a concerned manner.* "So uhh, I-I found this brick of uh cocaine and I wanted to know if anyone w-wants it? I have no use for it but f-for any of my cocaine addicts p-pals that want It would love something in return." *Dallas would release the PTT*
  3. *Dallas would pick up his radio and would press the PTT* "Really? this seems daft and won't work whatsoever, if you think everyone is going to play along and listen you're very wrong my friend and by all means if you think you can detain people and it all be easy peasy for you, think again." *Dallas would release the PTT*
  4. Ha ha lights go off jokes aside, yes no lights please
  5. Blakeh08

    BBB insurance fraud.

    Yesterday was even worse, we had two busses on top of each other, we had that one and we had a 4th one.
  6. I voted no, we should not have traders or traders with guns just trade with other players.
  7. Loved the RP, but I do feel bad with my social issues when it came to performing which then got me bodied.
  8. This is poggers moment let's get this bread boys!
  9. Don't care about loot, you can probably get the best rp in the fucking world with a hammer.
  10. - Lost complete interest in RPing - IRL things - Anime - Other games
  11. Seen some very disturbing things within the past few days and has put me down a bit, but I am thinking about coming back ngl.
  12. This is very true, racism is racism no matter if you're fucking white, black, yellow, green etc and if people want to go down that "racism against whites is not as bad" type of shit look at William Ellison he was black and a slave owner, black on black shit and it can be black on white or white on black or white on white. Nelson Mandela he supported the killing of white farmers to "take back the land we stole" bullshit.
  13. I voted no. Even though I have not been on for time cause I have burnt out too much but I do think that just banning the N word and the F word is not really what we should be doing, sure it will offend people it 2020 who is not offended but if you just start banning words cause they're "racist" or "homophobic" it limits RP in the small % who do RP as racists or hates gays some are bad some are 10/10. My old character in this wipe for example would sometimes throw out slurs for example: If I met a german character I would call them a German dictator lover. If we're doing this just cause of Twitch TOS that makes it a bit more confusing cause no one is forcing that person to stream, let alone the energy that will go into reports cause that person said a racist or a homophobic slur. Like members and admins have said before "Keep IC IC and OOC OOC", we might as well ban people from having slaves is well as that can come across "racist". If someone just says a slur or anything why not respond IC? as RP is not IRL so no one is meaning anything from it, cause if we are going to ban the F word and the N word then lets ban the word "cracker" as that is a slur for white people.
  14. We just need to remove base building no questions asked
  15. Fun fact: you can fit a gun down your trousers not in the pockets but on the inside if you know what I mean, also another fun fact you can fit one in a bag even some small rucksack if places in correctly and it would still be realistic I manage to fit the L85A2 inside my big IRL when I was in cadets so i don't see this whole point on "you cant put big things in your bag it's unrealistic" attitude.
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