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  1. they never took my radio it was dropped at my feet, so when everything kicked off I just grabbed my radio.
  2. POV: Got initiated on, the boys rolled up to rescue me killing a few and the others ran. Didn't see most of the fight but saw the sks guy lurking around whilst I was a hostage. No vid from my end.
  3. bruh moment 2 electric boogaloo
  4. Real VegasRP

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    o7, this was all w[redacted}gs fault
  5. good roleplay today @ZorullRP and everyone at lop
  6. Real VegasRP

    Staff Feedback: Hofer

    Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: Feedback: Honestly it seems kind of unprofessional that you closed Shrouds Poll without him requesting to do so even if you believe it to be pointless. Then ontop of that when he requests for you not to close his Poll you then go ahead and close the thread? Suggestions for improvement: Not close active Polls due to your personal opinion and actually properly read what was said.
  7. Real VegasRP

    Nightvision = cheating

    nah it's not, nighttime sucks ass so NVG's are nice and with how broken this game is prolly just a bug.
  8. real bruh moment kinda vibe, good roleplay today
  9. Real VegasRP

    Warren Lowe

    *Lucas would press his PTT* "Man this shit crazy *He'd sneeze into his radio* Y'all on some whack shit since i been back." *He'd release the PTT*
  10. Real VegasRP

    Base Building Limitations

    switch base building from rust to using the offline editor to make nice looking stuff and i'd be all for bases, until then i'd rather see them gone so i'm not stuck roleplaying with wooden walls
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