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  1. VegasRP

    The Wolf Pack [Strict IC Recruitment]

    now this is definitely a roleplay group @ShrimpRP should be 2nd in command of, thanking you
  2. Tucker was born Feburary 26th, 1995 to a pair of junkies, which made his early upbringing difficult, being forced to beg for money so his parents could get their next fix. At the age of 15 Tucker’s parents had decided he was no longer of use as he wasn’t bringing in enough money for them which ended up with Tucker being ditched on the side of a road in the middle of nowhere forced to fend for himself. Because of this abandonment he’d learnt quick that being kind and trusting of people was a bad idea, putting his experience of begging to use he’d manage to scrounge up enough money to keep himself barely fed, resorting to stealing to keep himself clothed Tucker would travel from town to town for a few months begging, breaking into places and getting into fights. After a year of Tucker doing anything he could to keep himself afloat and with the police hot on his trail he took the first chance he could to escape, stowing away on a fishing boat headed to Europe as a deckhand. Tucker enjoyed finally having a legitimate job deciding to stay permanently instead of taking his first chance to leave like he’d initially planned, seeing Asher, the captain of the ship as a sort of father figure after months of working on the ship he’d travel from place to place with him learning everything Asher was willing to teach him. Travelling with Asher for four years and seeing the world go to shit from the safety of the ocean really twisted Tucker’s outlook on the world. In a desperate attempt to find fuel they had docked in the port Sochi. Tucker having experience with breaking and entering due to his childhood had gone ashore looking for fuel as they were running dangerously low. After a few hours of searching Tucker returned to the port empty handed to see the boat in flames and most of its crew dead due to an attack by looters, panicking and fearing for his life Tucker fled unsure of where he was running all that he knew was he needed to escape the city. After months of travelling, jumping between different groups as Tucker was unable to fully trust anyone he had finally crossed the border into South Zagoria, deciding to travel south in the off chance of finding somewhere safe.
  3. VegasRP

    Jackals Media Thread

    what a fucking powermove
  4. VegasRP

    A teď přišel soudný čas (109.3hz)

    *Lucas would press the PTT* "Seven of you sat in a tower to hide from me and one other guy, don't be acting like a big man c'mon now mate you can't do shit." *He'd release the PTT*
  5. based content, i can't wait for chapter 4 nozzy
  6. VegasRP

    A world of Wrong (Fanfiction)

    this is peak content thankyou for this, imma need one for @ShrimpRP @NorwayRP @YNW Viking and myself thankyou
  7. VegasRP

    A world of Wrong (Fanfiction)

    oh hell yeah
  8. *Lucas would be standing over the dead inferior australian huffing fumes from his canteen pouring vegemite over his steak sandwich* "G'day cunts, I have killed the inferior Aussie of the roses. From now on I am the singular and only Australian worth knowing. This is in retaliation to the roses taking two innocent fashion police members. Cheers cunts catch ya later." *He would audibly inhale over the radio before releasing the PTT*
  9. VegasRP

    S1: FailRP/Baiting South of Novy - 11/6/19, 8:00

    POV: Head down to novy summer to see what's happening, RP with the guys in the base for a bit before they decide they don't wanna talk anymore and go completely silent for about 10 minutes, we eventually initiate they don't comply firefight breaks out we end up killing them that's about it.
  10. VegasRP

    A world of Wrong (Fanfiction)

    oh hell yeah
  11. VegasRP

    NorwayRP's garbage Watermarks.

    this is definitely a media thread
  12. VegasRP

    Domorodci Media Thread

    i thought this was a roleplay server wtf
  13. VegasRP

    The End

    now this is content
  14. VegasRP

    The Wolf Pack [Strict IC Recruitment]

    welcome back, i think @BandsRP would be a good fit for this group
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