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  1. Jack "Steely Dan" Burroughs was a quiet kid growing up in the Upper East Side of New York City when he was diagnosed with Schizophrenia at the age of only 15. He was, of course, given medication. He hated the way it made him feel so he turned to writing as therapy. He graduated from Harvard at 22 and became a freelance journalist. Journalism allowed Jack to travel the world and opened his eyes to all kinds of cultures and peoples. From Morocco to Shanghai, it seemed there was nowhere Jack hadn't been. While traveling and writing Jack picked up a rather nasty opium addiction and his career turned for the worse. Jack could hardly go a day without his H. He could sometimes make it a week before a score but only if he had some C to get him through the nights. Jack heard word of a massive score in Chernarus but he was asked to mule some military-grade M into the country from Russia. He made it into the country successfully and scored his H and a little C to boot. Jack rented a room at a slimy hotel and went wild--a drug binge that would last for days. Jack woke up not remembering where he was. He certainly wasn't in the hotel he had checked into. He appeared to have made way to a roof but why? Jack descended a ladder and realized the horror that lied ahead. Having been well versed in popular culture, he quickly understood what had happened as a group of infected undead stood just feet from him. Despite being unwittingly tossed into a zombie apocalypse, Jack's body still needed H to survive. He checked his pockets and found just one more dose. He quietly returned to the roof and took half, hoping two half-doses is enough to ween him off. He carefully makes his way to the woods where he feels safe to take his second dose.
  2. I come questioning the efficacy of listening to tunes while I run about Chernarus. I realize that it puts me an an aural disadvantage in-game but man the crunching of snow gets old fast. Obviously there's nothing stopping me, but wanted some community input as to whether or not it impacts the quality of gameplay while roleplaying.
  3. Hey all. Here for the fun and friends. Fingies crossed you're cool folks. Let's get this DayZ bread y'all.
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