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  1. Funny/Noteworthy DayZRP SA experiences!

    no rp, no rp server but great situation i run fully loaded down the road in svetlo, i was ambushed by one stranger. he waited till i passed him, he shouted: "stop drop your weapons to the ground! all of them!" and i told him ok easy i will do so, i dropped my m4, my colt 1911, my axe, my magnum and my amphibia s (all with magazines) hahaha he said get back, on the knees and hands up... i did... it was clear he had no handcufs, then he did a little mistake, he looked down to the weapons and put his away.... so i pulled my sawed off shotgun and said, "dude look what i found", he looked up and i give him what he needed hahaha nearly all was ruined but hey haha, so its allways good to have 6 weapons with you hahaha
  2. Germans on SA?

    heyho, i`m german, what time and meetingpoint? auch gerne per pm.
  3. hello guys

    thank you guys, there will be some questions incoming
  4. What do you do in Real Life?

    hey there, i am living in berlin, the capital city of germany. finished my bachelor 8 month ago and now i am slowly starting my freelance motion design career i do 2d/3d animations, short films and promotion videos. when i am not working, sit on some little videoprojects for myself or play dayz, i`m hanging around with friends or play battlefield 4 or battlefield project reality with some dudes...
  5. hello guys

    hi, i`m dennis from berlin, germany. i never played roleplay before, but i get the idea of it and think that there is no better way to get into big adventures in dayz. so i cant wait to see you guys in the streets and fields of chernarus.