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  1. Sure I can do this once I finish some of the other Lore clothing and rp items. I don't like the slippers though.
  2. Can't pull any info like that from outside the game, best you could do is have a generic photo of some random and some bread text on a piece of paper. Doing a custom UI for showing all that is poop. I think you gonna have to be satisfied with a RP object like a passport or ID and RP it out from there.
  3. Misho in RP when?

    1. Misho


      Never ;D


  4. These are retextures, no harm could be done from it and unless someone from the DRP dev team wants to spend time doing their own, here's a ready made option for some variety of uses. +1
  5. Dinkle pretty much said it. It aint possible with the mechanics it involves.
  6. Without spoiling anything, I'd say these would not fit in the new lore.
  7. The expansion map overhaul eats fps like a motherF*, I'm on a high end PC with 140 fps in vanilla but walking in one of the overgrown areas I'm down to below 70. I can only imagine for people with lesser specs. I don't think it will be used in any large quantity of servers because it would alienate a large population of players with lesser specs.
  8. The guitarr goes into the backpack slot. Headset rules are up for discussion I guess.
  9. It's in the shop now! Go buy it and support my future content
  10. The sheathe is not retexturable by default, this is a unbinned and rebinned model, Chinese(and russian) modders don't give a shit about rules but this is infact against BI ToS and would be required to be taken down from the server if used.
  11. The limit was introduced because player ping spikes affect server ping as well, meaning when you spike, the server also experiences a spike affecting everyone else on the server as well. The idea was to limit this with the ping limiter but I have no idea how well or not it has worked, Roland would have to add in on this.
  12. As a person who's very active in modding, I would recommend any server to stay away from FiDovs mods. They are an unoptimized mess of sometimes stolen unlicensed models(as with most russian mods) which most definately will affect the server performance negatively. Im doing some work for the server currently and Ive helped @Ducky and @Watchman to learn how to import stuff into the game so I believe you will see more new stuff from the DRP mod itself without having to add 3rd party mods. If it proves that my content is popular enough and goes well with the itemshop as well, I will be doing stuff continously as long as Roland is onboard with it. A long coat and hooded stuff is in the works btw, new masks and other stuff too. If you have specific requests make a suggestion and poll to measure the popularity. My mod MoreGuns is also in the works on expanding with new civilian weapons and new mechanics like dartguns. I realise not everyone knows who I am but those that remember the golden days of DayZRP mod updates have a lot to look forward to.
  13. I'm not saying Watchman and Ducky can't learn but their thing was always re textures and minor configs. The huge updates of the past were a thing because DayZRP had a big team with a lot of different skill sets. That's not the case anymore for various reasons. Cashew is pretty decent at gun imports, you will have to buy or otherwise provide the model for him though, the prices he has are for imports and maintenance, not the model/textures themselves. His only downside is being quite slow, taking months sometimes for a gun or two, but that's also better than none I suppose.
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