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  1. Cayde Grand is a 22 year old man who came from the city of Melbourne in Victoria. He used to work in a retail store selling camping supplies. It was a fine enough job for what it was and hell if he wasn't passionate about it. It allowed him to support his hobbies so whenever he would get the chance he would head out to the middle of nowhere with just a few supplies and his wits. He loved the outdoors and nature. He loves bows and silent weapons for hunting, he believes guns are just too showy and loud and ruins the core of hunting. During one of his days at work, a customer had come in and told him all about this place he had heard about where it was wide open areas with great hunting opportunities. That night he went home and did a bit of research himself, found someone who could fly him there and within a month he was setting off with just the clothes on his back a few essentials and of course his bow. Cayde landed, as he was told, at the northeastern end of the country at a small airport meant for local air traffic. After he got off the pilot wished him good luck and flew off, unsure of why the pilot was so quick to leave he headed toward the terminal area. No one was there. He then decided to head to the town nearby and look around. Again it was a ghost town. He went door to door knocking to see if there was anyone to talk to. Eventually he got to a house where when he knocked on the door, it opened up slightly, realising it was unlocked he stuck his head in and called out. A moan rung out from inside the home as he heard slow shuffling toward the door. He called out again, saying that he was new and just got dropped off at the nearby airport and was wondering where everyone was. As he finished the sentence this older man had shuffled round the corner, covered in blood. Worried about the old man, Cayde walked in to see if he was alright, but that was when the old man launched himself at Cayde with incredible speed trying to bite him and attempting to claw at him. Panicking, Cayde quickly kicked off the old man, grabbed his things and ran back out the door, just to turn around and see the old man sprinting back at him. Cayde grabbed his trusty hunting knife and warned the old man to not try to attack him again. Unfortunately Cayde was forced to stab the old man in the side of the torso, but the old man didn't stop still trying to attack Cayde. After many more stabs the old man finally went down and stopped moving. Shocked and confused Cayde realised if only partly why the pilot wanted to get out so quickly. He got his stuff together again and readied himself again. The ultimate test of survival is about to begin.
  2. G'day my fellow players! I have taken quite the break from DayZ and have with recent inspiration I have become reinvigorated and excited to bring my new character into the crazy messed up world of Chernarus. I hope to see all you guys out there and to have some intense and exciting role play with each and every one of you guys! See you all soon! Toxic
  3. Toxic

    The Trust (IC recruitment)[Open]

    Jedd we Miss you!! We'll have to get another truck and drive it around so much we run it out of gas again! (no accidents this time promise) I miss you guys too, Nyleea! Hopefully some time soon we can run into each other. I have been checking in on the camp every now and again, but so far unlucky haha. And that may be a promise you can't keep, seems we are always having truck issues.
  4. Toxic

    The Trust (IC recruitment)[Open]

    Ah, the trust. You blokes were quite the good time. Really did enjoy hanging around with you all for the time that I had. Maybe one day we will run into each other again and we can relive what is now a fond memory.
  5. I recently played a game as Kennen and we were behind by so much but I was able to lead my team and turtle to the point where I could basically insta kill their fed Cass and Yi. Moral of the story here, I made the plays for my team, they followed up and locked up one that i didn't blow up and we killed them all over and over and came back from being horribly behind. It was a good game.
  6. It went well, was a bit of a mistake of my side so that was my bad haha. Thanks for the assistance guys!
  7. You're right, haha. My bad and thanks for that Sin!
  8. So I double checked the GUID and it is correct.
  9. When I click to join into either of the 2 servers, as of today, I cannot join due to being kicked for not being white listed even though yesterday I could at least join S2. But now I can not do anything in terms of joining a server.
  10. I got white listed last night to be able to join the servers, but I have had some serious problems trying to join into the game due to it saying I am not white listed. Yesterday it was only S1 that was saying that but now today I cannot enter either S1 or S2. My white listing page says I have been accepted, I do not understand it. Can I please get some help with this.
  11. Character info: Jacob "The Animal Whisperer" Burk Nickname: The Animal Whisperer Age: 26 Height: 5'9" Weight: 185lbs Hair: Lacking due to infection Eyes: Turning white, zombie esc Pre-Outbreak profession: Ex-military turned gamer with career in mechanics Demeanor in Three Words: Insane, Helpful, Curious. Motto: "The animals, they talk to me, they understand me" Extra info: Is insane and believes he can talk to animals. This occurred after infection
  12. Hello fellow RP lovers, My name is Toxic and I am pretty new to the whole DayZRP experience, and I am looking forward to creating a future for my character (if I get accepted) and to join you all in an adventure across the realm which is the DayZ world! Can't wait to see you all in game. Good luck and Have fun. Toxic.