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  1. Misho

    Okay... This Fog.

    Would seem it's clientside, possibly another step for DayZ devs to save server performance, makes no sense in a PvP environment though.
  2. It's not something we can currently do and not really a thing that is a priority to figure out either. Maybe in the future.
  3. Actually zombies were not buffed, all ammo was nerfed instead to deal less blood damage and more shock damage, the 5.56 and the 7.62 now deal the same damage as well. The values don't make much sense to be honest, as much else with DayZ developement. If you don't PvP much you will only notice the Zombies as being buffed but if you PvP you will notice it takes more to kill someone. For anyone interested these are the current values from the game, "EXP" being the current stable version and "Stable" being the previous patch, 1.0.
  4. Misho

    DayZRP Mod Wiki

    Here are some pics of the Vityaz when you add the page.
  5. Misho

    Back to 80 players...

    Probably a majority of the server problems could be traced to the high playercount and populationdensity, even persistance issues can be traced to this according to DayZ Devs. 80 players is probably the max amount that could remain somewhat stable but 60 would be prefered. I totaly understand why we would want as many as possible but when it affects the server in such a negative way as the constant basewipes due to crashes etc I would vote to reduce it to 70-ish for a trial period. And RP is fun in groups but when you have 40 ppl standing around in GM, thats too much for the game to handle.
  6. probably could but its too much work for such a small impact.
  7. I also think the bridge doesnt make much sense for such an island, maybe the train track one. An oil tanker or some medium ship with some containers in the water would maybe make sense.
  8. Misho

    Permanent Settlements

    This is unfortunately someting BI have to fix on their end and they have said that they are "hard at work with it" but in the meantime we are currently experimenting, trying to find out what kind of impact permanent settlements and other objects we place on the map would have on the server performance. I'd love to clutter the map in new places and just make it all run down but if the servers start crashing even more than now because of it, its not a thing we will do.
  9. Misho

    Fix picking up items

    This is not something we can do in our mod. It's DayZ devs breaking another thing with their latest "hotfix".
  10. Misho

    Map Extension

    Yes, cool idea, not possible to do. 1. Would have to create a whole new map from scratch as we can not expand an existing map. 2. People don't realise how much work it actually is to make a good looking map. It took BI 5 years to make Chernarus+ as to what we see today and that's built upon the already existing map from Arma2. A whole new map with the quality takes years, as Namalsk has been in developement for 2-3 years.
  11. Misho

    DayZRP Mod Version Update [Feb 2019]

    Pics of the plate armor if anyone wonders, and a breathing mask of sorts for people who don't want to cover their face completely but still be safe in the apocalypse.
  12. I like it, if Rolle agrees to map changes, I would very much be up for making some custom assets for this.
  13. Frankly, we had this in the works before your thread, it's a natural step in RP. OxeN, that's not a valid image for me to use, if your group has a proper logo like the Free Territory, I can implement it if the group is large enough but that picture wont do. Sorry. Example of accepted logo:
  14. A bit of a rework of the armband for a smoother model and better texture, and a concept for groups in the future.
  15. Hey, as the armband is currently in my workfolder, I'll be revamping and adjusting it to look as good as possible. We have still not come to a complete agreement on how the armbands will work for groups but there will be a base pool of armbands in different colors and symbols such as UN, CDF, Medic etc... As for the model, it's a trial and error until I get it to fit well around jackets, most like it will float a little bit out of it but it should be barely noticable and not something to care about in RP.
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