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    watch Ed's adventure as it evolves until his death
  2. so when changing characters, do you spawn in fresh or spawn is as your primary character and if I do spawn fresh do I need to put my gear on my primary away so it isn't snapped?
  3. Yall are fucking amazing in the way you handle situations and I love the hostile RP yall do. Please keep it all up. this community wouldn't be much without your Group
  4. my buddy. he joined awhile ago. don't worry we chilling in livonia
  5. honestly Chernarus hasn't been the kindest to Ed might head back home
  6. Yeah I just did it THANK YOU for having patience.
  7. so I was getting kicked because I wasn't on my active character but after looking and checking it IS active and my person's name in game is Ed Moro so I don't really know why im getting removed? and sorry for asking so many questions.
  8. so when creating a character in the equipment thing do we put in what we have now or do we put in what our character has to start with? Also how do I set my boy to active because I swear im stupid or something
  9. my name is James and im new round here other than playing dayz I play war of rights with 1st Georgia, kicking union ass (as usual). but please don't think im some kind of confederate supporting slavery I just like killin' some yanks. I play the character Ed Moro also known as Big Iron If you have medieval things such ass swords armor or what not ill probably buy it. also I might bring in a bunch my 1st Georgia guys into the community so we can start our own group. anyways hope to see yall out there.
  10. hey guys wanna say I cant wait to join yall in the server but can I move characters I have already to dayz rp or do I start from scratch as normal?
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