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  1. Misho


    Looks dogshit ugly driving and it basicly behaves like a car. But what Eagles said is true.
  2. Just a disclaimer here for everyone to know. This mod is NOT publicly available, it is a server mod. Any clothing or items in this style has to be created by us.
  3. I don't disagree with you about there being unused and non fitting shit spawning. Difference is, those things already exist, they can be enabled or disabled by the press of a button. The clothing that you suggest on the other hand is not available like that. Its a few days work to make/implement such clothing and ofcourse some variation takes longer. As said, even if you are able to provide the models with a free license(I will never import ripped assets.) it still takes a lot of work to make them work in DayZ. Its not a plug and play process like many of the things we already have. So I am not disagreeing with you over if it fits or not, I am simply not thinking theres a big enough market making it worth the time needed to create it. Which is why, again, I ask you add a poll to gauge general interest.
  4. I'll be honest with you, I don't see a big market for this on the server. Lets say models are available, actually free licensed. There is still a ton of work to be done before they can be used in DayZ. I just don't see it used more than a niche for a few people, not justifying the amount of work needed to make it available. If you still want to go ahead, add a poll to your thread to see if more people are into it.
  5. Yes well it is possible to do but it's actually a script that blocks this function so its a question for you @RedSky
  6. May be so. I have not personally tested it since removal but we did remove because of complaints. Maybe @Realizecan try it out.
  7. MoreDoors does not function properly and has not even been updated to 1.13 let alone the coming 1.14. We removed it because of the complaints that it doesnt work as intended.
  8. I didnt say we would I just voted +1. I dont meddle with the balancing of weapons and ammo though.
  9. While a cool idea indeed and has been done on Chernarus before sometimes, this idea has one flaw. That being a flaw that haunts Events as well, timezones, most Events and possibly this staff trader idea are ran in the U.S peak hours. As a EU player I have not been able to join a single event during weekdays simply by the fact that they are to late in the evening, having to go to work the next day and all that. Now I don't expect that to change, Eventmasters want the largest possible turnout so it's only natural to time it with peak hours and it can't be expected they run two separate timezones themselves so it is what it is. This would however result in the same issue, some people can never be there for when the trader is online.
  10. Yes I did and still have it but its still lots of work to integrate it into something useable. That was files for a repack of a dropped mod so not all done. Anyway not a prio.
  11. To much work for little to no gain tbh. Only the player consuming the said drug sees the effect of it so there is nothing to gain here that you can't already RP/emote out. There are mods out there afaik that add effects, if you want to suggest adding a mod instead of us having to spend time on making this, please provide a link for the vote and staff will then take it into consideration. But imo -1. Doesnt bring anything to RP that can't already be done conventionally.
  12. Hello I am online

  13. Would have to remodell the whole weapon in question so no minor change here. In fact it's a lot of work for a minor detail. Definately not a priority at this time but thank you for the suggestion.
  14. Im very happy to have you back.

    welcome back GIF

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