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  1. Woop woop, it's the sound of the police. LETS GO!
  2. *Willem presses down his PTT, coughs for a brief second as to clear his throat, and calmly says* ''This seems a little bit of a poor time for that, friend. I laud the initiative, mind you, but everyone is being forced to move to Chernogorsk in about a week. Perhaps you ought to clear yourself an office space there, and start running a postal service inside the city, rather than travelling between the towns.'' *He takes a drag from his cigaratte, and can be heard shifting his weight, some of the bullets in his bag tapping against one another, audibly so* ''Either way, if you need more information, or want a place to reliably run to and from for the coming week, you need to visit the large school in Novaya Petrovka. There's a small community set up there, I'm sure they would get the most out of a reliable postman.'' ''Do stay safe on the road.'' *After he's done speaking, PTT is released, and the man's voice fades from the frequency*
  3. @mikeyyturbo For the introductions given to my character. I was on the fence about the place, but the way you portrayed just a regular guy seeking shelter, it was refreshing. @Fujin For the quality medical RP. It wasn’t over done, emoting every single tiny detail, yet still managed to portray the sense that you knew what you were doing, and that Avery is a Professional. @AlkisLR Rarely do I see a character who’s personality shines out from a crowd like yours did. From the small belittlements to the genuine emotions when talking about that one strange lady. I’m aspiring to become as good as you are at RP. Thank you guys for an amazing evening.
  4. I must add that the Pocket watches aren’t easy to use, being turned and all. If you want one though, look in campsites.
  5. Character Name: Wilhelm Cornelius Quaedbrandt Character Age: 22 Years old Does your character have any physical shortcomings? Somewhat out of shape, though getting fitter from all the running, and hauling things. Does your character have a mental disability? Mild case of Aspergers Syndrome. Does your character have a specific disease? (Diabetes etc.) No, I'm afraid. Does your character have any phobia? Drowning in a car, afraid of heights, being locked up, deep oceans, feeling alone. Does your character have a love interest? History Books, the entirety of the 6th-15th centuries. Does your character have any addictions? Smoking, reading fantasy novels. Does your character do any drugs? Cigarettes, and Alcohol. (He's not an alkie though) Is your character overweight? No. Are you willing to experience (manageable) small Hordes of infected or wolves during RP? This is a dangerous world, I could be butt naked and suddenly there's a horde. Would you like your messages to be strictly serious or would you like a comic relief comment from time to time? I enjoy both. Anything else that we might have missed that you'd like to experience in game? Let me say first and foremost, great respect for the staff team for doing this. I used to play on a Minecraft RP server, and experienced something of the sort once or twice, and it was always a blast. As for things I'd like to experience, I can't tell you a specific thing, but I can tell you some things my character does often and is enjoying more and more, so it could perhaps play into his development or steer it somewhat. He spends a lot of time in the woods, simply travelling, and absolutely adores nature, especially the untamed Chernarussian wilds. He's been going around military installations against his friends' advice. He is seeking to gather some 'wealth' though, so he can effectively start trading, or gain leverage whenever he needs it. As well as that, he's keen on donating items just to be kind to others. He's only recently learned how to operate guns, and is quite poor at it still. He knows which bullets go in his rifle, and how to clean it (sort of). As well as that he does enjoy using his weapon. He used to be vehemently opposed to killing infected, seeing as they were just sick, but now, with some advantage-taking of others, has gotten to enjoy using them to practice his shooting, with excuses like 'it's for my own protection' or 'clearing out this town will make it safer for others'. He sort-of is disgusted with his newfound hunting still, though, and deep down is on the fence about the simple act of shooting / killing the infected still. This disgust extends to having to kill and skin animals, which he can barely stomach as of now. He's always had a fascination with Nobility, and is desperately looking for a sword to use as his melee weapon, because he thinks it would be incredibly cool to just stand there, talking to people, with his hand on a pommel. A childish desire, certainly, but one nonetheless. It is because of that he takes great care to always visit castles whenever he spots them, or learns about a nearby one from a map. I personally really enjoy smaller, more detailed events. Investigating something, or perhaps something strange about a location that's tied into the lore.
  6. *Willem presses down the PTT button on his little handheld, clearing his throat and making himself comfortable on his bedroll, afore chiming in* ''Personally, Okinomiyaki really takes the cake, or Gyoza. I went on this exchange a few years ago, the people I was staying with made the absolute best Gyoza I've ever had.'' *He'd chuckle a little, after which he takes a deep breath, and starts unscrewing the cap off of his canteen* ''That said, the man from before did have a point about nationalism for the sake of it being incredibly unhelpful. It leads to conflict, the last thing we need now. It's Chernarus in the form of the land, that I believe we ought to struggle for. That isn't against the Russians, it's with them, they live here as well now. This land can be whatever we want it to be, if its people band together and reform society in the face of all odds.'' ''But eh- don't want to bore you all any further. Have a good day, and stay safe alright?'' *Willem takes a swig from his canteen, and starts humming a tune, for a few seconds, before he remembers to let go of the radio*
  7. +1 My laptop goes from running a comfortable 75 degrees normally to 88 when I’m going through a town at night.
  8. Bow

    Hello, again

    Welcome friend, good luck and enjoy yourself. I hope I run into you IG!
  9. Bow

    DayZRP 20.9.4

    This time I hope @Slaviox won't make our ride explode by simply landing. Looks like a sexy update dev te,am <3.
  10. Bow

    Willem's Photo Album

    Pictures Willem took during his travels, with his thoughts scribbled under the small polaroids.
  11. -1 For me. A civvie doesn't need a ton of gear, as others have said. It's a conscious decision; wear what your character would want to wear, or get more slots to carry gear around.
  12. To develop more confidence in VOIP RP, as opposed to text RP. With it also comes the benefit of getting into situations I'll have to react to on the fly, situations which I hope to learn from. So that, combined with the increased confidence, I could become a better DM for my D&D group. Oh and I just really really like being able to play an actual character for once. Also to steal @Burak's FALs
  13. Forum Name: Bow Steam: Arveduim Timezone: GMT + 1 (Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid) Games: CK 3 - Novice Nobleman (20 Hrs ish) CK 2 - Roman Restorer (500 Hrs ish) EU IV - Amateur Administrator (200 Hrs ish) Stellaris - Seasoned Starlord (200 Hrs ish) Hoi 4 - World War Wizard (400 hrs ish) I'm down for anything ultimately, just need to find the time.
  14. I was the guy talking about the dead brother, to yourself and the man with the Jeep. @Aron73
  15. @Slaviox for the absolutely lovely walk from Kabanino back to Berezino. Felt that the conversations we had really reinforced what Willem's been told by the others he's met, and finally cemented his view on this new world, which was a good first defining character moment. This will definitely lead to more RP opportunities for us two, as well as things to explore for me when I'm alone. I'd like to shoutout whomever RP'd the Markus that tagged along with us for the ride, the confused druggie was convincing, and in my opinion not exaggerated too much, which definitely made it more believable and a more enjoyable expierence, even with the tragic ending. Then finally, the person playing Chris, whom I can't find either, but yourself and @Aron73 gave me a splendid time in the little conversation we had. I at the very least, felt it a little OOC, which to me means a good and engaging piece of RP. Overall, thank you all for making my sick-day better than it otherwise could have been.
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