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  1. Oy


    Do you still have the Cursed group thread archived somewhere? I've been reading the old Slack lately. It would make my day.

    Love you and miss you, my old pizza baking pal, Enzo Massaro

    1. Eagle


      Dude's old ass hell properly can't even remember his own birthday.411111.gif.6007f19db9b82724d90c90d875ed778d.gif

    2. Hofer



    3. Ron


      good times @Oy.

      Wonder if old roberta is still in that barn @Oliv

    4. Oy


      Thanks @Hofer

      @Ron hell yeah

    5. Terra


      Loved it!

      René never went on that huntig trip with the kid because @Ron did not want it.

  2. Pogo was born and raised on the Norwegian coast, in a tiny fishing village populated only by a handful of people. The village, which had been established only a year or two before Pogo's birth, consisted only of a few shipping containers and an old lighthouse on the brink of collapsing. During the winters, all residents would cram into the lighthouse, it being the only place they could all keep warm. In the summer, Pogo and his father would live in one of the shipping containers, which over the years had been transformed into quite a lovely home (by wasteland standards). They had straw to slee
  3. ToeZ

     Shut up, Nerd.

    1. Oy




    2. ToeZ


      That isn't the appropriate response, please try again.

    3. Oy



  4. Oy

    DayZRP 21.5.2

    Will this be added to the item shop guitar? @Empress @Roland
  5. Oy


    Pictures from the travels of Aleksander Thomsen
  6. Glad I stopped by, thank you for letting an old hobo drive
  7. Jackals / Lost Souls / The Damned is without a doubt the best group of people I've played with, in various iterations. Honorable mention; The Cursed
  8. Oy

    Omid Farhad

    Pictures from the life of Omid Farhad.
  9. While we're at it, let's move the entire community over to SW:TOR!
  10. Oy

    Damian, my boy

    1. Bear


      Oy my boy, where are you?

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