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  1. Sometimes I want a map with the places where people die most...Green Mountain would be a giant red Dot on the landscape
  2. GeriX

    Outfits for Roleplaying

    I'm going for an traveller-like look, with used cloths, and most as possible self made stuff Edit: Well I was...got robbed today and they stole all dem beans
  3. Today a lot of crazy stuff went down at Green Mountain, we were getting robbed, held hostage, under crossfire, interrogated... 10/10 Rp from you Bruce(forgot the second name) with your guitar! We all had such a good time, you playing guitar until some people decided to hold us hostage... Hope we'll meet again soon, my "Brother in BakedBeans"
  4. GeriX

    Good, simple, and solid username

  5. GeriX

    DayZRP app?

    I'd rather suggest, simply making a forum-format for mobiles. I prefer the web browser over the apps after all, as it often removes a lot of things and only limits.
  6. "Alright gentlemen, we are very glad to have you here, it really seems to be a bit more complicated then we initially thought.. We called you in, because we observed some strange mutations of the initial structure. We have prepared six subjects for you to see yourself. I would recommend-" Suddenly one of my colleges Jeff Tillan, a young british student, fresh from the Harvard university, full with motivation and ready to climb the ladder of success, as I once was... interrupted the Sgt with the words"Sorry..but do.. do you mean...people?" "Of course people, what, do you want to test a virus designed for mass destruction warfare on pigs?! They are unimportant, people nobody would ever search for or miss.Welcome to reality, son, this isn't the classroom anymore! There's always some collateral damage if you want to save others. Remember that and now sit down and listen, as longer as we wait, the worse it gets!" Shocked about his words he walks out of the room mumbling some phrases full of anger. So smart, but yet so dumb... He continued with his speech, mostly scientific informations and details on the observations. The next few days followed the usual routine, doing various test with the subjects, visual, hearing capability, reaction time, all that boring stuff... But then, something changed. It was the 6th February 11:47 AM. We were just doing various concentration test, when suddenly NO.365 started acting strange..At first we thought it was an epileptic reaction, because of the medicine, but then..Blood came out of his nose and ears.. He started screaming and attacking the other present subjects. We ran in to stop them, ignoring the quarantine.. Than it happened. I think it was NO.370... He jumped right at me and started biting me in my shoulder, everyone was panicking...it was total chaos.. I was laying on the floor and saw one of the soldiers eating of Tillans face...He was alive the whole time.. Somehow I managed to lock myself in, in the storage room in the 4th floor of the testing facility. The whole place got locked down, nothing, nobody could enter or escape. So they thought... 6 hours after the event, I saw them all outside, walking around, clueless, soulless. All but one, he started walking towards the eastern fence. In the darkness of the night, he climbed over it ran in the forest.. I never met him again, to be true I didn't really care either. I was more busy with my bite...Many questions flying around in my head, why didn't change too? What effects does the Virus have? How can the infected walk around hours and hours, without eating or drinking? With the time passing by I noticed it.. I was changing, I thought...With the gun on my head, ready to pull the trigger I waited and waited...and I changed..but not like the others... I felt..relief, everything seemed to be easier, faster... I started forgetting.. "What was the name of my son? Wait...wasn't it a girl?" After three days in this room, the military came and cleared the place. They shot everything that moved and I barely got shot myself. But I was still a human..yet not the same as before....
  7. It was the 6th or February. The day that should change everything. My whole life I have been captured in the tight claws of society, morals, laws and the four walls of my bureau of the IfVeM "Institute for Virus Research and experimental medicine" in Frankfurt. Only from time to time, when there was a surgery on one of the test subjects I had the chance to escape..to be myself, away from the full and dirty roads... just me and my task, my profession. Five days earlier my boss came into my office to inform me of an ongoing research mission considering the recent events in a small third world country called Chernarus. I asked him, "Chernarus?? Isn't that a little country below Russia in the black sea? What would we want there?".. His answer was short, but still as clear as it could ever be:"Do you remember the soviets 'Project Lazarus'? It appears that it wasn't just propaganda.." For a moment I didn't knew what to feel.. Excited? Shocked? Impressed? For sure I knew, that I would be the first to apply as a volunteer. In my age, who knows when you will ever have the chance to participate in such a project again? Our flight was directly the next day. It was covered as a simple military transport and we had to stay undercover until we reached the military encampment. It was in the middle of a forest north east of Kamenka. And then we got the full report. Sgt. Razunow, a loyal and well known for his cold but rational mind, was standing in the front of the meeting room next to a desk with a laptop..
  8. Spikes himself to dead with his own hair
  9. GeriX

    Mod Media Thread

    Just a typical day at Solace [video=youtube] Thats what I call chaos