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  1. An independent observer, he arrived in Chernarus following the civil war which happend prior to the outbreak. He was in Belozersk when the outbreak happened and was one of the few who went to South Zagoria upon hearing about the disease outbreak as he had to see how bad the situation was and to search for any evidence that could indicate it had been a chemical or biological weapon, however despite the effort from the military personnel in the country they were inevitable overrun leaving the region in an almost lawless state leaving Hawkes trapped inside the region, unable to leave due to guarantee and there is no communication to the outside world, forcing him to do his best to survive inside the region despite the odds being against him. The following weeks were harsh, but luckily he were able to find a group of other survivors and they banded up, however slowly the band became fewer and fewer as they succumbed to either the disease or the lack of food and when there was only a handful left, they decided to separate and go each their way, leaving Hawkes to scavenge from the forests and the few remaining houses left untouched. Despite the very harsh living conditions he quickly picked up on the few important skills to survive in the region which included basic medical skills and how to remain unseen by the infected.
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