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  1. Apparently this is fine, because they're not Nazis.

    1. BillyR



    2. Docto Ouface

      Docto Ouface

      That was a temporary protest, since I probably would get banned for using the same logic Rolle himself is spouting whenever faced with legit questions. If he can't take things seriously, why should I?

    3. BillyR


      Fair enough, I say protest for what you believe in.

    4. Hebee


      Stand up for your beliefs boy.

    5. Docto Ouface

      Docto Ouface

      I am, but I can't fight the good fight if I get banned.

    6. BillyR


      You have the support of the people!

    7. Hebee


      I mean, if anyone gets banned for this it is ridiculous. Simply remove the edge or allow it all that's that.

    8. BillyR


      It is a bit dimwitted.