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  1. Randall (Randy) Winters is a 48 year old Texan. He inherited a small chain of Sporting Goods Stores from his father, who died of cancer at age 60. The cancer was a very rare form and over time Randy began to suspect that the cause of the illness was related to his father's Military Service, which he would never discuss. Randy spent the last 10 years searching the dark web for information on his father's involvement in various shadow conspiracies. Although he never found any concrete evidence of his father's involvement in anything, he became an avid "prepper" building a bunker on his family land and stockpiling for the coming events he felt would signal the beginning of the end of mankind. Becoming a recluse over the years, he turned operation of the family business over to his only son. Weeks prior to the outbreak, his son Connor, flew to a meeting in London, in which he hoped to sign a deal for import of new goods for the business. Days before the outbreak, all communication ceased. It were as if Connor had just vanished. Randy became desperate and chartered a flight to follow his only lead on his son's whereabouts. While on a layover in Chernarus the flight was first delayed then cancelled. Randy has been stuck here since.
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