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  1. My character is a guy without any special training. Before the outbreak he was a nerd and he was reading lot about zombies and he believed that appocalypse could happend, so when the outbreak started he was ready and kept a calm mind. Later after outbreak he was trying to scavange all kinds of things that he could. After few days of scavanging he got a lots of stuff. But some bad guys saw him getting back to his shelter. In a deep dark night they have tied him up and took him hostage. They took all of his stuff too. They had a big bus and said they are going to other country becouse the outbreak wasnt so bad there. But they had to pass through Chernarus. Few hours after they took him hostage the guys they took him were saing they arrived to the Chernarus border. They passed through without any trouble but after few miles/km they were getting shot at and they haved crashed. He managed to escape in a firefight and met a friedly guy near Electro. He tought him more survival skills and he was like his father for a while then one day he got a heart attack becouse he wasnt the youngest after that my character decided to gather loot around Chernarus and help those in need like the old man helped him. He was iven ready to kill someone if it meant to help someone else.
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