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  1. VegasRP


    here's hoping this brings life back to the better map, gl
  2. was a trash mechanic when it first came around still a trash mechanic now, +1 get rid of it
  3. Server and location: S2 Wolfpack Prefab Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2020-04-04 03:30 ish Your in game name: Rowen Karsyn Names of allies involved: @Shroud @SassyRP Name of suspect/s: @RiZ and another I'm unsure of, logs will show. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://clips.twitch.tv/StormyCoyMosquitoVoteYea Detailed description of the events: Rolled up to WP prefab to do some roleplay and collect a vehicle a member of Wolfpack agreed to collect for me, nobody's a big fan of me trying to collect so some shittalking is thrown back and forth while I try and come to an agreement that doesn't result in guns being drawn for a change. After about 20 mins of RP I go to leave when the supposed new member of Wolfpack insults me yet again after doing so repeatedly whilst I was in camp. I return to show that I'm not going to just take the insults lying down and hit him with a shovel in attempts to stir some more RP up yet I'm gunned down instantly by Riz, then both shroud and sassy are instantly lit up before they can even defend themselves. as stated by Para it could be seen as ruleplay for gunning someone down over one hit and it's not as if it was out of the blue without any reasoning, the roleplay had been building up to it with constant back and forth shittalking from them and my ally. The quote here:
  4. Ight here we go, was heading over to WP's camp to collect on a payment I'd arranged with a member of the group, breaks out into an argument where one of the WP or some friend of the WP is talking shit pretty consistently, him and shroud go back and forth. After I manage to finally come to some form of agreement with WP as I am leaving the guy says something again that I don't hear but sassy does. I turn around after the constant shittalking from them and hit him with a shovel as retaliation where Riz shoots me in the back and then proceed to instantly light up sassy and shroud before either of them had made an attempt to defend themselves. Clip of me hitting the guy due his shittalking: https://clips.twitch.tv/StormyCoyMosquitoVoteYea Quote from Para explaining how mowing someone down for one hit could be seen as ruleplay:
  5. Pride really fucks people over when it comes to this, stuff gets taken way to seriously which leads to a divide and then threads like this. People need to not take this place so seriously and relax and realize you don't need to win/be the main character of everything to have fun, just go with the flow of things and you'll enjoy yourself way more tbh.
  6. rp's been pretty stale for a while, nothing interesting really ever happens aside from the LM events.
  7. Avery was born august 21st, 1994 to a military family which made his early upbringing difficult with his father being deployed over in Afghanistan for most of his childhood. Being told many stories of his father by his mother Avery grew to idolize his father wanting to follow in his steps and enlist when he was of age. At the age of 13 Avery's world would be shattered upon hearing the news of his fathers death, his mother being an american decided it'd be best for the two to move back to her hometown of Clarksville Tennessee. Avery set on honouring his fathers memory would enlist in the American military at the age of 17, spending a few months within basic training before being forced to drop out due to a Patellar Fracture which Avery never got properly treated. After a few years of searching for jobs or internships Avery finally managed to land a job as an administrative assistant within the Baku embassy in Azerbaijan. Eventually abandoning the position once the world went to shit, travelling on his own until he eventually wound up in Chernarus.
  8. finally some good content, can't wait for it to be implemented
  9. i'd prefer if they'd just removed the rain, but if they can't adjust temp atleast lower how often it rains, spend 90% of my time in game making sure i don't freeze to death from constant rain
  10. Sickness is shit mechanic, pls remove ty
  11. Rowen was born april 5th, 1995 in the town of Townsville to a pair of junkies, which made his early upbringing difficult, being forced to beg for money so his parents could get their next fix. At the age of 15 Rowens parents had decided he was no longer of use as he wasn’t bringing in enough money for them which ended up with Rowen being ditched on the side of a road in the middle of nowhere forced to fend for himself. Because of this abandonment he’d learnt quick that being kind and trusting of people was a bad idea, putting his experience of begging to use he’d manage to scrounge up enough money to keep himself barely fed, resorting to stealing to keep himself clothed Rowen would travel from town to town for a few months begging, breaking into places and getting into fights. After a year of Rowen doing anything he could to keep himself afloat and with the police hot on his trail he took the first chance he could to escape, stowing away on a fishing boat headed to europe as a deckhand. Marcus enjoyed finally having a legitimate job deciding to stay permanently instead of taking his first chance to leave like he’d initially planned, seeing Asher, the captain of the ship as a sort of father figure after months of working on the ship he’d travel from place to place with him learning everything Asher was willing to teach him. Travelling with Asher for four years and seeing the world go to shit from the safety of the ocean really twisted Rowens outlook on the world. In a desperate attempt to find fuel they had docked in the port Sochi. Rowen having experience with breaking and entering due to his childhood had gone ashore looking for fuel as they were running dangerously low. After a few hours of searching Rowen returned to the port empty handed to see the boat in flames and most of its crew dead due to an attack by looters, panicking and fearing for his life Rowen fled unsure of where he was running all that he knew was he needed to escape the city. After months of travelling, jumping between different groups as Rowen was unable to fully trust anyone he had finally crossed the border into Livonia, deciding to travel south in the off chance of finding somewhere safe.
  12. wrong one goofy, good roleplay tho
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