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  1. thanks for all your posts. i belive now it will not a problem to do what i want to do. see you in the "rp world" best wishes Daniel
  2. thanks for your answer, thats my plan :-) sure, thanks too
  3. i want to ask if its possible to play as a handicapped person that is unable to speak clear words? as we all know to play on dayzrp its necessary to speak (+write/read) english. but in the view of roleplay why it should not possible to play as a character that is somehow sick, including to be speech impaired? or "probably" to just fool people to let them belive the hes sick even if hes not? i may just able to make "sounds" or speak unclear words that can people help to understand me (after a while) what i want to say to let people know for example if i agree or disagree in something or if im bad or need help or if i want to show people something and so one.... with use of "recurring words per unique meaning" like a own simple language that could be understood by third persons as the words/sounds will not pure random/mixed? so what the community and mods say about my idea to play as an "probably" handicapped person? best wishes Daniel
  4. and doesnt matter for me if you belive it or not. and i didnt sad, that its not true. i decided to not RP withing this issue. i decided to not voice with my man-voice as a girl skin. i deviced to not chat with my man-name as a girl skin. im sorry when i was so wrong but its hard for me to belive that this ruined your RP and you better prefer a RP with a man name that have a man voice that chat with a man name and have a default girl skin! -snip- good evening! -User was warned for this post-
  5. it was just ONE OOC point that got a bit explained! about the r-rule? i was a girl that just was scaried that it can maybe can happen... but ok i know the rule, REALLY. i dont know why i done it, i was to much surprised i think. im not a robot. i "saw" a girl running away from a couple of boys, was my only idea as reason for a panic like reasonless runaway szenario. no, this wasnt the issue, i set my default char correctly. its not my first dayz stanalone day. and it was the default one. (for me girl is default with empty configuration, i dont know hows for others) it happend after a DC/Servercrash, i think was a server crash because the reporter told it in his message. I still saw my man skin in the mainmenu and character-edit menu... when i reset the settings and joined other servers the issue was gone. im pretty unlucky with sa since the last patch. before this skin issue i was unable to set my resolution and some control settings. but this is not the topic
  6. year a lot of content. i sad mostly what i have to say. i was not in the game i had a bug i dont played a girl and i will never. the game bugged me into this skin. i told you whats wrong in OOC, and it get ignored in the end. dont tell me you dont know what i speak about. if two of you say the true, thanks to the third that forced this crap! a girl that run away because its scaried about to get probably raped even if its not allowed its RP and im not sure if this break the shown rule. but this have to confirm a mod. -------- @warmachine, if you mean this part: 16:17:36 : Group: George Riggs: Uh, do you speak? 16:17:58 : Group: George Riggs: I'll take that as a no... yes your right, i needed around 30 seconds to belive whats happen and to think about what i can do and around 10 more to write the text... you knowed about my problem no? you cannot imagine that i maybe have to think about what to do in this situation? you want me to speak with my masculin voice as a girl?, a come one... @pat This is clearly No-Value for life. You should always prioritise RP. if you spawn in a female skin, you should still Roleplay it out. no, i disagree, not when i have a glitch/bug. i remember a situation where somebody died for glitch. nobody made a prior around this (around 11-12 people that was in this place in prud in this moment was all bad in RP, right? the solution was fast and clear, hes drunken and sleep, done. after 25 minutes he was back. the same in my view i tried too... ---- PS: again, i dont ignored RP. trolling? if you FEEL bad or if you THINK OR MEAN, its not players business.
  7. hey people, i dont know wheres the problem. -snip- ya maybe you catched me in "bad rp" MAYBE. but you guys FORCED it and used my helpless situation for your personal fun. very nice people. was not enough revenge to let me play as a girl and kill me no? you also have to report me.. nice! -snip- so mods, let me explain what happened AT ALL! ---------- i had some issues and im sure more people have problems sometimes in the unstable sa. i asked OOC if somebody can kill me. and i explained that i have issues. also i had already other issues this day and because im just a human and i was a little pissed, i tried it like this before i request a character reset by an admin or try other stuff. seemed senseless in this case for me. after i died all was good, but when i joined and i was suddenly this girl i had crazy issues. but back to the topic: i think it was a server crash or a DC from my side when i respawned i was a girl. i ran around 1 hour with a girl skin around the map without to find a way to respawn/kill myself. i had a lot of issues, bugged menu items gfx was amazing ugly and more small issues in the same time... i had bugs, simply! (fixxed most by removing dayz cfg file and resetup all) so... i was unable to join anymore with a man skin. i fixxed the issue with the skin, tried other normal dayz servers first and relog into RP to find a way to respawn/die to get the correct skin loaded. and as i told already i dont find a way to kill myself and i wasted a lot of time. and i dont want to get in touch with people BECAUSE it can cause a bad rp. but i get in touch with some people and because they saw me already i gave up and give myself an OOC try. so i asked OOC if somebody of this people can kill me please to hopefully fix my skin issue. they disagree because they think it is not conform with the rules. so what i can do? i dont know whats so bad if i ask for help to get rid of a bug! im not the only with this, im sure about this! and im sure that not all the people get reports for this! i done same kind of help in the past for others players... in the end.. to repead they disagree so i left to find a way to respawn/die far away from this people and they start to force RP with me (very nice guys) so what i can do i should speak as boy voice with a girl skin after all this what i explained/asked over OOC? was not a nice turn by them but ok, i dont wanted to be bad and the only idea what i have for the moment to get rid of this situation was to run away and yes to chat about "my fear". i had to say something and this was the first idea what i had. im sorry, but im not this kind of people who play 90% of my games as a girl if possible. i dont have that much training like others. wheres the bad rp? i was a girl, forced, and i dont trust boys because i dont wanna get raped. and? maybe this is the RP the past of this mysterious girl, that nobody knows. where and why bad RP? was the only idea what i have in this moment. i searched for a RP reason to run fast away from the people because they dont let me go. they start to speak with me, they just do it like "nothing happend" we never see the OOC message. i really dont except that they are so bad to force an RP situation with me after my explained situation. "The person then runs off, ignoring all RP and we follow his path" its absolutely not true! i run away some meters, when i see they follow me and dont let me and try to force an conversation, then i wrote this message in the chat and run then stey start to warn me that i get shot if i dont stay. and i dont stay, but this is my problem not theirs and not a bad RP. wheres the ignored and bad RP exactly? i cannot ignore people? (what i didnt done btw.) you know how much time i see ignoring people in dayzrp? in this game, in a zombie apocalypse full or anarchists and other crazy people its absolutely normal that people ignore, not because of bad rp because of real rp! i ignore you as a person that dont want to get/stay in touch with you, simply! and in my mind for sure i dont stay because 1. i wanna die. 2. i dont want to play RP with a girl character. so i gave my RP-reason and run people, that was a char that never should get in touch with anybody! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- people dont tell me this is bad what i done. i was in a bug situation i was "not in the game" and they knowed it. !all of them! and it was an pure technical issue, not forced by me! -snip- cheers -User was warned for this post-
  8. Lausch

    Staff Feedback

    I had some bad "bug-based" troubles in the DayzRP including issues to get my wife also in the game... all in the same time so i was pretty annoyed! I found Terra in the teamspeak support chat. It was a busy time for all online gms and supporters in this moment but the spend LOT of time to help me with all our issues. she was absolutely sympatic and professional in all the time! so... +1 for professionality +1 for sympathic +1 for for here time good job! cheers
  9. Lausch

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    support sent me here... he told me i should reset my PID. hope this is the solution for my problem. re-explaintation: i had a different skin when i joined today and i loosed all my gear. i have a road flair, two bandage and a radio now. i dont remember if this is the "newlife" gear or not. im also not sure if i spawned in the location where i logged out last time. in donation exchange i set my PID weeks before now i can set my PID as much i want he always ask me again for it and didnt save it. greets Lausch PS: my PID and GUID didnt changed tell me my game. //Toorrik, PID reset, please re-enter it in the donation exchange.