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  1. Of course! I intend on making it a running thing that'll slowly reveal my character and who he is. Each except will follow a certain theme (This one being "Memories of Family") pertaining to events that have happened IC. Think of this as a prologue, in reality its more of a trial run to see what kind of feedback i receive to know if I should continue posting.
  2. I believe I figured it out. Thanks for the help everyone!
  3. Noticed the large ammount of people boasting their Razer mouses, which I personally dislike. I currently have this M/K/A setup. M: Rosewill RGM-1000 Wired USB (Because everyone knows Wireless is inaccurate) http://www.rosewill.com/products/2514/ProductDetail_Overview.htm K: wal-mart 5 dollar bin, no brand name. Intend on buying a Corsair Vengence K70 http://www.corsair.com/en-us/landing/k70 A: Logitech G430 7.1 Digital Surround Sound (Don't let the blue mesh fool you, they are actually very comfortable and keep your ears from sweating durring prolonged gaming sessions. If you don't like them they can be interchanged with leather cups instead.) http://mobile-gaming.logitech.com/en-us/product/g430-7-1-surround-sound-gaming-headset
  4. Dang, I kind of figured that would be the case. Ill have to reformat it on my Pc when I get home. Cellphone don't like high res. =P
  5. EDIT- Format has been fixed, thanks for bearing with me guys. *You see a warn piece of paper swirling waywardly in a gust of wind, thinking it may be of some importance you snatch it up and begin reading.* (The following is an IC (Through the eyes and words of my character) journal written about the life of "Claude Parker" a young jornalist who recently arrived in Chernarus.) [attachment=1128] I appreciate any feedback, whether it be good or bad I'm always interested in learning to write better and more compelling stories. Keep in mind this was written on my phone, so I realise it may not be the best of quality and most likely includes some spelling errors (Think of it as a rough draft, as this is my first attempt at posting any of my stories in the fourms.) Thanks in advance to everyone who takes time from their busy days to read my somewhat amature writing. =3
  6. Good suggestion, its hard to fit your character to the lore when they have come from somewhere outside of "Ground Zero" so to speak. Thanks for the ideas though, will def help flesh out my background as you can see it is still very much a WIP.
  7. There is always a possibility that you have yet to encounter any sort of zombie related scenerios due to past events. My character like I said spent a lot of his time prior to the event in Liberia, now, he didn't travel directly to Chernarus from there, he went back home (To America) where he spent a few months as a recluse sorting notes and composing his next big story. When the announcement was made that the infection had began spreading throughout the world he caught a plane as close to Chernarus as possible then took a boat the rest of the way. Durring that time he did not have any personal experience with said infection but knew about it. That is my story although it isn't always the case for everyone, I just was suggesting it would be cool to see more people who are still new to the outbreak. Remember, there are likely safe havens throughout the world, so it is very possible one could have traveled to Chernarus without having to kill a zombie or learn basic survival techniques. Hope that gets my point across a bit better. I just used my character as an example, surely there are other ways people have avoided the outbreak.
  8. Claude Parker

    The Drunken Diary Of Michael O'Hare [OVER... FOR NOW]

    Wow, that end was heavy. Keep up the good work, I look forward to more short excerpts like this, great writing style leaving you wondering what will become of Michael.
  9. I really love this idea, but it is a little off-putting that "everyone should be able to survive by now." Considering that may not always be the case, for example. My character, Claude Parker, A young journalist whom spent most of his time living and reporting on various events in Liberia. Now, considering Liberia is a very dangerous place and is riddled with civil war, Claude has become accustomed to the sounds of shooting and the fear of dying at any given moment. However he has never killed another man, nor has he experienced the dead becoming reanimated, nor should any "Hardened Ex-Military" anything, unless you have already been in Chernarus for an extended period of time. So, in my opinion there should be less people who are able to sufficently survive without any sort of struggle considering the influx of new survivors (including me). On the topic of "One-shot Characters" I personally would enjoy to see more people like this around our veritable wasteland that is Chernarus. It seems a lot of people would preffer not to do so as it is a struggle to restart a new character and back story every time you die, considering it is a lot easier to start when you have a radio frequency of all your mates whom may come retrive you and gear you up in no time. Which is understandable, but id like to remind people that we are in fact a roleplay community which requires creativity, so if you ever find yourself in need of a new and refreshing take, or just want to "find yourself" make some alt characters, play them as Perma-death, and get really creative with it. You'll be surprised how valuable your main characters life is when you spend a week dying and restarting constantly.
  10. Back in the old days, aka 6 years ago I had my own computer that I built specifically to keep at school, (I was in a technical school learning Elctro-mechanical, so I was allowed to have it there.) But basically I set it up as a server and hosted a World Of Warcraft server for my friends and I to play on, that was always really fun trying to explain to the school I.T guy that it was okay because I owned the P.C and was not affecting any of the schools files.
  11. Claude Parker

    Strange days have found us.

    Absolutely awesome piece of work there, sooo many feels! 10/10
  12. Claude Parker


    Log Horizion is easily better than SAO, though it is my own opinion, I find myself a lot more attached/invested in the Log Horizon characters considering they actually have some sort of development even if it isn't very much. SAO just seemed to not go in any specific direction, but instead focused more on the world design, and FX. If you are looking for a good anime based on being stuck in a videogame, may I suggest .Hack//Sign don't watch the rest of the series though, its utterly dissapointing on every level.
  13. Claude Parker


    *Raises hand eagerly* I believe Anime is quite a big staple in our community, personally I am a huge fan of the old 80's ones, they have such deep and meaningful storylines. If you ever have and questions, want suggestions, or just want to chat it up about the best and the worst feel free to PM me anytime. I'm always open to share my love for Japanese Animation with fellow fans!
  14. I actually just came across one of these in cherno for the first time last night, and was indeed blown away by the idea of a rooftop campsite. I actually took some time to sit down at the fire to have a bag of chips and a pipsi, it felt very "homely" and safe. Would absolutely love to see some more of these. +1 My Friend, now if only we could have a "Chair Sit" animation.
  15. My intent is to have an item(s) that you would need in order to regen any blood at all, and I would hope for it to be a very small ammount like 20-30% of whatever your current blood is at. Just enough to not die from 1 hit. Read the quote in my OP it'll explain my idea a little more solid.