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  1. Holy shit, this is bonnie as fuck! Can't wait to see moaaar!
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    1. Miamomoh


      Too soon... too soon... 😭

    2. Conor


      No anime allowed!



  3. A young Scottish lad who always had his sights set on aircraft. When he was able he enlisted in the RAF, aiming to one day fly like his dreams. After completing his basic training, Jaxon worked hard and after a few years of determination and commitment he was granted the rank of Pilot Officer, allowing his dream to come true. Time flew by and on as the outbreak happened, Jaxon's squadron he was under had a mission to deliver aid to South Zagoria. After some unknown malfunctions the team had to bail over Dolina. With nothing but each other, they had to find a way to get back (or even in contact) with homebase.
  4. Your stew is garbage. Head cook role revoked.

    1. Miamomoh


      Bruh if you were just around a little longer, you woulda had the best shit ever. I'm telling you. Kings Kitchen will rival Soup Kitchen. My stew should be feared for its exquisite taste, you haven't had the real stuff yet! 😉 

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      we will see about that 😉

  5. Miamomoh

    Lamb's Art Dump

    Very accurate in the title and the drawing :^) Great as always!
  6. Fabalab, i love it along with all the others Yee to the Haaw
  7. Server and location: S2: Livonia - Gieraltow Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): approx 19:00 on 19/03/2020 Your in game name: Aaron Wallace Names of allies involved: Layla Kovalchik @Oryx Name of suspect/s: @JamesCannon @Voltz @MOJO1775 Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):Following people have video evidence @ItsChocolateMan @Lamb - @Voodoo was spectating through stream Detailed description of the events: Me and Layla bumped into a three guys who after a bit of talking, spoke about a tax we had to pay. After complying things were fine, until they got a bit defensive after Layla mentioned that the seemed off "Screws were loose". They seemed to be chill afterwards and after parting ways we went down the road and me and Layla had a chat, after said chat we bump into them again but this time they had weapons drawn and seemed a bit more annoyed. After demanding an apology, Layla opened her radio to talk to the rest of us but was cut short as they initiated on us. We complied and done as they asked, moving out to the forest where they then asked us to "Play Rock Paper Scissors" which they explained would result in a loss of an ear. After eventually complying we ended up drawing 3 times so they decided we had to fight until one of were knocked out. Obviously we didn't want to hurt each other so after a long drawn out fight they decided we had to use our weapons. We obviously opposed it but they started threatening us to death and started shooting around Layla's feet until we eventually caved and i told her to swing at me, which after one or two swings with the axe it resulted in my death.
  8. Check out this lovely art that @Lamb done for moi.

    Mad appreciation for this quick piece, means a lot to me. My sister loves it ❤️ 


    1. Lamb


      It's the least I could do, rip lil guy!!!

  9. Miamomoh

    Lamb's Art Dump

    Hell yeah! My fragile boi Fab work as always, can't wait to see moar!
  10. Drugs are bad kids. Looks great! Can't wait to go on a trip with the friends inside my head heh
  11. Miamomoh

    Lamb's Art Dump

    Amazing, really! Love it! Can't wait to see how Aaron and the others turn out! Keep the amazing work coming!
  12. Last night was class from everyone, I’m still not sure how I managed to fly for a few moments but thank you to everyone who had to deal with me heh! @Brayces I’ll never forget the scream I heard as you saw me fly ahah @groovy azuI know I am, can’t help myself @Harvey Loved your singing as always.. but singing country roads was a cheap shot hah! Still mad at you about my gun @silvermoongamingLovely chats again, and an incredible voice you have! I’ll still hold to my promise even if it’s gonna be bad for the ears! @Lamb company late into the night, I look forward to seeing their stories play out together! @Searoz Thank you for dealing with my accidental stupidity as always.. Aaron will pay back his debt! And appreciate the others that were there to see me fall and before of course! Still getting used to names so I’m sorry I didn’t add ya, forgive me
  13. Was good fun even if i crashed the party a little late! Look forward to catching more with everyone! Slowly getting into things but i'm seriously enjoying it so far a big thanks to @Dino @Brayces for continuing to put up with my noobness. You guys are the best! Pleasure meeting everyone else there even if i didn't contribute much it was quite the experience! Looking forward to seeing everyone again sometime, keep safe!
  14. Aaron Wallace; 24 year old Scottish born lad who lived most of his childhood days in his birthplace Scotland but lived the rest over seas in America due to his mothers job relocation. He wasn't particularly good at anything but keeping in good health and sports, so naturally this lead his career path towards a fitness instructor. He participated in all sorts of sports clubs in and out of school, playing them in his free time whenever time allowed it. He didn't focus on school much and found himself falling behind in grades which didn't bother him too much, he got the only grade that mattered to him which was one in physical education. Naturally due to his athletic nature, his health became a great focus for him and he was in great shape even from as early as his late teen years. He scored some friends in high places with his presence in certain sports clubs, even being scouted for a youth soccer team which he took on. This later lead to his branch off into the fitness side of things as he climbed his way eventually to a fitness instructor, a relatively popular one at that. He was happy with his progression and living his dream, even more so as he met the love of his life due to a personal injury that caused him a hospital visit. This is where he met the lovely, doctor in-training Natalie who would later hopefully become his wife. They were a loving couple and shared all their time together, they fit perfectly together. Natalie would always remark how upbeat and positive thinking Aaron was, even if the situation seemed desolate of such emotions. She envied that the most about him and gave him her utmost faith to carry on. Natalie solely focused on her work progression, becoming a doctor and offering her help where it was needed, mostly nationwide calls which wasn't too bad for the pair as they suited the travelling life. With Aaron's flexibility in work he wasn't shy to accompany her wherever she needed to go. That was when initial epidemic hit and the UN sent over some foreign aid to help Chernarus. Natalie was one of the 300 doctors sent to help as she even volunteered. After some clearing, Aaron was allowed to accompany her as he always did and for the first time they left America for Chernarus. Seeing the highly unusual state of things there, Natalie set straight to work helping who she could while Aaron did as best he could to support in ways he could but found himself more fitted to assisting his wife in tasks she needed him to help with. Aaron would go on runs to scout out the area, find people needing help and bring them back if necessary. On the 23rd when he made one of his usual runs, he returned to find a note left by his wife. The note simply said that she'd been tasked with helping a group of patients who needed immediate help onsite and that she'd be back as soon as possible. Nothing else, no location. This didnt sit right with Aaron as he sat and worried, especially when the storm hit hard. With her not returning at all that day his worry grew and he stayed up through the night of the 24th, all through the storm to no avail. She still hadn't returned, none of the ones that left did. Aaron waited as long as he could stomach before he set out looking for her, only to be met with the truly dire state the country was in.. his worry turned to fear as he dreaded to think what may have happened to his partner All he has of hers is the engagement ring, a small stuffed bear that she cherished dearly, and the note she left. And thus he began his everlasting search for his lost love while also trying to stay alive. Not losing hope that shes out there, somewhere.
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