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  1. Jakob Mikhailov was born to two ethnically Russian parents who fled as the the Chernarus as the USSR collapsed. Being raised mainly in Sweden Jakob found a interest in his home country of chernarus as the civil war began. Signing up with a small band of friends he had made during his visits to chernarus Jakob joined the chernaran army and remained with the cause of a independent chernarus until the end of the civil war in 2009. Upon the end of the civil war Jakob was left poor and homeless as the years spent fighting now left him a broken and bitter man. Taking up odd jobs and some illegal activities to make some income Jakob eventually got involved with an arms smuggling ring from Hungary as the tension with in chernarus was getting higher the demands for weaponry grew. He managed to make a pretty penny of the cut he was getting using the money Jakob distances himself from the smuggling business and bought a house in the hills of chernarus. Being left mostly alone and with little outside contact Jakob spent many years in the hills minding his own business. But as the outbreak started in chernarus his peaceful lonely life came to and end. An old friend had come to visit him informing him of the strange disease spreading in the cities. Eventually the infected spread across chernarus Jakob was forced to leave his home and now wanders his old homeland ones more in ruin having lost most sense of himself due to his seclusion and the haunting memories of the past. Jakob is most of the time a charming fellow to run into but still looking to make some easy money or just keeping the rifle filled he is someone one should not put their trust in.
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