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  1. Within the eyes of Ori D'Fleur, the 11'th had gotten off to a fairly good start. Spending the past few weeks North of Krasnoe tracking fauna native to the region, he had finally accumalated a good variety of photographs that he could send back to his publisher. It hadn't been easy, living off the grid in such an uncomfortable climate, but the end was in sight. With no signal in the mountanous area he had made himself resident too, it was time to head back south and rejoin the comfort of civilisation. But as we already know, comfort is not what Ori would find as he reached Krasnoe; a now burt out former shell of it's former self. Panick set in. What had happened? Where is everyone? Had war broken out? Ori would soon find answers to atleast a few of those questions as he made his way further in. Approaching the bed and breakfast he had stayed at a few weeks previously, he spotted movement from within. Upon closer inspection, he had identified the figure as Ivanka, the owner of the lodge whom he had interacted with plenty of times in the past. Ori called out to her, and was soon met with his first encounter with the virus. Ivanka spun on her heals, an inhuman snarl eminating from her half torn jaw as she darts towards him. Ori freezes up like a deer in the headlights, holding up his arms as he braces for whatever is coming his way. Thats when he hears it. BANG! Ivanka drops to the foor, a plume of smoke eminating from behind her. "Were you bit?" The voice in the darkness calls out. "N-no..." Ori replies, his heart racing as the woman infront of him bleeds out onto the floor. As his eyes adjust to the lighting, he sees a man in some form of police garb approach. "Good" The man says. "More of them will be on their way, my car is out back. We should go". Ori opened his mouth to respond, but nothing came out. He wasn't sure what was happening, but he would be damned if he stayed in this place for another second.
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