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  1. good roleplay time, btw boys night>girls night.
  2. Real Vegas

    Failed Flirting Thread

    @JMZIE for being juicer in 2nd vid, calling him for pov
  3. Real Vegas

    S1 Griefing, R4.4, R2.2 Eden 01:30 2019/05/21

    Not much to add, rp'd a bit with hostages at the start and the end as most of the situation I was in a firefight with the people who came to attack the camp. Didn't have anything to do with guns getting shot so I can't add anything there.
  4. Real Vegas

    S1 Invalid execution -20/05/2019

    Vegas POV: We're hanging around eden during a hostage situation when someone drops a meme over the megaphone about apples or something then initiates, i take shots at the initiator and watch in horror as the innocent man Panda was gunned down infront of my very eyes. I end up killing one who was ramboing towards me with an smg then get lit up and just chill tryna heal for the rest of the fight.
  5. Real Vegas

    The Death of Constance DeVoe-Henry

    *Lucas would press the PTT* "What a waste of time tryna convince her. Oh well unfortunate I guess? Eh not really. Did warn 'er you guys didn't really care 'bout her." *He'd release the PTT*
  6. real roleplay hours, good vid
  7. Real Vegas

    Fixing the log in bug.

    only downside is needing to relaunch the game on crashes/server restarts just to make sure but I haven't had the issue since.
  8. good roleplay from @WongRP @Eagle @Kricket @NozzyRP and @KlausMcMillian today
  9. Real Vegas


    @G19RP @Kai @-CML-NorWayy and I are the true phalanx, game is hella fun though I highly recommend it
  10. 10/10 https://steamcommunity.com/id/DocVegas/
  11. If it was a rulebreak it would already be in the report section or in the rules.
  12. So the point of this thread is simply complaining that people who run settlements can't be online 24/7 incase you run into them? Access doesn't need to be given to you just because you believe it's breaking RP. Again this is an unnecessary thread honestly.
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