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  1. Danny Greene was born in Wexford Ireland 25 years ago in the month of June. He lived his life as a mechanic in his home town for years. Working his hands to the bone for his son(Riley), his girlfriend(Sarah), and himself. They lived in a small farmhouse just outside of town. Danny would work go to work early in the morning while Sarah would take care of the family. After all the years they had finally saved up enough to take the family on a trip to Chernarus. Danny never was a huge fan of travel but he would do whatever it took to make his family happy. The plane ride there was not so comfortable as Danny had never been on a plane before. Danny never did like not being in control, no matter what vehicle he has always driven. After they arrived they went to start seeing tourist sites around the country. They saw statues, large beautiful buildings and churches, and amazing scenery of the oceans and hillsides. While in the random hotels they kept seeing new reports of weird things happening around. People attacking each other, to them it looked like just a bunch of rioting in the streets of some town. "Probably some politician or company had done something they shouldn't. Same old song and dance." was the though that had crossed Danny. They where on their way to Kamyshovo to view the island that are just off the coast they where rushed off the road by what they thought was a drunk driver. After checking on his family he went to go check on the other driver who had driven off the road and into the ocean. The car had sunk into the crashing waves below. When they reached the outskirts of Kamyshovo they saw chaos between the townspeople and military. During the confusion a soldier came to them and told Danny to take him and his family away from any of the cities. He said something about a plague and that none of the cities where safe. So Danny took his girlfriend and child in the car and started driving inland to get away from everything. All the small towns they passed through where either completely deserted or had a complete lack of help from the locals. They did finally find a farm that was looking for survivors, they took in Danny's family and gave them food, water, and a warm place to sleep, In return they help on the farm. They planned out how they where going to leave the country, by plane, if not by plane than by boat. They finally made it to the airfield north of Vybor. There was no one around, just empty planes, destroyed jeeps, and silence. On their way to the coast they where attacked, and Danny was seperated from his girlfriend and son. Danny started looking in the villages near him but never found anything. He finally made it to the coast but still couldn't find them. For now he is randomly wandering the country trying to find his family, even attempting to venture into nearby cities for quick food grabs.
  2. Hello I'm Danny, my friend recommended me this server while we we're playing pvp together. I've been trying to fill out the whitelist application but when I put in my steam login info it says I don't own DayZ. Not sure why, I bought it through steam. If someone could help so I can start I would appreciate it. -Danny
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