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  1. So what if the thread is old, the topic is still a problem. There's nothing more immersionbreaking than the silence before an initiation. Like, I'm standing 1m from you and I can't hear you tell your buddies over the radio to hold me up ? That should be done IC as well.
  2. Internally yes, public not so much.
  3. Sorry been away for a while. We did get it, among other things in game indeed, however I've backed down from implementing anything in game at the moment since the DevTeam has confirmed that all configs will have to be rewritten at a later date anyway, as well as new shader models coming in the future making texturing in the traditional way obsolete. It's simply not worth getting stuff in game at the moment since it will have to be re-done again. I am however continuing to build a library of models and desired functions for future modding once the new engine has been completely implemented.
  4. Unfortunately I have not the slightest idea how to actually mod DayZ or bring my shit into the game but I hope someone will pick up my stuff for a future mod. Bohemia might update their current models or implement the same kind of stuff I am doing right now down the future but currently I'm working on a set of stone tools and other survivalist equipment. First up is the stone knife, which is a bit lacking in game at the moment. Mine is made with some rags, a branch and a stone knife. All WIP ofcourse, comments, critique and advice is welcome. My goal is to keep it relatively low poly and fair texture quality for best visuals and performance.
  5. I must say, jumping on the public server last night was the most fun I've had on DayZRP in a while. I was just minding my own business being held up in a house by a pack of wolves, slowly clearing them out and starting to head out from the village when suddenly I get held up by two fellas, my heart was rushing so hard since when I saw them around the corner I knew I could lose all that I've been working for the past hours. I had my weapon out and so did they but there was no KoS, no shooting, I decided to comply to their orders, we exchanged words, advice and separated without problem, still the suspense of not being safe under the normal rules of DayZRP was enormous and my heart was rushing from the get go. Shoutout to the two fellas at Myshkino who held up Erik Jonsson, well played!
  6. Sot this is active, which server ? Stuck around yesterday for a few hours but no one came through the town on S1.
  7. Ouch, didn't know that. Still, as you say ArmA 3 opens up for so much more amazing stuff compared to DayZSA, sure there are communities for that but I think DayZRP could benefit from a A3 server with some kind of RP setup, graphically and optimization wise it's even better than current SA.
  8. Arma 3 project life mod is in beta and amazing RP, would love to give it a go on a serious server with persistent players. The RP potential of that mod is amazing, everything is player driven, from growing food to mining for oil for cars.