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  1. Definitely a good counter-argument, to a certain extent a major onus is on the playerbase as a whole to provide that unique and engaging roleplay.
  2. Honestly, wow. I never thought about a lot of those things. Something is definitely missing in a roleplay aspect. The organic encounters just aren't there anymore, and I definitely don't feel as immersed. Not saying I'm gonna stop playing, but the days of finding out I have a crack addicted commanding officer in Section: 20 are certainly over. Lately it feels like we're just going by the numbers.
  3. Just a quick addendum to this, I am in no way advocating for a map change. I love Nyheim, and think it will only get better with time, I am simply pointing out a major issue that comes with the map's current size and the current climate of the server.
  4. I concur my Cutie brother. The sad reality is that some people on rosters only exist for the @ and the following PvP, and like I said before it seemingly wasn't much of an issue due to the size of previous maps. Before these cracked roleplayers used to at least have to be logged in roaming with the boys giving the appearance of roleplay, now that's not the case. I'm not a fan of more regulation, I am just simply recognizing that if I think it's a problem I know others might as well. That being said, ultimately I am a part of a good group of roleplayers and PvP'ers so it doesn't affect me as much as it does individuals who don't have the same resources as I do IC.
  5. I want to love Nyheim, but truthfully the map is so small. My issue is more with the current climate than the map itself. The act of @'ing in your Discord whenever a firefight was about to pop off wasn't as big of a deal in Chernarus... or even Livonia due to the size of the map you were going to take at least 30 minutes to get the squad to it's destination. Now? You can literally be anywhere on the map in about 10 minutes at most from the center of it. We're all guilty of doing it for the most part, but the problem is exacerbated more than it ever has been. I don't really know what a good fix for this would be, but I think it's one of the things that leaves a bad taste in my mouth is seeing the server size multiply by 10 or more just for a gun fight, and then 15 minutes after it's ended the server size goes right back to where it was. TL;DR: The days of all the boys having to be on at once to get into hood shit is over, now you can just have 4 or 5 people on and then drop an @. IMO it leads to a lot less organic roleplay, and overall just gives bad vibes to those not in a group/clique.
  6. Sounds like they both cancel each other out then. As a wonderful man farwiser than I pointed out earlier in the thread; "How can it be offline raiding if I am online?" Truly Shakespearean stuff.
  7. Ya mean it, King? About time though boys! Sobaki on top.
  8. Stashing tons of gear in your super cool Rust base isn't RP. If you want a base to potentially hordeyour gear, cool. Then you deal with the consequences of a bunch goons coming and taking your shit.
  9. Adding regulations to this will just encourage pixel hording more than people already do. People shouldn't be so attached to their loot in this game, simple as.
  10. Never seen this before, y'all came up with this? Poetic. I any case best of luck to you lot! Glad the rumors of you leaving the server weren't true!
  11. I think that's an extremely valid point, and I agree. Alternatively, I think the no hostilities bit was more for others to not think we're just going to 'tax' them during the event so more people would be less apprehensive about coming to it. Still, I agree with you.
  12. It was more of the fact that we lacked the logistics to make something cool like this happen. We're gonna be working on gathering the resources necessary for it in the mean time, we appreciate your concern in terms of the optics/perception though.
  13. You would hear a click and a crackle over the radio followed by a Russian accented voice, "ПРИВЕТ (Privyet/Hello), COMRADES!" He would pause and let out a laugh before continuing, "You have been liberated citizens of Rikheim, the walls of our oppression have been torn down and dismantled. Come and enjoy the fruit of Sobaki's labor and help yourself to some wonderful M16's, Plate Carriers, and whatever else your heart desires!" You would hear some absolutely fire Russian rap music emanating from your radio for a minute before finally speaking one last time and releasing the PTT button. "до свидания (Do Svidaniya/Bye), dogs." _______________________________
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