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  1. Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: I jumped in help desk, waited the better part of 30 minutes, and asked for help in #help twice before being seen by Job. While trying to explain the situation I was interrupted multiple times. I tried to explain that within the last 48 hours I have had multiple cars over turning in my base, tent's despawning after less than 12 hours of being up, and construction lights burying themselves in concrete and becoming inaccessible. It felt like each time I began speaking I was cut of to be told "oh well it's a raid." GM Eddie helped me the other day with my first issue by checking logs and confirming for me that no other players had been near my base since i logged out. Job was unwilling to go this far for me stating, "I know it was a raid," as his only reasoning. I don't feel like I was really given the time of day, and am quite upset with how often I was talked over. Suggestions for improvement: Don't speak over someone trying to tell you their issue! This is a huge pet peeve for most people, myself included. I understand you have likely been doing this for years. I get that eventually you have seen it all, and that helping people can get monotonous, BUT I, and many others, are brand new to this community within the last few months/weeks/days and being a staff member who constantly interrupts someone who is coming to you with an issue is an easy way to deteriorate faith in the staff as a whole.
  2. Same here dude. I have met like 5 people in a week of playing. Spring is a few days away, so I'm sure we will meet more people.
  3. Perfect storm of bad luck i guess. cant win em all.
  4. Has anyone else ran into wolves where they shouldn't be. I was a fresh spawn and made my way to Novy. As I headed down the road to Guglovo a pack of wolves chased me down from the southwest. No map I've seen shows wolves spawning that far south. Is that a server thing or an unfortunate bug?
  5. I got sick from drinking water before purifying it (desperate times you know), but it wasn't the same sickness I have encountered before. I never vomited, coughed, or sneezed. My temperature went red then started flashing. Then my hydration plummeted, and I ended up dead in the snow. I dosed 2 Tetracycline, 2 Ibuprofen, and 2 Hydrox-something, and never saw any kind of improvement. Did I get the Coronavirus?
  6. *Click* Name's Anthony Salvatore, but you can call me Sal. I've been alone for so long. Please...if you have room...i'd like a place for a full night's rest. I have goods to offer in exchange. Please. *click*
  7. Before the Infection, Anthony Salvatore was a musician. He always dreamed of making it big. A drummer by nature, Sal and his best friend started their band Alderaan Timeshares in 2009 and spent 6 years playing a local bar circuit. Many a night spent in a neon-lit, smoke-filled bar led him into the arms of Stacelyn. Sal fell for Stacelyn immediately. Her hair cascaded down her back like a waterfall of rubies. Her eyes green, like the waves in San Diego where he spent his summers. Freckles like little constellations across her button nose. Sal found inspiration in their relationship and began writing music. Alderaan Timeshares found some success earning airtime on regional radio stations. In 2015 Stacelyn and Sal became pregnant with their first child. Things went smoothly for a while. Stacelyn was able to continue working while Sal and the band played their gigs in the surrounding states. Unfortunately, there were complications during the pregnancy and the baby was lost in the 7th month. The grief sent Sal into a tailspin. He began drinking. He dabbled in harder drugs. Nothing seemed to numb the pain of that loss. Meanwhile Stacelyn was left to deal with her grief alone. After a while it was easier for Sal just to stay at the bar, or on the couch of some other user he met that night. Stacelyn couldn't stand to see what Sal was doing to himself. She packed her things and left a note on Sal's pillow, "Find me when you've found yourself. Love, S. xoxo" Stacelyn leaving was the wake up call Sal needed. After 6 months in rehab, and just shy of a year in the studio, Alderaan Timeshares landed a gig opening on a tour through Russia and Eastern Europe. The tour was slated to start June 2017. Sal had stopped himself every time he started to dial Stacelyn's number. He felt so much guilt for how selfish he had been when their child died. He never knew what he would say. How do you talk to the woman you love after you abandon her in her most desperate hour? Sal swallowed the lump in his throat and whispered his mantra from rehab to himself, "Waking up healing," before dialing her number. Ring. Ring. Ring. Sal's heart beats heavily so he can hear it. Ring. Ring. Voicemail. "Hey Stace, it's me. God it's been a while. I'm sorry about that. You know after-- uh-- our loss...*sigh* I should've been there for you babe. I can never forgive myself for how selfish i was. *Swallows another lump* I want you to know that I'm doing better now. I got help. The band released an album. I don't know if you've heard it. A lot of it is about you. *realizing the recording will end soon* We got a tour over in Russia and Eastern Europe over the summer. When I get back I'd like to see you again if you are willing. Alright, gotta go, Love--" *beep* you babe. Before a show in Chernogorsk, Chernarus Sal stepped out back of the venue with his band for a pre-show cigarette. Down the alley a ways a man began to approach them, hobbling as if he was injured. The bassist suggested the man's lack of response was due to the language barrier. Then he stepped under the street light. Under the flickering yellow streetlight stood a thin man with a bite mark in his cheek and multiple others down his left arm and leg. Blood stained the man's clothes. He ambled towards the band mates as their voices cut through the night like a like a hot blade through butter. With a guttural yell the man rushed them. Sal was quick to react calling on the boxing training he had started after rehab. Two stiff jabs staggered the chewed man, as the vocalist cracked their assailant over the head with the extra mic stand that had been left outside. The man fell to the ground in a heap. That's when the band heard the commotion coming from inside the venue. When patrons came rushing out of every entrance, some covered in blood and some not, Sal and the band decided to run. Over the next few weeks the situation deteriorated. The band had not seen anyone for weeks. An unfortunate first encounter with another group of survivors left 2 of the band members dead. Sal and his best friend, and last surviving band mate, Cole hid out in a barn and did their best to survive. A huge storm rolled through Chernarus over the course of 3 days. Cole ended up coming down with pneumonia as a result, and passing away in his sleep. Now all alone in a foreign land, Sal travels from town to town, hoping to find some sort of radio or communication device capable of long distance transmissions. He is friendly to most he encounters, offering food, drink, and meds when he has them to spare. A believer in the Golden Rule, Sal hopes his kind nature will eventually lead him to a group of like minded people, but in this new world, there are no guarantees.
  8. Hello All! First time RPing in a game like this. Normally my RP is contained to the DnD table. Looking forward to giving this a go. See you guys in Chernarus!
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