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  1. Can someone remind me why we switched over to standalone, the shittiest platform for RP out there?

    1. Oyface


      Even Rust would be a better option at this point tbh


    2. Stradic



    3. Caesar


      Tbf it's plyable. Enjoyable is another question. 

    4. Boston


      I don't understand how Mod is any better. The running animation looks like if Usain Bolt was made to run in a Minecraft world.

    5. Roach


      I love standalone lol I can't see myself Rp anywhere else. But that's me. When it comes to mechanics and state, sure it kinda sucks, but I don't do other than RP so the game doesn't bother me. So what's up? Why the hate all of a sudden? heh

    6. BillyR


      I also love standalone I love how it looks even if it runs like crap it is a nice environment and just the way the game is its enjoyable they just need to fix it up and clean it up and it would be way more fun.

    7. Oyface


      Nobody mentioned mod, Boston, although I do think any Arma mod would be a better option at this point. But this isn't about comparing SA to DayZ mod.


      Don't get me wrong, I've played DayZ SA since it was released, and I'm sure it will be a decent game some day. But until that day comes, what I don't understand is why we stick with a game that has multiple frequent bugs that not only tend to ruin the gameplay itself, but often kills any ongoing RP. I can't even count the amount of times some silly bug has gotten myself or someone else killed in the middle of great RP, putting a stop to all of it.