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  1. Originally from New Zealand, Andi lived a not so glamorous life as a stunt woman, She had grown up with only her older brother as family. On day zero after discovering the horrible monsters that surrounded her she and her brother, Percy, escaped to a remote cottage and they lived relatively safely for a few months until one day Percy came home with a scratch. After dropping into sickness and with wheezing breath, making Andi strap him, with chains, into the small shed out back. She watched over him with a shotgun as a few hours later he was gone, and a few minutes after that his body strained against the chains, Andi ran... as fast and as far as she could unable to kill the one person she ever called brother, family. She ended up in Belaya polana where she met the man who would be her leader and friend for a long time who helped her find acceptance in a new family. In the course of learning to accept them she journeyed to the cottage where her brother had been decaying and finally laid him to rest. After being appointed head marshal of a group and in the course of her newfound duty did some horrible deeds, including executing someone very close to her. Although her fiery temper and general problem with authority led her to not always get along with everyone, she learned to temper her fire instead and gained the respect although not always the agreement of her peers earning the last name Walker as she had traveled and patrolled many corners of the land. Eventually her leader was discovered to have become ill and as he faded so did the hope he had brought to the land. He made her promise to always spread the light of hope and remind people of the fire inside themselves just like she had in her. When he died her friends and allies then scattered to the winds and she was left on her own. Still clinging to the morals and principles that were instilled in her from her previous allies she is searching for peace and a way to spread the light of hope to the best of her ability.
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