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  1. Xero3451

    Novaya Petrovka RDM Server time 22.02.2017 - 17:10

    As far as I am aware he was compliant at first, once the initiation was dropped I was running perimeter so I had no eye's on any of the hostages until I ran back towards the compound to see him fleeing with zombies in chase, hence why I didn't shoot him at first but had attempted to RP further, after he had come back down to the compound and started looting I didn't want to re-initiate for a second time with automatics lying about the area as I only had an sks and would have more then likely died.
  2. Xero3451

    Server 2 change

    It's more so during the week when the population was split and even at peak times the server's were struggling to fill, hate for s2 lol? people just actually want to rp with other people but they can't do that when lets say 30 people are split across two servers when it'd make more sense to have them all on one to increase the chances of y'know, rp happening.
  3. Xero3451

    Server 2 change

    True, once DayZ moves from its pvp focus it might be different but i don't see that coming any time soon.
  4. Xero3451

    Server 2 change

    Most people are bandits because there's really not much else to do, don't talk mad shit or hoard gear like there's no tomorrow and you'll probably be fine though.
  5. Xero3451

    Scorch's Media Thread

    feels bad
  6. Xero3451

    Scorch's Media Thread

    I've never seen such a painfully obvious setup for a robbery holy shit that was something
  7. Xero3451

    Server 2 change

    all my precious tents and barrels filled with campfires, gone. : ( ( But yeah, it may just end up like last time when those s2 people just didn't bother logging on but who knows, could be a good thing.
  8. Xero3451

    Enough Is Enough (Open Frequency)

    *He'd press down on the PTT* "One thing, who cares if you kill a bunch of "Innocent" people? I sure as fuck don't but you do you." *He'd release the PTT*
  9. Xero3451

    Novaya Petrovka RDM Server time 22.02.2017 - 17:10

    His hands weren't raised since he fled from zombies, after checking both the bodies and seeing that his hands were still not raised I didn't want to risk it. I believe telling him that'd it be wise to raise his hands again so he didn't get shot is pretty clear cut for me anyway.
  10. Xero3451

    Territories and a reason for Groups to thrive! A NEW WORLD (idea)

    Just skimming through it I thought it was just color coded settlements tbh. But yeah no safe zones please, didn't work with trade post it'd be even worse in the wonderful game known as standalone.
  11. Xero3451


    rip jabba But yeah, i mean I'm curious to see if staff even spoke to him about it. Basically just keep it to steam/ts if you wanna have cheeky banter with friends cause it looks bad on the forums I guess? I dunno.
  12. Xero3451

    I'm so upset...

    yeh, rip the dream especially when you get diddled by dayz
  13. Xero3451


    fucc lol
  14. Xero3451

    Failed Robberies Thread

    magazines make me paranoid
  15. Xero3451


    think that's bad, i had to shoot someone in the face four times with an sks to kill them, beanies are the new helmets tbh