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  1. Haha! Well today since you mention it. I'll throw something up soon!
  2. TC_Nyx

    The death of an explorer (Dora Atwoods death)

    The joy Reija will have and the suffering Seven will endure. RIP Dora! You will be missed!
  3. I like it Kris, keep it up! Looking forward to see what happens next.
  4. Strongest: Khaleed Wahlami Smartest: Staggs Mr/s. Popular: Victor Cruz Most Likely to Succeed: Victor Cruz Most powerful group: vGc (optional)Cutest Couple: Jusef and Mina
  5. Daniel Brosis and Cameron. Such a sad event at Prud tonight, Brynn's heart is totally smashed after witnessing that shot! The roleplay was great, bravo to the both of you.
  6. I have to say that was one of the best days I had on DayRP because of the quality of the roleplay between Reija, Wolf, Alessandro, and Red Eyes. You're all fantastic with your characters and it was the only time Reija opened up to someone, and simotaneously ended up pissing someone off which in the end actually opened her eyes a little to a huge flaw she has. It was really brilliant so thank you all for that experience! We loved it too Conor! I'm always happy when I end up seeing you around on Brynn, because I know the RP is going to be interesting and deep. Props to you, sir. Keep it up, Conor is a keeper. You play the split-personality very nicely. I always get excited OOC when I see Amy on Reija; unfortunately it's always when she's busy in the clan and she can't really get involved in Amy's current shennanigans. I'm glad you liked the clan banter, we do make an effort to RP with each other a lot even though we're in a clan, so that makes me smile. Reija still wants to meet up at some point and get a few lessons from Amy! As always your RP is top notch. I agree, Staggs is fantastic as a character, and I really don't think you can get much better in terms of roleplay. Whenever I'm around him IC sometimes I'd rather just sit back and watch for the simple fact that I might be able to learn something from him IC and OOC about how to give a great quality experience when interacting with others. He really is skilled at making the roleplay fun and interesting even if it is a negative situation IC. I'm going to bring up Alessandro again for props because WOW. You really threw Reija for a loop, man. Getting her to tell you about her past, as insignificant as it may seem to anyone else, was a huge deal for her and she honestly didn't know how to feel about it afterward. You managed to make her have an inner conflict and make her uncomfortable - which, honestly OOC, is not a bad thing for her. The way you roleplayed your character was perfection. All the awkwardness, the hurt, the deep conversation about the meaning of life and what to do - I can't emphasize enough how much I appreciated and loved that roleplay! Red eyes, your character both intrigues and amuses me for different reasons and on different characters. Reija's impression of him is that he's another lost soul on the search for clinging to purpose. On Brynn it's that hyperactive guy who kept rolling around on the grass and spying on her and Chris while they were trying to catch up lol! But Reija wants to find him now after that little mysterious comment he made at Prud about doing her a certain favor. Thanks for the great roleplay, I love your character and I can't wait to play with you again soon! Mina, it was great seeing you again on Reija for that execution of your captors. Both yours and Jusef's (even though he wasn't there that particular day) RP are wonderful and wholesome. When Reija is speaking to Mina, as brief as their conversations seem to be, she knows she is talking to a strong woman and for that reason Reija does have a lot of respect for her. I hope someday to get to know her better, but the mystery does add to her charm! Of course, Chris Thornbrook. He plays a grey area sort of guy in a very believeable way, and I very much appreciate that about him. Playing a character that doesn't actually want to hurt other people but can understand the positions and mindsets of bandits who do is not always convincing, but Chris definitely has his reasons, and that in itself is respectable in and out of character. He's just one of those people that has a good head on his shoulders but falls into some unfortunate circumstances, and the player plays him out as a person being affected by those circumstances extremely well. It's always a treat to see him in game. Buckly Bang! You play that character so well you make it look easy, and wow, am I impressed. Even though he comes off as a bit silly at first, it's not hard to figure out if you spend enough time with him that he does actually have an interesting story to tell and there are reasons why he is the way he is. You pull him off wonderfully, and it is always refreshing to see him in game, even if one of my characters absolutely thinks his existence is moot. (So sorry about that by the way haha). Keep it up, I love him to pieces! Dora Atwood, ooo, you just love trying to get Reija to soften up don't you haha. I greatly enjoy the roleplay we have together, as awkward as you make Reija feel at times - she's actually kind of getting used to it, and I think they're both affecting each other in opposing ways. I'm always excited to know what's in store when Dora pops up with Reija around, it's always a good time and a lot of that is thanks to the roleplay experience you give to those around you, so bravo, and thank you.
  7. Wow! Wow just wow. That is a crazy how many zombies that attracted. That holy book is bad voodoo.
  8. Death One: Innocence Reija tenderly rubbed the swelling whelp on her jawline with hurt in her eyes that threatened to grow, sitting in the dirt on the side of the street as she watched the situation escalate with a young, innocent gaze. Her brother Trofim had already slammed the kid who had backhanded her to the ground, and was beating him in the face relentlessly. Blood was starting to cover his knuckles by now. Reija sniffled and sat up, dusting off the little handmade dress her mother had given her. It was ruined now, and mother wouldn't be happy about that when they finally returned home from school. Home was where they were headed after class, until an older classmate decided to follow them. He'd caught Reija's attention while Trofim walked ahead, and was quite nice to her, asking if she had seen his friend while they were on their way out of school. She shook her head quickly and shyly smiled, and it was then when he'd felt Trofim was far enough away that his own expression turned dark and he grabbed Reija firmly by the arm trying to drag her out of obvious sight. Suddenly demands come forth to give him any money she may have had. She quickly whimpered that she didn't have any, and her eyes clenched shut as she started to let out little muffled sobs. A wickedness crept on his lips, as if that was the answer he was actually hoping for. It was clear he was just looking for someone to hurt now. "Poor, stupid bitch.", he uttered, and it was then he landed that blow to her face. She almost knew it was coming as she braced herself for the impact of the older, much larger teenager - she was only ten herself, so the hit knocked her backwards to the ground. She'd let out a yelp - luckily her brother whipped his head towards the sound, working his way back to their location. Trofim, finished with his task with a heaving chest panting out seething anger, had knocked the kid unconscious. Reija worked her way to his side and wiped away the tear lines down her face, giving her brother a somber look before her gaze fell to the bloody face before them. They silently came to an agreement, and began searching his pockets. They took whatever they could find of value and started on their way back home once again, with Trofim trying to wipe the blood off his hands, and Reija frantically trying to rid her dress of dirt as they walked. "Wipe that look off your face Reija.", Trofim muttered, spitting on his knuckles to more easily wipe the now drying blood off. "You know if they see those tears you're in trouble." Reija frowns slightly and started to wipe her face off, putting in the effort to numb her expression as she nodded slowly. "But I am already in trouble.. I ruined the dress mama made me.. she's going to be mad, and papa will give me the branch.." Trofim shook his head, his eyes and expression turning numb themselves. "You know he can make it worse." They silently agreed, and although the pain on their faces were masked, they had yet to master hiding it in their eyes. That night she indeed did get a whipping from the supple branch their father used to correct them, so much so the burning stings left thin scars along the back when they made an especially bad mistake. 'Mistakes' were a subjective term in their case. Reija received twenty-eight lashes that particular day. Three for being fooled, five for being weak enough to cry, ten for ruining that dress worth two full days of work, and ten more for letting Trofim clean up her mess instead of standing up for herself. "Weak.", he spat at her feet once he finished his discipline with a look of disgust. Reija was not allowed to cry or show any sort of pain during these moments, if she did, he would add another five lashes. All she could do was hide away in her mind during this period, slowly nodding in response to his words as she fought back the sting reigning hell over her back. This had become a regular disciplinary tactic once they had turned ten. Fortunately, they knew their father was to be deployed in the army soon enough, and they wouldn't see him again for some time - or so they hoped. Reija wandered the shack of a house they lived in until she found the room she and Trofim shared, letting herself carefully slip down into the mess of blankets on the floor that served as her bed. "This is the end of your innocence. You are no longer allowed to be prey. Prey insinuates weakness, and weakness does not command respect. Fear commands respect, Reija, and I will make you remember that - both of you. No child of mine will ever be allowed to become anything less than the best - I expect nothing less than perfection from either of you. I need you strong, I need you to make a name for this family - failure is not an option for you.", said a voice from the doorway that carried in the thick air, the low tone of her father's farewell words before he left the following morning on an operation the family was not even allowed to know details about. She had no response, she only understood that something dear to her was inevitably dead that day. None of them knew that this was only the first of many things to lie in the wake of death - innocence was just the beginning.
  9. I had a nice time getting to know him a little better on Brynn. The way he acts makes me feel it's as if he has some deep twisted story to tell, and that makes him like-able/interesting to me. He seems the sort that enjoys weaving a certain image about himself, and I think he likes to be mysterious on purpose because it gives him an edge if he should decide to manipulate a person or situation. At least, that's what I'm feeling when my character is around him, I could be totally wrong, but nonetheless I love it - so good job!
  10. I'm so sad and Reija felt that his murder was extremely rude since it was midst a rather important conversation.
  11. Seriously Psi and Frankie. I saw Frankie's videos on it, thought it was interesting, and then later when I ended up watching the series Psi made, it was so entertaining the only thing I could think after that was that I had to be a part of this.
  12. Being that it's very rare and most people will use it properly, I don't see any problem with it. It can be so useful for those just trying to escape hostage situations, just as much as it is useful for putting someone into a hostage situation. I sort of understand the want for RP beforehand, but I don't necessarily think it should directly be about the chloroform. Speaking to the person in a way that might subtly foreshadow the intention of chloroforming the victim seems like the more courteous and sensible option to me. EX: Culprit 'Hmm, you know, you look a little sleepy.' Victim 'What? I'm not sleepy at a-' Chloroform initiated. Something like that but obviously a little more detailed and drawn out. That's just an example. It gives them a small window beforehand if they're smart to figure out what's about to happen, added with the fact someone has to be really close to the victim for the mechanic to work. That's what I would do anyways, if I was going to use it in that way. Then you report them and let the admins handle it, that's what they are here for. To take reports case by case and determine what is reasonable and what is not in an RP/rule sense. I'm not sure there is a lot that can be done to minimize those occurrences. The most they can do is make it more rare, but that still won't stop people who use it in a lame way from getting it, it just punishes everyone who tries to keep it on hand. Absolutely true, and people shouldn't be able to use radios when they're unconscious either.
  13. TC_Nyx

    Letting people die

    But doesn't the reaction of the person watching depend on their personality? I mean I have one character who would help no matter what, even if it meant her own life, and another who would watch and laugh at you as the zombies tore your face off. Just because you're dying and someone is near you doesn't mean they have to do anything at all. Sure, they should react in some way, whether that's speaking, or running away because they don't get involved, or whatever.. but just because there is death involved doesn't mean every character is going to react to it in the same way. If it was me I wouldn't have been upset at all. I get mauled by zombies in front of people all the time. This is just another grey area. I think people take things like this a little too personally at times, just in general.
  14. She's my attempt at a cold and heartless soul, of sorts. I have to say I was pretty happy that she and Amy got to 'meet', if you could call it that. I enjoyed their interactions in the car a lot even if it was short. Brynn probably would quite easily given time, but Reija's got quite a different perspective on the purpose of having an attachment to another person. I felt so bad for Dora out of character, her story was really screwed up, but I still felt lucky I got to hear it. Thank you both for the experience and as a player I apologize for the part Reija played in the trauma of that night that has any permanent effect on your characters.