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  1. While Im not deving anymore, I can share that the function for the old writing on paper does not exist in current DayZ. It might be possible to create it some other way or simply wait for a possible reimplemntation.
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  3. 1.05 update will rebalance vanilla ammo once more and zombie health as well so wait and see how it works out then. I also voted no to both, I think they fulfill their place in the gun library.
  4. I've been working on prefab building for a while and I'm hoping I can have it done soon. Maybe with that, we could limit certain aspects of base building. For anyone interested, prefabs work like the watchtowers currently do where you build a structure in steps. I imagine making small huts for solo players cheaper to build while larger houses or structures for groups would take some serious effort to complete. These structures need a clean slate of land to build a foundation on, much like tents work when pitching them. The idea would be for a huge compound you'd need to start a foundation in a field and then you can chose which steps you wish to build first, the walls around or the internal structures but it would all still count as one persistent structure, meaning less strain on server. I'm personally very against limiting building access by placing walls or gates in the entrances and such so I'd opt for removing the vanilla walls and replace it all with prefab structures in the future. There's still a bit of time to it's completion and time will tell if it's a good idea at all but in my mind it should help with performance issues as well as offer both solo and group players a choice of what to build. The only negative thing is that you can't customize your base layout as you could with individual walls.
  5. Structures and other persistent items such as crates have proven to be the biggest performance killers along with players who have high ping. A few extra items don't do much at all.
  6. You'd be surprised at how many people actually dislike DayZRP instead of wanting us to use their stuff.
  7. I think they are fucking awesome, gives more options for civilians to wear better gear without looking out of their desired character. Anyone except a military nut wouldn't even notice it's originally a military jacket, looks like any good old windbreaker I have ever seen in the store. The only thing I'd change, and this is my personal opinion is that I'd turn down the saturation slightly on some of the more bright colors like the Red.
  8. There's no way to change the appearance of the beard except for making a mask item you wear. Changing the time it takes to grow the pubic hair beard we got can be done though @Kerkkoh I believe had something like this going, not a prio though.
  9. It's all about combating the hoarding, as long as storage is craft able we have to take other measures to stop the mass hoarding of weapons, like disabling weapons in crates etc..
  10. First of all you have to make sure you are allowed to mod and repack others stuff. Second, we had gun racks and it's not an issue of making them, we can do that in-house as we have before, the issue was that they are to easy of an item to hoard weapons in, resulting in dozens of racks in bases clotting up performance and decreasing weapon spawns in the world. Now, we are aware wooden boxes are used in a similar fashion currently but they are being reworked for a release sometime soon where they won't hold weapons in the same fashion some other storage does not. EDIT* Maybe I misunderstood, you want them to be findable like barrels or crafteable?
  11. We could, would still remain the issue of wiping all original class belts off the server and having them break when BI update something. Everything is easier with custom items that don't inherit from vanilla game.
  12. While it is possible to mod, it requires a new class for every single clothing item we want to mod so I don't see it happening. Every class we replace with new ones needs to be wiped of the server to not cause conflicts and each time BI would change something to the base clothes, it would all break anyway. I know Roland is not one liking when we do class replacements so I doubt it will happen. If we make some custom items we could up the hotbar slots for those but other than that idk.. Maybe we could make an invisible or low profile item that you can spawn for free from the store that you wear as a belt or some other slot, basicly it gives no inventory space but opens up 10 hotbar slots or such.
  13. Cant attach it to backpacks and it doesnt fit well on the belt slot. Case closed.
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