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  1. War doesn't change things, it never does and it never has. War was always a thing you don't have to declare it we'd battle with the war in our everyday life before. Now I never enjoyed talking about politics. I always thought it was petty to complain about the bad stuff within our world, even if I wanted to complain about the world now I couldn't because everywhere I go someone is trying to kill or the killed is trying to kill. My name is Freddie Beck when I was young I always wanted to be a policeman for the pure facts. I wanted a gun, Now walking around you can just find them and cat get in trouble for it, it is truly amazing. I'd consider not a hostile person I am quite friendly but I 100% stand up for what I believe in, I don't know what that is just yet but it sure isn't killing fucking zombies il tell ya that much. Trying to survive that ain't easy scavenging for food scavenging for guns scavenging for everything you need it ain't easy. Running as a group that ain't easy, I hate to say it but... after my Wife and Son died I thought there was nothing left till I was found in a ditch but a bunch of guys with guns. I was kicked about, thrown around got bones broken, the living shit kicked outta me. That's what made me think the guy's like this need to be fucking shot! a fucking shot I tell you, none the less I was chucked on a locomotive and taken to some wretched place. and I'm still fucking alive all I gotta say is Welcome To Russia, it's not the most appealing place I'm not going to lie to the people reading, but it's going have to do till I can find a boat or some kind of air transport, I can't imagine that will be happening any time soon. One day I was standing around with my gun out inside of a supermarket and all I feel is a gun to my head, then I just drop someones knocked me out I'm guessing. I wake up for 40 seconds and the most I see is myself and my hands tied in rope and the back of a moving truck, i guess I go back to sleep. I wake up in on the floor with no one around me almost feeling like a dream I stumble into a town which I don't know the name of, I met one person who I asked where I am and she said, "Hell/ Chernarus in a laughy voice after that we conversed she told me her name and after that we became friends. I have become fond of Eilish Champy she's a close friend of mine now. We have been traveling around together, trying not to get shot is a big thing, she's quite aggressive when it comes to people who are rude to her, as they're so many bandits. All-round we're quite friendly to everyone we try to be in a world like this making friends keep you sane it conversing with different people. To me meeting people is also very important, familiarising with the regular people you meet is key because you get an understanding of what you might come up upon, who you might see next ect, I wouldn't consider myself a survivalists expert but I would consider the fact I know how to survive in a situation I might be in for a long time. I just wish I had a family alongside me to protect, but these days that's all I'm fighting for the family I miss. But I have to keep fighting because this is a war not war with people war with the dead, the dead, oh god I hate the dead hate them with a passion all of them. I've watched some close friends turn to the dead it's not a nice feeling. I just wish it was all one big dream and it was all over, but it's a constant repeat of killing and bloodshed, and I'm sick of it. But what can you do in the apocalypse there's nothing I can do I'm just going to have to keep on surviving and try to live the world as safe as I possibly can, hoping tall this will just blow over. But that's not easy, is it? no of course, not the war just carries on also back to the part where I'm friendly I don't mind fucking people over I know that's not something I should be saying to the people who are reading the book, but they outta know if they give me a reason to fuck them over I sure as fuck gon take it if I have the option to kill you because it's a good enough reason you dam sure it's gonna happen so I have a tip for you don't fuck me over! Thanks to the person who's reading this, sorry if my handwriting is bad I was in quite a hurry. Signed Freddie Beck
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