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    Official Lore event - VIP extraction - 13/10/2018

    -snip- Nevermind, won't make it.
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    BeanZ WAR

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    Frank's Voyage

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    Hello old friend

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    Gib belly rubs please
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    [FM] Free Medics

    I used to love hanging out at Pobeda because of you guys. Welcome back, and good luck!
  7. Full name: Torgeir Aleksander Thomsen. Torgeir came from a small town in the middle of Norway, not far from Trondheim. He grew up with his father, Aleksander Thomsen, and older brother, Henry Thomsen. His father owned a farm supply store in town where Torgeir and his brother helped out after school. At the age of sixteen he moved to Trondheim against his will, having no choice as both his father and brother were moving there after the family store shut down. He never liked big-city life, and would look for any excuse to leave for a few days at a time. Most weekends he would take the bus back to his hometown to meet up with old friends and go camping in the forests around the town. Over the next couple of years, Torgeir and his friends started going further and further away from home, sometimes for weeks at a time. So he ended up hitchiking most of the time, saving his money for essentials like food and camping gear. In May 2017 the five of them decided to spend the next six months on the road, without planning ahead on where to go or what to do. - Born in Trondheim, Norway. Grew up in a small town not too far from the city. - Grew up living with his father and older brother - Ran track in school for three years. - Free spirit/bum/wanderer. Doesn't like staying in one place too long. - Carries around some basic camping gear. - Tries not to depend on too much other than what he can find in nature, living off the earth as much as he can. - Does his best to avoid the infected, and is very likely to turn and run at the first sign of any danger.
  8. Bobandy

    Food being rare: Discussion

    Staying fed and hydrated is still the easiest part of DayZ, especially now that there's no sickness in game. I've been finding too much food in this patch, it's everywhere. Canned goods in almost half of the clothing items I find, chickens are still everywhere. You can even survive on just fruit and mushrooms if you know what spots to check. And hunting, jesus christ. If you kill even half a herd of deer, you're set for weeks (assuming you can carry even 1/4 of it).
  9. Bobandy

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    The Saviors have existed in the TWD comic books since 2012, just fyi.
  10. Bobandy

    Day/Night cycle

    Agreed, give us more night time. It barely even gets dark before the restarts.
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  12. This is a work in progress, as it's all mostly kind of in my head right now. ----------- Following a lifetime of insurance scams, failed careers, and a lifelong dream of being a star, Frank thought he had finally lucked when he landed himself a job on the cruise ship Costa Risacca a few months before the outbreak. His days on the ship consisted of mopping floors in the morning and playing his old acoustic guitar for the passengers in the evening, usually followed by getting blackout drunk every night. On one fateful stormy night, however, the ship went down near the coast of South Zagoria. Frank, along with some of the friends he had made in the crew, managed to escape the sinking ship in their lifeboats, but the storm made it impossible to control their course and eventually brought them to the coast somewhere near Kovrov, where they would soon learn about the infection spreading all across the country. -- Nearly half a year after the outbreak, the remaining survivors would once again take to the sea after hijacking a couple of UN boats being navigated by local survivors. With their newly aquired guns and transport, they roamed the Green Sea looking for survivors to either join them or steal from. This way of life seemed to work well for Frank, until he managed to piss off the wrong person in their crew. Seeing no other option, he snuck away in the night in a lifeboat filled with stolen supplies.
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