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  1. Ha, how dis concerning that must feel for him! Pony, I only wanted to see a new hub set up! By all-means pal you can decide, you were the founder of the previous hub!
  2. Well, I did have a experience in Berizino a few days ago where I arrested a Eastern-Euro sounding gentlemen and Role played a very clueless and misplaced Somalian pirate who occasionally shouts out 'WHERE'S MY BOAT YOU F***!' at this man it ended in a broken leg for the man and him, very un role play-ish, disconnecting. It was quite the contrary and I kinda enjoyed holding this un-willing man against his will locked in handcuffs! -Yuri(Mitch)
  3. Pony and Alyais, do you two have any good areas where the new hub can be set up? If so put coords here
  4. The only problem I see we have with the safe-zones is that we seem to get non-rp'ers roll in and exterminate the players there, we all need to scout the vast and far pastures of chernarus to find a place or settlement where all alike can team up and share tales of discovery and mishap, my honest suggestion is the Volkov Inn or some place alike where a RP story can be developed maybe like black mountain? Or even Devils Castle?