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    That doesn't looky healthy

  1. Gonna be back in a couple of months to change back to my real username, but besides that I am out.

    Most of you are okay, but sadly the few despicable human beings who are (for some reason) still allowed to come here, they ruin it.

    The good ones, I wish you the best of luck dealing with the assholes.

    For the assholes in this community, I wish a slow and painful death.



    I'd tendie but I might wish to come back some day, if the right people are banned by then.



    1. BillyR


      Another one bites the dust...

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    • Docto Ouface


    • Docto Ouface
    • ToeZ

    am docto do u requir medical assista

    1. ToeZ


      Pls no hit with docto stic.

  2. am docto do u requir medical assista

  3. Can't wait to have that can of spaghettios together. ;D

    1. Docto Ouface

      Docto Ouface

      I'll keep a couple on me in case we meet again!

    2. Kill0

    1. MeenMuginLovin


      oh silly Norwegians.

  5. This is my kick back and chill song. 


  6. Saw this on some sitcom, figured you'd like it!


    1. Oliv


      good fuckin times

  7. Tom Petty died today .. Rest in peace, you absolute legend.


    1. SweetJoe


      he might not be dead yet according to the news...


      Crossing my fingers for a miracle.

    2. Docto Ouface

      Docto Ouface

      Yeah, I just saw the corrections. Media pulled the trigger a bit soon on that one.

      They said it's highly unlikely that he'll still be alive in 24 hours, but I guess we just have to wait and see ..

  8. Create the WORST group idea

    Every member has to make themselves a ghillie suit and a bow. They then hide in the swamps and initiate on anyone unfortunate enough to walk through.
  9. Get out of jail card idea

    I really hope this is a joke.