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Real Vegas

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  1. Real Vegas

    Your meant to be War Hero

    *He'd press the PTT* "This shit sounds as fake as the bear story, can't you cunts just skip the bigdicking and go shoot eachother? Tryna find someone playin' music over this fuckin' thing. It's gettin' tirin' hearin' this shit constantly." *He'd release the PTT, going back to flicking through the frequencies in hopes of finding music to listen to.*
  2. Real Vegas

    Brandon Young's Stattrak Counter

    bullying young dayz players ft. brandon
  3. Real Vegas

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    i agree
  4. Real Vegas

    The Green Dragons Media Thread

    gun was set to roleplay
  5. Real Vegas

    The Green Dragons Media Thread

    Local man vs child ft. @Wong and @strider
  6. Real Vegas

    HUD Meta + more

    Gotta agree, especially with DayZ's tendency to break when something is changed. I can get behind the ammo box's having more textures but that's about it honestly.
  7. Real Vegas

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Was worth the run the rp gave me a good laugh.
  8. Real Vegas

    To Generation Zero (42.0)

    *Lucas would overhear the radio, laughing at the mans words before pressing the PTT* "Who the fuck ya think ya are? Your protection? Fuckin' 'ell mate if it wasn't for Wong Mack and I you cunts woulda been put in the dirt before ya even crawled outta ya holes. Chattin' a bunch of shit without knowin' anythin'. Hope the remainin' GenZ put ya down, waste of fuckin' air christ mate. The Mexican bloke was alright though." *He'd release the PTT*
  9. Real Vegas

    Amnesty Appeal.

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): N/A was two years ago. Why the verdict is not fair: It was at the time. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was going through a lot of issues irl during the time I accumulated all my points, which I now realize I should have kept completely seperate from the community instead of letting my stress and at the time toxic attitude leak over to the forums and IG. Since I've returned I've been active in game racking up almost 400 hours in 3 months, i've admittedly not been incredibly active on the forums but have been as active as I can be due to my free time being spent mainly in game actively RPing. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To have my final removed and the 25 added to my account. What could you have done better?: Not act like an idiot on the forums/IG.
  10. Real Vegas

    Add back double stamina

    I run with barely anything and it's still painful. bring back double stamina default hurts my bones
  11. Real Vegas

    The Battle of Vysotovo

    *He'd press the PTT, confused at the mans words* "Did we not beat you into submission when it came to renouncing peace treaty? What makes you think now will be any different? Well, we gave you option to be left alone and you want to step back up? It is fine will make sure you are left for the infected, or cannibals your group seems to be looking for. Oh one last thing, try sending another army for thirteen people, it'll be put in the dirt like first." *He'd sneeze, muttering about allergies before releasing the PTT*
  12. Real Vegas

    Jackals Media Thread

    I pushed that room fully expecting to die, gg's tho
  13. Real Vegas

    The Green Dragons

    Which town was this in? We've been having people who aren't GD wearing our armbands but if it was some of our guys they'll be spoken to about it.
  14. Real Vegas

    Gun Ban.. Seriously? ( Open Freq )

    *He'd press the PTT* "Sounds like lot of mindless talk, no government is exactly why we take what we want. You keep preaching about standing up yet you hide behind radio, keep pretending to be some brave man fighting tyranny see how long it lasts before you end up in ditch eh? I'll make sure your things are tossed into ocean because it is not even worth keeping around. Be seeing you." *He'd release the PTT, heading out from his home in Kab*
  15. Real Vegas

    S1 - Combat Log/NVFL - 12/03 04:39

    Yeah I was playing a diff char then to what I am today, no vid evidence on my end.
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