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  1. Before i was born my mom moved to germany and meeted my dad and i also grew up there. As i was 19 and finished the highshool i decidet to move to America and become a soldier there. I lived there and found a wife. As the virsu starterd to spread in Cherno i was sended with the NATO troops to help. before i lefted i had a little fight with my wife and we decided to clear that when im back.... little did i know did was probably the last time ive seen her... Since the State lost controll of the Virus and my base was overrun by the infeckted i lostthe hope that my wife survied and just walk around and try to survive....
  2. Pre-Outbreak: I was a mercenary and i never stayed long at one place, i did go where the money was and the gun was needed. I was often outside from lavonia but i feeled at home there and made some friends. I even thought about searching a new job and settle down, maybe find a wife and start a Familie....little did i know what was about to happen Beginning of the Outbreak: As the Outbreak was made Public, i knew they need safty aand not everyone feelss safe with the Police and the Millitäry and i was right. Some rich guy hired me to defend his house and i accepted. Outbreak: As the Sate startet to lose against this Outbreak and more and more Places where over run by the Infected it didnt took long for them to come to us.Not only Infected came, even Survivers who wanted what we have or wanted help.... The Person that hired me orderd us to kill them all... I did this at first but after sometime i realized that this is useless because there where coeming more and more so some night i took some stuff i needed and did go away to survive on my own and to meet a new group.
  3. I would say im still new to this Community but i have some experience with rp servers and i dont see how a lore wipe will change anything. I mean all the players who play on the server have build up there own story, have made friends and even foes but thats normal. In my opinion is the lore just the beginning of a story and the players form the rest of it in there own ways, the lore team dosnt have to make a new lore they just can add the things that happent to the old one. Because a lore wipe would change the long time RP on the server, the players and the admins do.
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    The wait for the Rain to stop
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    hey ho, im quiet new here and hope to have fun and find friends here
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