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  1. Me and @bunny entered a random apartment complex becuase I needed to go afk for a few minutes. We noticed there was some new (I think) furniture in the the apartment, which was really nice, and so we decided to look through some other apartments before we left. When we found the locker, we decided to check the rest of the building, and found their main stash. @bunny contacted @Wolfen and said that there were some decent supplies stashed there, and so she and @APositiveElmo eventually made their way there. I stole an AKS and an FNX with some ammo for both. Probably took a few smaller items too, but it's not like I kept a list. I even left them a UMP with a couple of extra mags. So, all we did was steal some stuff. The stash was not locked up in any way, we just waltzed right in and filled our pockets. Nothing was intentionally left on the ground to despawn, except for the food which @bunny already pointed out that we like to leave 1% of the food left sometimes when we eat, so we can leave some trash behind. You got raided fair and square. I fail to see how this was griefing. I have no additional evidence.
  2. Oy

    Upcoming new mods

    Npc traders? Big oof
  3. Oy

    Chess Lessons

    You need a big log for it. Then you make the pieces out of dark and white bark, you need one for each piece. Needless to say, you need a few knives or a decent amount of duct tape.
  4. 1zBHZtV.jpg


    Putting the trash where it belongs.

    1. ToeZies


      5 points for flaming when?

    2. Mugin


      That and the Twat shirt

  5. I say if we're getting rid of those, get rid of those nasty OOC t-shirts like twatch and el presidente as well.
  6. Oy

    The Final Rest

    Damn, I was literally just about to "inb4" you commenting on another screenshot. You fast fucker. Also, you've used that one before.
  7. Uhm Maybe read the thread before replying. No need for that hostile attitude, my dude.
  8. It was a thing back in mod days. It hasn't been attempted during standalone afaik. I like the idea of road blocks taking some effort, though. With all these new barriers and tank traps, people could set up some pretty damn decent road blocks if they put in the time and effort.
  9. Tbh I was picturing firewood logs when I replied at first. My derp brain not used to base building yet. But even with big logs, it can be a bit iffy. I don't know how vehicles interact with items these days, but any decent sized truck would just roll right over them and keep going. There would have to be enough of them to make a proper road block, like you said, an obvious obstruction on the road. But then we're out of "slap some logs down" territory and talking about building appropriate roadblocks. TL;DR: Bring back road block rules
  10. You said "slap some logs", not a tree. If there's an actual tree across the road, that's something else ofc.
  11. Abuse of game mechanics, my dude. Is the rule no longer text AND voice? Regardless, bring back road block rules.
  12. Anyone know who this guy is?


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