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  1. Misho

    Base Raiding / Destruction Time

    Go ahead Gremlin my man, I like it.
  2. Misho

    Implement Flare guns?

    Physics are not working, as you might notice when you try to throw things, the same reason bows and crossbows are not in is the reason flareguns are not in. Just have to wait for DayZDevs to reimplement it.
  3. Misho

    Developer Roadmap

    It's unfortunate but the BI devs have not provided the tools necessary to do much else than retextures and basic item addons. While MoreGuns is being updated outside of DRP, it's also a slow process of adding more weapons and not something that DayZRP community really has any say in. We've several times tried to implement new clothing items, base stuff etc but in the end it's gone to hell because of the nonexistent modsupport for BI themselves. I don't think there needs to be anything more than the suggest and sneak peak channels in discord as well as the forums here to suggest stuff. Honestly, the time is not there for us to do many things we would like to so it's pretty pointless anyway.
  4. Misho

    Communities Thoughts On Server Mods?

    Unfortunately not possible. Been tried but nothing worked out.
  5. There are 10-15 guns of each type on the map at any given time, as soon as one is picked up or cycled, another one spawns somewhere else. Go out and find them. What this post is all about is that you just want to be able to get one in the first tent you visit instead of doing what the game actually wants you to do, move around the map and loot. Sure you might miss one that spawns after you've left the place or someone might have picked one up 5 minutes before you got there but that's the way the game is and should remain. We've had this discussion just a week back but it's clear from evidence both in server logs and from peoples stories that there are enough guns to go around as long as you spend some time looking for them. People are mistaking the loot economy as it was back in old mod or pre .62, it's not a static thing that spawns infront of you anymore. Loot is constantly being cycled and spawns away from hotspots of players. In the military base outside of Kamensk I literally found 3 AKM´s, 2 SCAR-L and a whole lot of doublestanag/drummags last night.
  6. Misho

    Item Durability and Duct tape Exploit

    I found like 5 suppressors in the same camp this evening. They are being buffed slightly next DRP update anyway, Roland buffed em himself so there's already that.
  7. Misho

    Item Durability and Duct tape Exploit

    On a more serious note, since no one had reported this bug and the way to do it, it's been overlooked. In reality it's an easy fix that we will push ASAP. The roll of tape will be used up without returning anything upon breaking free once the fix is in. About the other issues like repairing metal stuff, that requires us to change the code of all the objects that can be repaired with it, which might be something we do in the future but it's a bigger project which takes more time to finish. The third thing being discussed, durability of items is also something that has to be to each individual item which would clutter us with new classes. I don't believe anyone on the team is up for the that task tbh.
  8. Misho

    Item Durability and Duct tape Exploit

    Duct tape removed tomorrow? - confirmed.
  9. There's an answer to this in the thread a few steps down on the suggestion page, same as it has been for the past 10 times this has been suggested. Use search before posting the same thing over and over again please.
  10. Misho

    Remove buried stashes, increase barrel & tent spawns

    I agree with you Camo people are focusing wrong but we can't really just explode the gunspawns now. 0.62 used a different mechanic for loot and persistance didnt work. If we were to do that now it would oversaturate the economy and make an impact on server performance, loot is very hard to balance imo.
  11. Misho

    Remove buried stashes, increase barrel & tent spawns

    Barrels can be used the same way if you put them out in some backwater forest nobody goes to, this is an attempt to make it visible from some distance at least, if you pay attention. I personally don't think that stashes are the reason for the "loot issue" but since it's become such a huge deal, it's either nerf or remove it seems. We would have to nerf all storage in the case of removing hoarding since barrels hold a hell lot more than a stash and are equally easy to hide in the forest imo.
  12. Misho

    Remove buried stashes, increase barrel & tent spawns

    I'd hate to remove mechanics from the game, as we have so few of them actually working nicely. While I agree stashes are too OP, I don't think they are the sole blame for the "loot issues". So I've gone ahead and experimented a bit with a new stash look which might make it easier to find without having to crawl around on the ground for hours. This is all WIP so any feedback to make it better or worse is welcome, of course, this is only an attempt to keep it in but if the community feels it should be removed I guess Roland has the final say.
  13. Misho

    Where is all the loot?

    I left all the Scar's there, keeping my little Vityaz and Mosin Just sayin, I wasn't even looking for it but there's enough to go around.
  14. Misho

    Where is all the loot?

    Literally found 5 scar-L in one single military camp playing for an hour today. Where have all the automatic rifles gone ?!
  15. Misho

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    I for one don't care about losing my gear to quality hostile RP. But that quality has decreased A lot in the past years. I don't mind losing gear at all but when I'm forced into situations that are set up only to get my gear off my body without any real intent to make it an interesting encounter, well, then I do mind it a lot. Personally I'd rather be killed on sight for my stuff than hear another one of those forced "put your hands up" after a group of 5 have been silently staring at me for the past 5 minutes.
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