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  1. So, there's a no tolerance policy on themes and jokes on Nazism and racism in this community (not saying I don't agree with this), but @Rolle having a North Korean dictatorship themed profile is completely fine? Does this mean it's okay to joke about people suffering in North Korea, but not people who suffered during WW2, or victims of racism?

    1. Docto Ouface

      Docto Ouface

      Non* tolerance. Damn typo.

    2. Empress Julia

      Empress Julia

      Faen i helvete, make sure you spell something right before posting bobandy!

    3. JakeWalford
    4. Chris


      The reasoning for the ban was for past use and abuse of that subject matter and imagery, not for the subject matter itself.

    5. Docto Ouface

      Docto Ouface

      I see. So in theory, I could do a fascist group as long as it's under a North Korean banner (assuming there would be good roleplay as a result), but doing the exact same thing (with the same quality in RP) with no differences except for the name/theme is completely out of the question, because some people in the past took it too far?

      If I started a North Korean group and took it too far, would Rolle have to change his profile?

    6. Chris


      You'd have to ask Rolle, man. :)  Though I suspect that if your intent behind the group is to push peoples buttons, it won't end well, regardless of the RP given.

    7. Docto Ouface

      Docto Ouface

      I'm not actually doing a group like that, I'm just asking. And none of this is meant to push people's buttons or anything like that, I'm honestly curious where the line is drawn.

    8. Hebi Kotei

      Hebi Kotei

      Allow both, NSFW forum?

    9. Docto Ouface

      Docto Ouface

      That's not a bad idea.

    10. Docto Ouface

      Docto Ouface

      And for the record, Chris, I did ask Rolle, right here in this status. He ignored it, apparently. :)