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  1. My character is Zack Rengans. Born in America, He moved to Chernarus at the Age of 6 with his Family as his Father received a job oppurtunity there. Zack grew up as a quiet and shy person, as moving to a new home in an entirely different enviroment and going to a new school took a toll on his outgoing qualities. As he grew up, he tried to break out of his shell but failed time and time again struggling with being in Chernarus. Before the outbreak, Zack being 22 now, He got a job at the local super market as College and other forms of Further education never interested him. His parents left a week and a half before the outbreak hit to visit extended family in America but Zack couldn't go as his work wasn't very flexible with vacation time. Zack tried everything he could when the initial outbreak struck to get off of Chernarus but there was no way that seemed remotely safe. He had always had a good sense of mind and gut sense when not to do things and made sure to think through possible outcomes of everything. Zack's goal now is to try and survive in Chernarus long enough to find a safe way back to America to make sure his Family is safe.
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