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  1. Ya'll gonna cry fat time in 1.12 lol. 5.56 gonna do 110 dmg and all rifles stun lock you on hit. Just a heads up
  2. Some solid suggestions, some have been discussed in the past and either tried and reverted(zombie/AI damage/health) or entirely turned down(darker nights). Unfortunately DayZ is still a quite underperforming game with lots of issues in the AI department. The performance is bad, the hit detection and AI pathing is worse. You can't realisticly have loads of infected in an area without draging the FPS down into the teens. Damage and health can be adjusted yes and it has been done to some degree(sprinter/tank zombies ex. do exist) but it's not recieved overly positive on the server it se
  3. I'll have to respectfully decline your offer.
  4. Suggest a mod or other way of adding additional content to the server otherwise this thread wont lead anywhere as the server does not have devs availabe for this kind of addition.
  5. Cant do custom animations for DayZ rn so its not possible to make something that looks conving as crutches imo.
  6. Definately doable. Id recommend it taking the glove slot since it wouldnt be visible under gloves anyway.
  7. Right I forgot FAL doesnt have suppressor. I also think you see them more common for that reason, thet were both purchaseable from traders until not long ago and maybe spawns were more plentifull to. But that should have been adressed with the removal in traders and spawn adjustments done by Whitename recently. I guess it just comes down to there being stashes of them still present. Either way, its beyond my ability to influence as I have no access to the spawn files,I just provide the weapons. This is the same for the PKP, I would have made that a 2 guns on the server kind
  8. It's an easy change literally just remove one line of code. Not sure why you'd want to limit it though, the guns are pretty much copies of eachother just cosmetical differences. But if its wanted I'm sure @Whitenamecan manage it.
  9. Yes wipe it all and remove all spawns. RPGs should be 2.99$ per rocket in the itemshop. But yes, not sure how long it will take for Whitenames loot changes to take effect if its not wiped. And the highest tier weapons and mags should really be rare spawns on heli crashes.
  10. I dont really see the point of this discussion anymore. There is no mod readily available for this to be implemented. Arkensors HypeTrain has been in "developement" for the past 4 years and he has even stated it probably wont be finished. Who is it you're expecting to make this a reality for you? Lets keep the suggestions to whats realistically possible to implement?
  11. The mod isnt done and never will be lol. Its been work in progress for the past 4 years.
  12. No I cant modify vanilla models legaly.
  13. Either Mass or MSFC probably. Both got removed a while ago. I can look into maybe how its done and replicate.
  14. Wtf are even double armbands.
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