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  1. Love it. Beautiful read, had my mind all over the place!
  2. Good luck lads and lassies. Top tier medical RP that I have very much missed! Time to collect some wounds
  3. Love it as always!
  4. Love you guys. Always a blast hanging with ya. Even if shit always ends up going down. Wouldn't have it any other way tbh. You are all a great bunch Save a parking space for me will ya? Best of luck
  5. Already bumped into ya twice. Glad you left the keys in the car the first time But on a serious note. Have nothing to complain about with both encounters so far. The second one in Bere with the army that chased yous down was crazy. Wish we coulda RP'd a bit more before that all went down but regardless was still fun. Had my heart racing each time. Eager to see where your pass leads ya. Ill make sure to bring a wallet next time. Nice stuff.
  6. Always love bumping into you guys on a more quiet night. Bar life can get a bit hectic but you guys handle it the best you can (Amazing how you do it). My love goes out to each one of ya and Scuba Steve looks forward to more interactions!
  7. I absolutely love it god damn. You are too good at this it ain’t fair! Look forward to more, take my beanz
  8. As far as I’ve seen they haven’t just been walking around doing nothing. Even if it was short, it was some good medical rp that fit the character @HarveyLR and was an unexpected run in to yet people. Still always terrified when you slow walk into a room up to me. My experience so far with yall has been great so no faults there, keep it up and lead them well my dood
  9. Looooooove it makes him look cute too. Hope Annika shows him IC. Great work as always. I wanna see @Watchman’s Kola next
  10. ❤️💔❤️

    1. HarveyLR


      sadboi hours?

    2. Miamomoh


      It’s sad boi century my guy.

      Youll know it’s real sad boi hours when I hit up 24 floors 😂

    3. HarveyLR




    1. Miamomoh


      Time to pull up em socks

  12. Already rains enough IRL up here. I’m thankful for the sudden blast of sun you guys bestow upon us. praise the sun
  13. Well that session was a busy one at that, thanks to all I bumped into and didn’t mention. @groovy blisna Even though you just yell about bombs and how you love to make them, it’s always chill rolling around with ya @Brayces @Conor Was a pleasure to be of service. Hope the ride wasn’t too bad! Call anytime. Ngl was a tiny bit scared when I dropped yas off @Watchman Always a pleasure roaming around with ya no matter how short lived it is. Glad I could be of service to you and your date @Lyaria @Cormac Welcome to the fold. Even if Adrian pissed Knox off at first I can see em growing strong together! Amazing as always @Phoenix @Gwimm-chan UwU @Whiskayy @Searoz Was fun to help out early on, sad I had to go early but duty called. I’ll save Lee again anytime @TheGlassSpider Very awkward run in but I’m glad it happened! Was a fun little encounter, here’s to more! And to everyone I couldn’t keep up with. Seems Ubering is getting busy now Thanka theee!
  14. Update: Kalen Wylie Twitter - https://twitter.com/obnoxiousknox Original no longer works thanks
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