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  1. *A click is heard ever so briefly, the static fading as Pieter realeased the speak button, his brows raising slightly as his troubles expression clears into a more neutral one.* *Before long the static picks up again, albeit briefly for it is followed by the kids' speech* "T... Thanks Stra-.. Str.. Stranger.. And err.. Hello, I guess" "Prison Is.. Island is quite f-.. Ffa far off though, besides haulimg this pack around while swimming w-.. Would drag me to the bortom of the sea, I apericiate the offer though"
  2. *Pieter fiddles with the small PTT device Kir tossed him for a minute before the lights turn on, a small red light om the side burning as he holds his hand on the tramsmit button* *Static can be heard, interrupted only by the silent rummaging and a sharp cough, followed by a sniff and a 'hmmhm'* "N- now h..h-..how do I u- us use.. This.." *Pieters' quiet voice stuttered these words, the clothy rummmaging through his backpack stopping, his attentiom focussing on the small device he laid on the table.*
  3. Today was great indeed, and I didn't get robbed on day one! Shoutout to the Duke of Devil's as well for setting up our little quest as ^ said, and thank you Palmtree, Cpt Tim Woods and Joshua for giving me a great day one experience. Your RP was great!
  4. It seems it is my turn then. Very well. [align=left]My day started off pretty regular, spawned north of Novo Dmitrovsk and started looting the town for some essentials, essentials I found indeed. Along with a map and comapss of all things, this map and compass prompted me to go and seek out adventure somewhere bigger, badder and more infected-ridden because the lovely town that had harboured me for these two years of infection had become pretty devoid of any life. Be it undead or living. The only thing left there were me and my pet chicken. Who I murdered after deciding to leave, because there can be only one. I kept his head as a trophy. [align=left]When I arrived in the Novo Dmitrovsk, I climbed down te steep hill to enter the town, promptly looting the important buildings with little gains, I killed a couple of the undead while there, but that was about it. I decided to head to the small forest barracks and loot krasno after. Very little happened, I upgraded my civilian gear ever so slightly and thats it. [align=left]Thereafter I started looting the two castles on the way to Kabanino, finding a helicrash along the way and looting that for some Stanag Mags I'd use to make friends later on. The castles also equipped me with a sword which apperently belongs to some baron, but ehh. Its mine. [align=left]I made my way steathily to kabanino after that, meeting up with some guy there who pointed me to the outcast camp, where I hung around for a little bit until donating my stanag mags to the Paladins, and with that. Making myself a friend: Kir, Kir and I teamed up after team rocket demanded our pika-.. err The baron of Devils Castle demanded we go return the sword so we can cast it into the fire and destroy Sauron, we gathered up some friends including our own personal walking bush: Tim and funny sidekick Joshua and we set of on a perilous journey to the land of Devils Castle, which nobody simply walks into. MInutes after setting out we decided that returning the sword was not in our best interest and we could use it to save Gon-.. err ourselves. [align=left]So we just went and took some AK from a tent I spotted before and bantered about, meeting some people who I promptly nearly blew up by dropping some grenades only to realise ''Oh theyre old and explosive, bad idea''. [align=left]The day was pretty average after that, we looted the airfield. A helicrash and culled some cows. [align=left]Overall, my first day was one to remember. Filled with bad pilots who crashed their helicopters, angry Baratheons who want their rin-.. sword back to destroy the free peoples of middle chernarus and a loud of fun! [align=left]Thanks!
  5. Sindarin as well, though I am quite inexperienced at both languages.
  6. Greetings and Salutations friends! I am Bow, or Arvedui, the last king of Arnor. Today I have come to join thee in thine roleplaying adventure! Jokes aside, hello lads n' lasses. After many a-time off, enough time off to render this not a rejoinig, but a joining. I have (hopefully) come to join in the great RP of this community. When it became known to me DayzRP fully transistioned into the standalone I could not resist any longer and (re)applied. A little bit about me? I am a dutchman from the magical province of North Holland, hailing from but a small village which' name I will not disclose for privacy reasons. [attachment=3345] (that is here) On average I am a pretty dull person, other than my great interest in RP my hobbies lie in gaming, fantantasy and science fiction focussing mostly on Tolkiens work and the Star Wars Saga. I played Counter-Strike competetively for roughtly a year as well, stopping at the rank of Legendary Eagle (After rank patch). Furthermore I great enjoy strategy games be it Civilisation, Total war or things such as Age of empires and Empire at war. I'll play virtually anything that is well made though. My pets are a cat, who refuses to be touched and my sisters Demon manifsted in a hamster, my family as a whole is quite nice. My parents are together still and my sister and I are on good terms. Further interests of mine include writing structurally flawed posts, fine dining and sleeping.. and that is about it. If you have questions, or require tips about RP (for I consider myself an adequately skilled roleplayer) I will be happy to oblidge as long as it does not invade what I consider my privacy. Enngelirianu! (I will be happy to join you)
  7. Bow

    Mount & Blade Warband Competition

    There are empty servers aplenty we can always try our luck in one of those Also wich faction vs wich faction. I say Vaegirs vs. Sarranids
  8. Bow

    Mount & Blade Warband Competition

    Hey guys to whoever has time, why dont we have a practice match together like today/tommorow so we all just get some practice and warm up a bit?
  9. I dont do warning. Seeing as i am obviously perfect
  10. Bow

    Mount & Blade Warband Competition

    Forum name: Bow Forum account link: Click my name Team: Any Timezone: GMT +1 (one hour later than england)
  11. It is what i am aming for. The insane ''viking'' warrior. I usually play the good guy so this is quite different for me but iam sure ill get better. Thank you for your feedback!
  12. Yes it is indeed. My new character wich i play since today
  13. The charred grass crunches under my feet. I spit on the black dirt as i look up to the burning village. The undead running aimlessly burning. The smell of roasted flesh and burning wood fills the air as i praise Odin and shout my warcry charging into the ruins. I hold the hatchet wich i see as a battleaxe firmly and start chopping off the limbs of the undead. I pant as i look back to a trail of decapitated zombies who are desperately trying to crawl forward to bite me, i ignore them and walk off. As i make my way through the forest i think back to my childhood. How the birds singing would always get me calm. How i would play knight and princess with my childhood friends. It was all good untill i went ''too far'' It was this summer night while the war was going on. I was outside on the beach playing with my dad's hatchet wich i secretly took from the tool shed. I was swinging it around getting angry at the fish. I kept trying to kill them but they would escape. I heard two motorcycles approaching and looked up. Tehy were driving down the dust road just up the hill in the forest and they were heading for me. I stood still staring how they drove down and did a rough stop where i was, throwing dust in my face with the stop. The men dismounted and came towards me. I knew who they were..They were the chedaki ''the big enemy'' as my father would call them. The men started shouting things at me but it was all way too quick and messy for me to understand. As i looked cofused at them one draws a knife and comes at me in an agressive way and pulls back the knife to stab me. I quickly react by grabbing my axe and i swing it at the man chopping off his hand. The other reaches for his pistol but i quickly cut off his head and i do the same a second later to the other. Ten minutes later i dragged the bodies into the water and i pack up the two heads and start running home. As i arrive and open the old front door of my fathers house i show him my ''thropy's'' and he looks shocked and worried. I shout ''I did it! I finally slaughtered some evil men'' and with that my father sends me to bed.... -More to come-
  14. *You spot a man running through a forest with bullets and angry men chasing said man* I ran. I ran for my live. The sweat covering my face and the warm blood from a wound slowly making its way down my leg. The sound is horrible. Bullets hitting the trees around me the shouting of the men vaguely in between the loud shots and then suddenly i stop and trip over a tree root sticking out of the ground. I look behind me scared saying one last prayer..Hearing one last shot and then...Black i no longer feel the pain. I no longer feel the warm blood dripping down my leg. Just empty blackness in a cold bed of leafes. This is the end. The last station. I did what i could and i failed. I am rejoining my family... *You watch the chasers take the body's possesions and you see them putting it next to a tree. When you investigate the body you find an ID saying Andrew Bakersson*
  15. Hey guys, ill keep this short. I am taking a break due to personal problems. I dont know when i will be back but dont worry i will be back some day. Bow, signing out (for some time)