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  1. HOLD UP. First and foremost before I get to work on taking over and posting the changes to our group, I want to tell @Marik that I am extremely grateful to have worked with him. I've been in a lot of groups with individuals at the top who are completely adverse and not receptive at all to feedback but he and I have worked together quite literally every step of the way to change the group slowly over time from angry white names into a more traditional MILSIM unit, and for his tireless work he will always have my utmost respect. I just wanted to clarify, as far as I know, WE ARE NOT ARCHIVING. Rolle God don't strike me down. We as a whole will also be working on new group goals and working with the LM's as well to see what I can do to keep Livonia fresh.
  2. @groovy mexi We dropped the NATO moniker some time ago, regardless it's good that these questions get asked for clarification.
  3. I don't know, me personally I've always advocated for the more nomadic approach, so losing base building wouldn't really hurt my style of preferred gameplay. I abhor sitting on my ass waiting for our base to get raided and then get stuck into the never ending cycle of "must defend muh gear" from the <insert raiding group name here>. THAT BEING SAID, I know some players genuinely enjoy building bases. Sometimes bases do provide interesting and engaging roleplay, other times they're absolutely ridiculous in terms of places like Kopa and other bases I've run across and raided in the past. I don't really like the idea of completely dropping base building because of this, so I will tentatively be voting NO unless some sort of compromise can be reached.
  4. I've ran into this group two days in a row and had nothing but good immersive RP from them. Probably the best Italian oriented group I've run into from my many games.
  5. Damn what a crazy day with the boys of Section: 20/TF:66 while we were out on patrol. We ended up at Kopa to deal with an issue with the Cartel with around 15 of us all on edge expecting a firefight but instead we got some seriously great RP in with @Slay and his boss who spoke to us from a beach while on vacation. It very well could have just ended in a firefight with all of us dying but instead we engaged in roleplaying it out and it was really not disappointing. Additionally, while this clusterfuck was going on we had @Gaard hostage whom just so happened to be a friend of a friend so we had a pretty sick side plot going on with @TegsBenedict and Umbra. Special thanks to my own boys who were involved @Eciek, @SlyCactus, @Haus, @TheLostLaw, @Romulus, @Hootenater and all of you scrubs I forgot as well. P.S. Shout out to Grizzlies and the guys over in Little Italy for the solid RP too. P.P.S. RIP in Power PV2. King
  6. It's manageable with multi-vitamins and tetra... that being said it is so fucking annoying and does literally nothing to further RP. Making it a lot more rare could actually provide some decent medical RP, as it is now it's just an incredibly annoying game mechanic that hinders RP more than it does further it.
  7. Really love the group from the post, hope to see you guys in-game if I ever make a character on Chernarus.
  8. Let me stop you right there chief. Not to sound like a bootlicker, but 200 euro from a group of 20 members isn't an exorbitant amount of money to spend. The cost burden shouldn't be solely on the leader of the group, it's meant to be spread out across most of your members like we did. Whatever the Devs and Roland have worked out for compensation that is between them, not me, you, or anyone else.
  9. Despite his edit and admission of guilt I would still like to close this report as long as the admin(s) are cool with it.
  10. I don't know bro, that's a lot of coincidental stuff; however, I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt on this one. You could have gone to Discord on the help desk... rejoined the server? We waited around there for quite some time to make sure it was not a technical error on your part. If you were there with @Axi0m you could have had him convey to us in OOC, or something else. That being said, I realize you are very new to the DayZRP community, I myself am still rather new. I think that this report will probably serve better to inform you of what you could potentially do next time to avoid these problems if this incident occurs again rather than a potential ban/warning points. Whenever I have a question, I drop right into the help desk to make sure everything I am doing is copacetic or to reach out to players when an incident has occurred. I don't want to hem you up over this, and I really hope you realize there are alternatives to dealing with these things, because you have to understand how it looks from our perspective, you put your hands up and then subsequently disconnected at a really cheeky time as we were warning you to drop your radio. With all of this being said, I would like to request that this report be closed.
  11. The only problem I had with the video is that it seemed like it was more catered towards celebrating a PvP battle, and was in bad taste due to a report being currently up. Honestly, the video is funny from a 'meme' standpoint. I don't really think it should be considered flaming, but the admin(s) may interpret it differently. That being said, speaking for myself and not for all of Section: 20, I don't consider it flaming. We're passed the incident and look forward to moving towards whatever RP unfolds between us and Wagner.
  12. All good on our end boys, video is funny as is the 'Cumrag' one. RIP in Power Cumrag 2020.
  13. Chat log was made approximately a couple minutes after the incident. I went to help desk to see if admins could find out who it is to see if it was a technical issue that caused the guy to disconnect, but didn't stick around for too long admittedly. It was clear the guy was trying to be clever via AOGM by raising his hands to make us think he was compliant while then simultaneously logging off as the hands up emote does not cause you sit down when logging. The person was in full multicam I think, I have reason to believe that it was @Axi0m, but I personally cannot say 100%. I think this after speaking to an individual from the community that he plays with in Novo.
  14. This right here, I love hostile RP, more when I'm at the receiving end and it's engaging, good, and furthers my character's story. The only problem is receiving good hostile RP seems very far and few between. To often it's quick "hands up or die," insert arbitrary reason to hold you up, ok now drop all your gear and you live.
  15. Server and location: Chernarus - Zeleno Military Base Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Approximately 05:25 UTC (Dropped a chat log close to this time) Your in game name: Ivan Barbaric Names of allies involved: @GunMetal Name of suspect/s: Unknown - Logs Will Show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None. Detailed description of the events: Very very simple POV, me and my partner roll into Zelenogorsk, we spot someone and are friendly with him, he gets spooked and suspiciously starts to run away without saying a word. We then ask him why he is running, still non-responsive we initiate on him as he is running, he turns around puts his hands up as if he were compliant and then we ask him to and drop his radio. Still completely non-responsive we ask him to drop his radio, we wait for approximately 20 seconds and he poofs and disappears. No permission was given to log, he didn't go OOC to ask us for permission or nothing. During this entire altercation, no word was ever uttered by him, or OOC text indicating any sort of technical error on his end. Just to be clear, if he had asked us for perms to log we would have let him without incident.
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