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  1. Preteen ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dallas was born as the only child in the family which would be quite lonely at times at a young age he would be patriotic to his country and would be a Liverpool FC fan cause of his dad, the bond between him and his dad would be unbreakable whilst his mums bond would be loose. He loved learning new things even though he is shit at maths but loves history but never planned to be a historian, he would meet 3 friends that shared the same interests as him so it was a perfect match. But in year 6 one of them killed themself, it was thought that his parents were divorcing and blamed it on him which set a bad mood for a while until we knew we had to moved on and slowly went back to normal. Homelife was dark for a while after the unfortunate death but things lighten up a bit but never went back to normal fully but mum and dad would help the best they can for him to "move on", as primary school ended they had a party but Dallas never went. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Start of Teenhood ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As his teen years began Dallas went to a separate high school to his mates, still loving his country, football team, and history, Dallas would make new friends that had the same patriotic mindset and would go on about "Army Cadets" Dallas took an interest into it straight away. His dad thought it was a great idea but his mum was a bit concerned about it. Dallas's mates went to Army cadets in Tamworth so he thought that trying it out would not hurt. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Army Cadets (Teenhood) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As Dallas started his first few days of being a basic he had his new mates by his side to teach him about how things work, he would get used to it and it was only two days a week so he would never really burn out, Dallas would hang out with his mates almost every time after cadets. A few weeks passed he would officially be part of the Cadet force, uniform, number, Dallas went on his first camp with Cadets he would make some new friends, meet some new dickheads, after camp he would near enough pass basic, his mum started to be more supportive about the choices Dallas was making. He did find it hard to balance cadets and school at the same time, but it would not change his mind about cadets and nothing will. He got used to it after 7+ months of being in cadets. After passing, failing, going on Easter camps, Annual camps, Christmas camps, attending company/county competitions and weekend camps, meeting new friends, meeting dickheads Dallas would end up being 3 star senior with JCIC as a corporal. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chernarus ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For a while, now Dallas and his mates wanted to go to Chernarus as it was a "fuck it" moment and most agreed apart from Dallas due to the events that were taking place but he still went and so did everyone's family. As the vacation was about to end they find out getting out of Chernarus was not going to be easy as planned. Scared and confused with death, decay, violence. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Congrats on being approved! sorri for being late to the party :c
  3. No, base building promotes gear hoarding and just people camping in big bases and only leave them for loot which provides no RP at all, base building is good and people do make good camps it's just the people that abuse it and when it is broken into sometimes people just end up reporting for "griefing" wasting staffs time.
  4. Who knew getting water would turn tragic lol, loved the RP though!
  5. *A british voice would come over the radio* "My friend, maybe have a weapon that has a trigger guard to prevent any accidents like that and these rumors you are hearing are not true my friend. I have not hurt anyone on purpose only when I am defending myself against people who are truly evil, but if you would kindly give me these peoples names so I can ask why they think that way and before I forget, I never tried to kill the kid so don't add things that are not true." *The radio would go quiet*
  6. @Chace121 I loved your RP so much today with it starting in cherno all the way to the prison island and to RAC camp I know ur probs mad that I did not want to PK and the people who was in the situation (idk who you are) I loved it is well
  7. The sun is life, the sun is our child.
  8. Blakeh08

    A Gift!

    *A british voice would be heard* "You make me laugh son, you want to start punching people that I know? I was at your camp and I gotta say, I love this new things I have and so do my brothers." "If you still want to punch us then we can meet up and meet face to face? I may be hurt but I will sure meet you with my brother in arms." *The radio would go back to static*
  9. Loved your RP is well And i am still baffled how you lived after my misclick When you and your boys came out of nowhere really shit me UP IRL lol
  10. 10/10 Thanks for giving me OG Xbox vibes
  11. Fuck campfireRP its about fishRP now this is going to be interesting
  12. -1 It does not matter if you have not played in years, the opinions they have still matters, if we just make it so people that are active only have the say is just wrong on loads of levels. People could have real life issues or just straight up quit for a long period of time.
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