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  1. Server 2 was only up to test the item shop not working properly I believe, they were on separate hives to I'm pretty sure
  2. Chernarussian? I'm offended, for real though enjoyed the RP
  3. Xero

    Cipher's DayZ Media

    what he said, good shooting
  4. Born to Grigori and Anichka Jaska. His father being a lower-middle class business owner in Norilsk and his mother being part-time worker in a textile mill. Vyacheslav and his 2 brothers were raised as you would expect. Not too lenient but if they did something wrong they didn't walk away unscratched. His father was a strict believer in harsh physical punishment shortly after something wrong had been committed. Being raised as the Soviet Union began to collapse was a difficult time for Vyacheslav's family. Not seeing the harsh world of communism makes the generation born a lot softer one would think. Vyacheslav's father compensated that by being extra harsh with his punishments. "They'll thank me one day" he thought. father owned a restaurant in Norilsk, it didn't make them rich by any means but it was something his father invested his money in and it has been looking up in recent years. With the totalitarian government broken Vyacheslav's father took the chance to open up his business to the underworld. It's a dog eat dog world after all. Through this he established his "Mafia" and would later go on to "take over" the other small business' in the area. This caused Vyacheslav to get entrenched in the life of the underworld early. He was the oldest of his brothers so he was the one who was going to take over when his father passes away. He was very confident that he was up to the task though. He'd learn a lot about managing and taking care of the business long-term. He always did his best and never slacked, mostly because of being forced psychologically by his father's pride & discipline. Saying no to his father was something Vyacheslav would never think of doing, even if he wasn't able to manage, he'd rather take the beating and humiliation than telling his father "No" so Vyacheslav kept his mouth shut and worked without question until the day his father left for the capital never to return. After months of waiting for his father's return and attempting to keep the businesses from fighting for control Vyacheslav finally had enough, stepping down from the position of leader that had been forced upon him allowing everyone under his father's control to fight over who would become top dog now, as the months went on and the in fighting became more and more bloody, noone realizing that the world was going to shit around them as they were to focused on fighting each-other over control, Vyacheslav beginning to take notice that the attacks in the street were something other then the usual gang violence, he told his family to pack up their things and they fled Norilsk as the city descended into total chaos.
  5. POV: I run into the guys from the airfield situation earlier in the day so I let the guys know, they initiate and the guy next to me starts firing so I hit the floor as my game starts dying, after a bit i crouch into a tree where I'm tk'd as the fight wraps up. No vid on my end.
  6. Emilio was born the 4th of march 2000 in LA, he spent his early years admiring his drug runner father and getting involved with the local kids. A year before Emilio's mother took him back to her home of Australia he met and became good friends with a kid named Hector who taught him some basic street skills that'd become useful later in Emilio's life. After a year of hanging out with Hector and learning everything he was willing to teach him Emilio was dragged away from it all with the death of his father igniting a hidden tendency for violence Emilio didn't know he had. Most of Emilio's teenage years were spent getting into fights with other kids and running into cops which his mother finally had enough of, sending Emilio back to LA to live with any family his father had left. Emilio took this chance to try and find Hector in hopes of running with his old friend, after weeks of searching for him Emilio finally learnt that Hector had head off to some obscure country by Russia under orders of the Armenian's Hector had been working for, putting his penchant for violence to use, Emilio spent weeks robbing fighting and stealing his way to enough money to get a one way ticket to this place called Chernarus to catch up with his only real friend.
  7. Xero

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    yeah you guys were attacking, hence needing to attack you feel?
  8. Was good fun running into @Sunshine again, always interesting and funny rp to be had.
  9. *Lucas would press the PTT* "Are you actually gonna try something or you like the rest of your boys? Shut the fuck up and pull up or go off yourself and stop wasting our time." *Lucas would release the PTT*
  10. *Lucas would hold down the PTT* "Torturing innocent women is really good for business huh? Such underhanded tactics from cowards unable to fight. Not sure what else to expect from a bunch of slimy bankers I guess, oh well be seeing you." *Lucas would release the PTT*
  11. Xero

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    i cant wait for post event radio threads Lucas Williams- Team House
  12. I'd have to agree, yeah if it could be cancelled with moving and such I'm all for it
  13. Xero

    Clandestine [Strict IC Recruitment]

    urite, thread looks good interested to see the RP from this lot
  14. +1 I was dying trying to keep myself together during that.