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  1. i have, it works now and i havent been kicked yet!
  2. ill try to redownload the mod entirely, i cant pinpoint what files they are, they DL too fast and theres atleast 20+
  3. the only issue is that i dont know which ones need to be done, its a bunch, and after words it just pops up the dayzrp servers i was also just kicked from the game no reason stated, Husky in helpdesk told me its probably a corrupted file, could these issues be correlating?
  4. Hey guys! basically exactly as it says in the title, every time i open the launcher it updates the same files, and theres a bit of a list too, thanks!
  5. *peeks from corner* Alll byyy mysellllfffff
  6. + It gives you an advantage of spotting people. Exactly. Now yes, realistically speaking, having your graphics on Low, could be argued that Roleplay is decreased. However, not everybody has suped up PCs. And I would prefer perfomance over graphics or a nice balance . Agreed, might just have to deal with it, I played last night and the issues seemed somewhat better? Might've just been a temporary problem, hopefully it stays fixed
  7. I tried to put it as high as possible,solved it but the fps was not worth it hah, tried turning it down a notch and that also fixed it, must be something with the high settings that causes the flicker, normal didnt and very high didnt hah thanks for the help
  8. Well today I was walking in server 2 and saw that my shadows and the campfires were flicking quite annoyingly, i tried launching a differnt dayz server today and when i did Britch assault and the Czech DLCs downloaded themselves, now all the sudden I have this issue, anyone had similar issues and know a fix? or point me in the right direction? thanks! PS not sure if this is the right place to put it, not sure if its a bug so posted it here
  9. Hello there Rick! Welcome to our humble home. As Voedric said most of us are always more than happy to be your guide around the wonderful forums and servers! Hope you enjoy your time!
  10. Hey man! Hope you remember me, glad we made your first day memorable! If you maybe want to meet again let me know!
  11. Yeah thats why I'm curious, if the situation occurs d like to know what to do