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  1. Real VegasRP

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    good group lets go
  2. this ain't gonna help the community, this feels more like just slamming down on fun and creative characters because "muh immersion" I ain't about it. Also as Prince said some of the best groups this server's had have been over the top, makes them stand out and more interesting to interact with then the usual generic survivor shtick.
  3. threads really getting wild, but yeah child rp always been weird only seen a very few people do it well.
  4. *He'd press the PTT* "G'day cunts, Lucas here to inform you that Novaya industrial has been deemed a health and safety hazard from the Council so the Council has reclaimed it roight? Catch yas." *He'd release the PTT*
  5. Mordecai was born april 5th, 1995 in the town of Darwin to a pair of junkies, which made his early upbringing difficult, being forced to beg for money so his parents could get their next fix. At the age of 15 Mordecai’s parents had decided he was no longer of use as he wasn’t bringing in enough money for them which ended up with Lucas being ditched on the side of a road in the middle of nowhere forced to fend for himself. Because of this abandonment he’d learnt quick that being kind and trusting of people was a bad idea, putting his experience of begging to use he’d manage to scrounge up enough money to keep himself barely fed, resorting to stealing to keep himself clothed Lucas would travel from town to town for a few months begging, breaking into places and getting into fights. After a year of Mordecai doing anything he could to keep himself afloat and with the police hot on his trail he took the first chance he could to escape, stowing away on a fishing boat headed to europe as a deckhand. Mordecai enjoyed finally having a legitimate job deciding to stay permanently instead of taking his first chance to leave like he’d initially planned, seeing Asher, the captain of the ship as a sort of father figure after months of working on the ship he’d travel from place to place with him learning everything Asher was willing to teach him. Travelling with Asher for four years and seeing the world go to shit from the safety of the ocean really twisted Mordecai’s outlook on the world. In a desperate attempt to find fuel they had docked in the port Sochi. Mordecai having experience with breaking and entering due to his childhood had gone ashore looking for fuel as they were running dangerously low. After a few hours of searching Mordecai returned to the port empty handed to see the boat in flames and most of its crew dead due to an attack by looters, panicking and fearing for his life Lucas fled unsure of where he was running all that he knew was he needed to escape the city. After months of travelling, jumping between different groups as Mordecai was unable to fully trust anyone he had finally crossed the border into South Zagoria, deciding to travel south in the off chance of finding somewhere safe.
  6. this, if we're gonna remove grenades bring back ladders
  7. how do you always find these people
  8. Real VegasRP

    S1: KOS/Possible Metagaming/Possible NLR Break

    POV: Died down in myshkino along with all of our guys and to my knowledge all the Jaysh boys currently IG. Met up with a few of our guys while i'm trying to regear where I'm informed wolfpack and mafia took Nik I believe it was hostage. I offer to try and spot them for Jaysh as I had no rights and was leaving it up to people who had rights from them initiating on Nik to deal with the situation. Shots are exchanged between them and Jaysh in the fields north of kab. I get shot at and move into the trees for cover to avoid getting killed and am pushed and killed without firing back at anyone. As Zorull has stated it was two entirely separate situations as everyone with active kill rights on our side had died down in the firefight in myshkino. Pamyati did not get involved in the firefight until I was shot and killed.
  9. Real VegasRP

    S1 :KOS in Novaya - 07-08-2019 2:23

    Yet again, I'd appreciate the removal of the flame due to you being upset over initiating and dying. Not gonna back and forth with you anymore so staff don't have to smack down on it.
  10. Real VegasRP

    S1 :KOS in Novaya - 07-08-2019 2:23

    Your boy literally says in his pov you guys initiated. Kinda crazy huh. Please stop lying in your pov. I'd like for staff to take a look at the evidence provided along with his friends POV to prove that. The shade isn't needed either when your boys decided to initiate.
  11. Real VegasRP

    The Loud Minority/2.3

  12. Real VegasRP

    The Loud Minority/2.3

    crazy how that was just posted, i also agree 2.3 is a yeesh rule and seriously needs a rework doubt it'll happen if i'm honest though.
  13. Born to Nurpashi and Kariina Basayev. His father being a lower-middle class business owner in Grozny and his mother being a part-time worker in a textile mill. Sulim and his 2 brothers were raised as you would expect. Not too lenient but if they did something wrong they didn't walk away unscratched. His father was a strict believer in harsh physical punishment shortly after something wrong had been committed. Being raised as the Soviet Union began to collapse was a difficult time for Sulim's family. Not seeing the harsh world of communism makes the generation born a lot softer his father would tell them. Grigori's father compensated that by being extra harsh with his punishments. "They'll thank me one day" he thought. A few years after the first war had ended father had opened a restaurant in Grozny, it didn't make them rich by any means but it was something his father invested his money in and it has been looking up in recent years. With the totalitarian government broken Sulim's father took the chance to open up his business to the underworld. It's a dog eat dog world after all. Through this he established his "Mafia" and would later go on to "take over" the other small business' in the area. This caused Sulim to get entrenched in the life of the underworld early. He was the oldest of his brothers so he was the one who was going to take over when his father passes away. He was very confident that he was up to the task though. He'd learn a lot about managing and taking care of the business long-term. He always did his best and never slacked, mostly because of being forced psychologically by his father's pride & discipline. Saying no to his father was something Sulim would never think of doing, even if he wasn't able to manage, he'd rather take the beating and humiliation than telling his father "No" so Sulim kept his mouth shut and worked without question until the day his father left never to return. After months of waiting for his father's return and attempting to keep the businesses from fighting for control Sulim finally had enough, stepping down from the position of leader that had been forced upon him allowing everyone under his father's control to fight over who would become top dog now, with the second Chechen war on the rise Sulim knew what had to be done, enlisting with a group of Chechnyan insurgents Sulim assisted in guerilla attacks on the Russian military for years losing almost all of the friends Sulim had met throughout his life. As the war began to draw to a close in 2009 Sulim knew if he was caught he'd be tried and most likely executed by the Russians, taking his chances he fled from Chechnya eventually entering the South Zagorian borders in an attempt to start a new life.
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