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  1. my buddy. he joined awhile ago. don't worry we chilling in livonia
  2. honestly Chernarus hasn't been the kindest to Ed might head back home
  3. Yeah I just did it THANK YOU for having patience.
  4. so I was getting kicked because I wasn't on my active character but after looking and checking it IS active and my person's name in game is Ed Moro so I don't really know why im getting removed? and sorry for asking so many questions.
  5. Originally born in Massachusetts His parents moved to Livonia Berno to raise him. he lived his entire life in Livonia And was fascinated by the rich medieval history around it eventually he began to work in a museum nearby Livonia and berno to stay close to home. His wife was pregnant they had just finished there new child's room when a couple days later while they were watching the news it suddenly kicked to an emergency broadcast. startled he listned in to the broadcast telling them to stay indoors. screams of panic and gunshots slowly began to rise in the city when Ed made a decision that he would regret he grabbed his wife and the bare essentials and ran out of there house practically dragging his wife through the streets, road to road, alley to alley he made there escape until he saw it a group them tearing his friend Thomas Richards to pieces he used his friends screams of help as an distraction for him and his wife to escape the military were arriving at this point and things were kicking off even more as soldiers fought for every road and alley. Ed dragged his wife out of the city thankfully but disaster hit him when two months later his wife passed away. soon after he took up the crusader helm and sword and people began to call him Big Iron for the amount of metal he affiliated himself with. fueled by passion and love for his wife he fights to find SOMETHING to live for but after seeing theres nothing for him in Livonia he made the long Treck to chernarus Just before he could arrive at his destination he was robbed and thrown away by a group of bandits they left him for dead that was there mistake.
  6. so when creating a character in the equipment thing do we put in what we have now or do we put in what our character has to start with? Also how do I set my boy to active because I swear im stupid or something
  7. my name is James and im new round here other than playing dayz I play war of rights with 1st Georgia, kicking union ass (as usual). but please don't think im some kind of confederate supporting slavery I just like killin' some yanks. I play the character Ed Moro also known as Big Iron If you have medieval things such ass swords armor or what not ill probably buy it. also I might bring in a bunch my 1st Georgia guys into the community so we can start our own group. anyways hope to see yall out there.
  8. hey guys wanna say I cant wait to join yall in the server but can I move characters I have already to dayz rp or do I start from scratch as normal?
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