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  1. POV: I spawn back in after restart and see a man with his hands down so I run up to reinitiate as I raise my gun I'm hit with the gun glitch where it sprays and accidentally killed you, I'm willing to speak about the situation if you so wish as I had no intention of killing you and was a total accident on my part.
  2. Yeah I gotta agree I much prefer TS over discord, seeing all the group channels and stuff back in the day was nice to. The discord voip channels are pretty dead for the most part.
  3. Xero

    New Moon Media Thread

    you 1 tapped me through my plate thats got me fucked up, geeg tho
  4. @JkpFrog Was an enjoyable chat yesterday, nice change of pace from the usual.
  5. Xero

    Close S2 until S1 is full

    If it can be done easily I see no reason to keep both servers open all the time tbh. +1
  6. This man be speaking the truth. Seriously people need to learn to sort things out, I can guarantee most of the people you have issues with if you take the time to message them with some constructive criticism that they'd actually take the time to improve, all these threads do is spread toxicity because people simply use it as a place to throw sly jabs at the hostile rpers they dislike, these threads pop up at least once a month and it always ends the same way.
  7. Likewise, it's always good fun, @Cuteboi39 is what i'd call a professional roleplayer
  8. Xero

    Battle of the Five (?) Armies [WIP]

    Lets be real noone will actually abide by this, no thanks personally.
  9. It's a game issue, dunno if anything can really be done about it although I agree it's stupid.
  10. we're a roleplay group? wtf, nice vid btw brandon
  11. Had a blast today at the castle, @OxeN screaming at novaya and the hype up on the way towards the battle. To @Phoenix and the rest who's name's I don't know was good fun in kab and up at novaya.
  12. Xero

    S1: BadRP /NVFL Novaya 12-1-2019 around 00:00

    POV: After severson gets sniped a few of us spot this guy in a knights helmet running towards us from the direction of where severson was shot, he gets initiated on and constantly goes ooc in voip, i believe his last words were something along the lines of alright you're getting banned then jackfish shoots him due to the man not dropping his weapon after multiple demands to do so.
  13. Xero

    Flaming a Permed played and Staff's response to this

    basically what wumby said, people need to relax and not take the internet so seriously. it isn't hard just don't take the bait because again, internet, shouldn't matter to you if someone is badmouthing you when you will more then likely never have anything to do with them again, i do agree that if what has been said has nothing to do with dayzrp it shouldn't affect dayzrp but it is ultimately up to the higher ups to decide.
  14. Xero

    Bring back US Server

    This hurts my brain, it was nice having under 300 ping so I'm glad the US server will be making a comeback.