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  1. recruit difficulty gameplay
  2. VegasRP

    5.0.3 Media Thread

    idk why you guys use an almost 2 month old clip in an attempt to clown a dude who's banned in a 5/10 montage but keep it up
  3. anything larger then a burlap bag is goofy and unneeded space
  4. when has switching servers after 30 minutes ever not been a rule break lmao, also don't really care one way or the other about a cooldown but personally shouldn't further limit an already small active playerbase atm.
  5. facts, all we need is to get rid of UP honestly. Besides it's a video game community, people shouldn't take it all so seriously.
  6. It's an interesting concept but almost never works out, members of the group ape out or get bored and leave, groups let ego's or ooc beef get in the way causing even more issues, along with the expected constant attacks that'll come it gets exhausting, speaking from experience on both ends. Would be nice to be proven wrong though so goodluck hope you guys are able to pull it off.
  7. i can't invalidate people's opinion based on recent activity if it's gone, keep it ty.
  8. yes and no, some people take a roleplay server to seriously and need to relax
  9. my roleplay today was the best, @FalkRP and @StickRP was pretty decent to i guess
  10. now this is a roleplay group, gl
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