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  1. An Inquisition could be a really cool hostile RP branch. Really excited to see how this goes.
  2. 1) we are just random survivors who banded together to make Gieraltow somewhere people can either make a home in, or stop for supplies while on the road. we took our queue from The Pathfinders. my character ended up joining a group hoping it would lead to a decrease in hostilities, but as one of the hostile groups in question is no longer around, that RP line is dead. 2) I didn't but someone else from town did. apparently they were told there was nothing that could be done about it. 3) we have never been the hostile party. we have never even had our guns out when these hostilities went down. we are not hostile rper's. 4)There is no name. It's just Gieraltow. We would talk to the people who came through town. I am fairly open with what goes on in town to people i talk to. John Smith and his guys would come through from time to time and ask how they could help, but I personally never saw anything come of it. It's not like we had 5 sheds at 1 time. At most we had 2. 1 for food, and one for all other survival gear. They kept being destroyed, so replacements had to be built. If you go to Gieraltow, the area by the church has had walls built to keep out the dead, but those get ripped down by people too. If a resident of the town is in game, there is always a fire lit under the watchtower at the water pump in front of the church. we are constantly hunting and trying to keep the food supply for travelers stocked, and recently had a tent donated to us since the shed kept being destroyed. we left a note asking not to steal it as it was there to help people and it didnt last 12 hours. The town is not fortified like a base at all. Our homes are secure, but that is no different than the cabins at the Soup Kitchen being locked with their tents and sheds out in the open. My whole point is that that all falls under shitty hostile RP. These people either aren't giving an opportunity for RP by offline raiding, or they come around so often that there is no down time for us as victims. I believe there is a balance that needs to be rediscovered. I had an incredible hostile RP experience with Ladbroke Grove on Chernarus when I had first started playing here. They had a valid IC reason to come around, they gave reasonable time to comply with demands, they kept me guessing on whether I would live or die, and even tried to make amends when they were told we weren't the guys they thought we were. Absolutely stellar experience. CJ, Triss, and 5.0.3 provided a decent enough hostage experience for me as well, but everything else just feels like a gear grab with little to no RP.
  3. the sheds arent for personal use. just like the Soup Kitchen, we have been trying to set up a location for supplies for those who need it. we have a good RP reason to have at least one damn shed. Having items people may be looking for will bring more people to the town, which will lead to more RP opportunities. If they keep getting ransacked and destroyed every time we put them up because people have an issue with one of the characters in town, or because there is a shootout then it takes away from our ability to create the RP we want.
  4. I was part of a few players that have been trying to make Gieraltow a hub for people traveling through the south, but we have been held hostage, robbed, and offline raided into the ground every single time we add something new. one of the players is now gathering supplies for the 5th shed we are having to build because people keep destroying them. When people are targeted over and over and over for hostilities it gets really old really fast, and makes them not want to play. the Hospital in Topolin was run out because of bad hostile RP. I think it's kinda ignorant to say the efforts havent been made. Good hostile RP has it's place, but it is ruined when the people doing it attack multiple times weekly. It's also ruined when hostilities far outweigh the initial "wrong doing" if there was any to begin with.
  5. Not sure if there was already a thread for this. I didn't see one. If anyone is ever looking for a teammate on Warzone, Plunder, or HC multiplayer, I am generally down to squad up. Activision: Beanblanket#1632821 Bnet: Din#1487 I'm in Central US, but I'm usually up late. Hope to see y'all in Verdansk!
  6. 3.5e and 5e ftw! I love to play rogues, monks, and druids. Though, my coolest recent moment was on a dwarf paladin. Martyr'd myself to buy time for the party to escape a dragon's lair with a quest item. The DM basically res'd me after some light RP where I met my diety, but I was burned and disfigured. My ic brother was a blacksmith and crafted me new armor with a mithril chain beard attached to the helmet since I could no longer grow hair of my own. Was fun flavor for the rest of the adventure.
  7. *Roberto sits on the edge of the small dock, letting his bare feet float freely in the clear, clean water. He takes out his paper and pen, and thinks for a few minutes before writing.* To say the last 24 hours have been trying would be an understatement. So much has happened so fast that I can barely keep my thoughts straight. My friends and I were taken hostage by 503 today. It was my second time meeting the man in charge, CJ. Though, he apparently did not remember our first meeting a week ago. All the better. The less he notices me, the more I can pay attention to him. He wasn't interested in me however. My friends were threatened, and intimidated for drugs, weapons, and intel. Pretty standard criminal organization shit. Watching the scene unfold in front of me was a sort of sobering experience. The people being threatened were people I care about. People who have saved my life. People that have earned my loyalty. Watching what this encounter did to my friends after it was all said and done was heartbreaking. When you are on the side with the guns, it is out of sight out of mind. This was my first time seeing what such actions do to an individual. I am definitely done with that life. Over the few years since this all started, I was always willing to fall back to those criminal ways. Take what I need, and everyone else be damned. But now people have been through so much. No one is innocent. Our hands are all stained some way or another. Watching my friends anger and pain and what it turned in to was horrible. All I want with the time I have left is to make sure that people have a fighting chance. I plan on using my skills to aid those who need it in any way I can. If I am going to die soon, then I want to die as someone who would have made my father proud. I threw away my life before. I will reclaim it now. *Roberto finds a sense of purpose and determination in the words as he writes them. He stuffs the paper back into his backpack, and walks back to a small cabin where he has made a camp. He blocks the door with a chair and a desk from inside and lays down on the bed. A tear runs down his face as he remembers his father before he drifts off to sleep*
  8. lol i was so confused by you, but it was definitely entertaining!
  9. 1000x this! Tired of hearing everyone brag about kills of the same prominent characters day in and day out. If you get killed by a player 5 times then PK your character, obviously they werent meant to last through the apocalypse. At the very least, these prominent characters should be seeing some down time due to medical rp for being shot god knows how many times a week.
  10. *Roberto sits at the desk with pen and paper while his friend Bishop rolls another joint across the room. He takes another drag from his lit joint. As he puts pen to paper the rolling thunder and crackling fire become all he can hear.* I have not done this in a long time. Putting my thoughts on the paper. With things the way they are though, I fear this may be the only way to left to leave my mark on the world. In my former life I knew success. I had money, power, women, and basically anything else I could want. Moving drugs for one of the biggest cartels in the world comes with perks. When shit got really bad, and money meant nothing, I realized I was nothing. As the virus spread and the body count rose, all of my "power" meant nothing. There was no one to exercise it over to get what I needed. When your support system is ripped out from under you, it can be a jarring experience to say the least. That is why I thank God every day that, by some stroke of luck, Bishop happened to be traveling through Europe at the same time as me. He has helped provide me stability in an otherwise tumultuous environment. This country, Livonia, is so different to all I am used to, yet still similar due to the politics of the rival factions. It reminds me of prison. *He takes another puff off of the joint, but it has gone out.* "Puta Madre" *He reaches for his matches, relights the joint, and continues to write once the coughing subsides* Here I am though, sitting in a house in Livonia that Bishop has been able to fortify quite nicely. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to keep someone out. I only wish I would have been there. Maybe Bishop wouldn't have gotten hurt. He still wont let me even look at his eye, and that bandage doesn't look good. He assures me he is ok. I can tell it's messing with him though. I think this is where I'm gonna stop. The sun is coming up and the rain has stopped. I need to go find whoever keeps stealing the drawings I make of my dog, Chancla. You don't fuck with a man's dog. *He takes a final puff of the joint and tamps it out. As he gets up and collect's his gear to leave, the rain begins again.* "Puta Madre"
  11. I dont think you should forget everything leading up to your death. Maybe a time limit. Forget the last 30 minutes of your life. Something like that. It just doesnt make sense, if a group of players plan out a raid or a hostage scenario, and then they just have no idea that that was going on if something happens to them. The 30 minute idea would basically represent a small memory blank due to extreme trauma. which would leave you the opportunity to fill in those blanks on your own, as previous posts have described.
  12. Link to the situation: n/a Any supporting evidence or notes: n/a Feedback: After being in my first firefight with possible rule breaks I was involved in a report for bad rp/baiting. Fortunately the players involved were willing to settle things OOC, but I was still unclear on if how I was interpreting the rules was correct or not. I decided to ask in Discord for some clarification. Duke met me in Help Desk and after familiarizing himself with the situation in the report, went through each question I had and explained his answers very thoroughly. I appreciated that as someone who is familiar with Hostile RP, he was able to help me by giving me some good tips for future gameplay. Suggestions for improvement: Don't change a thing. That was definitely helpful!
  13. ^ What they said lol, though if possible, could a staff member please send me a message clarifying the rules with this particular scenario? I only joined the community in January and would appreciate the extra insight.
  14. So basically, even if someone from Soup Kitchen showed up and talked to them about a cabinet, none of them made and attempt to prove that to Connor or myself. Thus we reacted as if our property was being stolen. Since they allowed us to continue thinking that, despite their claim to have been told it was ok, this seems like a clear admission of baiting. They continued to act in a way they knew would push us into a hostile encounter. If I have misinterpreted this rule, I would appreciate clarification on it.
  15. 4.1 All initiations and hostile actions as well as their demands and conditions must be made clear and unambiguous to all involved players. You guys just walked up grabbed our cabinet and ran away. You gave no demands, and no RP after we told you it was for the Soup Kitchen. You ignored Connor's attempt to engage in RP due to you running away with the cabinet. You made nothing clear to us other than the act of theft. 4.7 You are not allowed to bait other players. Baiting is the act of provoking, insulting or acting in an offensive manner unsuitable to the roleplay situation at hand, with the aim of getting the other party to initiate on you. You completely ignored Connor's attempts to stop you and communicate with you, and mocked his character by claiming his grunts to get your attention were a nearby animal. You continuously ignored my directions to stop, and your man drew a gun. I can't see behind me. I was focused on the you and the cabinet, and never saw Connor draw, so my reaction was purely a response to a lack of compliance with a direct statement, and the fact that someone in front of me had drawn their weapon. 4.2 If you are a defender - the one being initiated on or subjected to other hostile actions that threaten your life which you did not start or provoke - you are allowed to defend yourself... You stole from us, and from my POV while I had no gun out talking to you, your man drew a weapon. This is an action that threatens my life, and since the whole reason I was in front of you was because you stole from us, I did not start or provoke this interaction. Also, you were carrying a cabinet, and 3 v 2 is not hopelessly out numbered. There is no argument for NVFL. If I jumped the gun and am incorrect in my interpretation of the rules then I will accept any punishment, BUT all of my actions were dictated by the fact that these guys decided it was ok to rob us in plain view, which I thought was deemed a hostile action.
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